Banjara’s Shikakai Powder – Review

Banjara’s Shikakai Powder

Hello Everyone,

I have always wanted to try shikakai for improving my hair’s health but I never got hold of the shikakai powder. I was randomly surfing online one day and found this Banjara’s shikakai powder and ordered it along with the other stuff. I have been using this once a week for 3 weeks and still enough quantity is left for two more uses. Let us see how it has worked on my hair.
Banjara's Shikakai Powder

What the product claims:

Shikakai popularly known as fruit for hair is a powerful herb for hair. It is traditionally known to have an impact on growth of hair. The pods of the plant are rich in saponin, the foam-forming substance which makes it a natural cleanser and conditioner to remove oil and dirt, and keeps hair free of fungal infections. Shikakai is rich in vitamin C apart from abundant antioxidants such as vitamins A, D, E and K that promote healthy hair growth. Shikakai controls sebum and increases bounciness and silkiness of hair.

Price of the product:

Rs. 45 for 100 g

Banjara's Shikakai Powder (3)

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Shelf Life:

3 years from manufacturing date

Directions for use:

1. Mix shikakai powder with water to make a thin paste.
2. Apply the paste in suitable consistency on the scalp.
3. Allow the paste to remain on the scalp for 20 minutes.
4. Rinse scalp thoroughly with water.

My experience with Banjara’s Shikakai Powder:

The shikakai powder comes in a sachet which is packed inside a cardboard box. I opened the sachet and poured the powder in an air-tight container to avoid any spillage. The powder is beige in colour and is finely grounded. I mixed the powder with appropriate amount of water using a dye brush. The paste of this shikakai powder had no artificial smell and smelled strongly of shikakai. I divided my hair into four sections and started applying this paste in one section at a time. I applied this paste only on my scalp as it mentions to do so. The paste dries quickly and after 20 minutes, I washed my hair with water. Washing this paste off your hair is a little difficult and requires more water than we normally use during shampoo. I did not use any shampoo or conditioner after using this. I was amazed to see that my hair felt clean and fresh and all the dirt was gone without using a shampoo. I just had one issue with this product and that is, it did not condition my hair at all. My hair felt dry after I used it. To overcome this issue, I applied oil on my hair and washed and conditioned it the next day. I noticed that this product helped me in controlling my hair fall as well as added some bounce in my hair.

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Pros of Banjara’s Shikakai Powder:

• Cleans the scalp very well.
• Gives a fresh feeling to the scalp.
• Adds some bounce in the hair.
• Reduced hair fall.
• Extremely affordable.
• Quantity is sufficient to use 5 times for mid length hair.
• No artificial smell.
Banjara's Shikakai Powder

Cons of Banjara’s Shikakai Powder:

• Dried out my hair a bit, though applying oil and washing hair the next day helped me overcome this problem.
• Applying and washing this paste might be a little messy.
• Packaging could be improved.
• Availability might be an issue for some.

Will I repurchase Banjara’s Shikakai Powder?

Yes, I will as it has reduced my hair fall.

Do I recommend Banjara’s Shikakai Powder?

I highly recommend this to people with oily scalp and those facing hair fall issues. If you have dry hair, follow it up with oiling your hair and washing your hair the next day. You will definitely notice a change.

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14 thoughts on “Banjara’s Shikakai Powder – Review

  1. my god so many hair care posts today.. i need this is my life! m suffering from hair fall these days.. 🙁

  2. Do you mean you can just open the pack and mix it with water; and then start applying it immediately to hair without waiting for it to soak?

  3. Do not use it like this. Boil water for 10 to 15 mins then add 2 to 3 spoons to shikakai powder and then mix it well. Let that water mixture cool for sometime then wash ur hair with that. Keep it on ur hair for 2 to 5 mins then wash with cold water. You will get amazing results. Doing this once a week is good.

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