Bath and Body Works Liplicious Fruit Punch Review

Bath and Body Works Liplicious Fruit Punch

Hello beauties ,

I hope you all are doing good. As I mentioned in my last review my husband was in USA for his office work and from there he got a lot of random things . So today am reviewing a bath and body works liplicious lip gloss in fruit punch which he got for my daughter.

As this product is from bath and body works me and my daughter had too many expectations from this. Let me tell you how did we find it.


Price: $7.50 for 14ml

Packaging: It’s a cute transparent tube ( same as Maybelline glosses )

Ingredients: Plybutene , hydrogenated polyisobutene , mineral oils , silica silyate , Flavours , aromas .

My experience with Bath and Body Works Liplicious Fruit Punch:

The reviews I had written for IMBB were positive till now. And am very sad today to start my review by saying this is the worst lip-gloss I have ever came across. So basically it was for my daughter who is 15 years old and this was her first ever lipgloss (which was bought by her daddy so she was super happy). We all went for lunch a couple of days back and it was then my daughter wore this lipgloss for the first time, it was a pretty hot day and sun was as usual killing us. While we were in the car, my daughter complained about the strong flavour of this lipgloss, she wanted to wipe it off. I thought that she is uncomfortable as she is not used to lip glosses (she had only used lip balms before ) but, as soon as we reached the restaurant she ran towards washroom and when she came back her lips were swollen slightly. She did not eat anything in the restaurant as she was scared that she might throw up. After returning I tried this gloss and my gosh, I realised my daughter was not over reacting it’s really too much scented. It has a very very artificial and annoying smell. All those who have allergies with heavily scented products its a big no.



It’s a very sticky lipgloss and I cannot explain anything more about this product as I could not wear this for more than 2 mins. Okay let’s talk about the colour the colour is to die for. Seriously! It’s a pretty pink coloured gloss with shimmer in it which looked pretty against the fair skin of my daughter. I cannot tell about the staying power because it’s impossible to wear it for longer than 2 minutes. The smell is just like a cough syrup or may be more stronger than that . In summers when we are looking for light products which will not harm our noses this product is waste of money . So over all its a worst product that I have tried.

Pros of Bath and Body Works Liplicious Fruit Punch:

1. Pretty pink colour .
2. Not tested on animals .


Cons of Bath and Body Works Liplicious Fruit Punch:

1. A damn heavy , artificial , cough syrup like smell
So we can not wear it .

Ratings: 1/5

Do I recommend Bath and Body Works Liplicious Fruit Punch?

If you want to waste your $ 7.50 then please go ahead and buy this product :p :p instead of this I will recommend you al to wear Maybelline lipglosses which are easily available also and I never experienced any allergies because of them .

Thanks for reading . And I hope I have saved your 7.50 $ :p

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4 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Liplicious Fruit Punch Review

  1. The shade is sooooo sweet yaaa *hifive* *woot* omg i expected from the name that it would have worked really nicely but sadly it caused sooo many prbs to your daughter *cry* *cry*

    1. sooooooooooo many probsss ………. nevr buy this *jalwa* *jalwa* *nababana* *nababana* *nababana*

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