Beauty Formulas Foot Mask Review

Beauty Formulas Foot Mask

Hello everyone.

Going to the office regularly is good. But when you see that the weather outside is awesome and we have to sit inside for more than 8 hours, this scenario is depressing. But we do not have any other option, but simply wait for Saturday and Sundays to come. Anyway this story would continue this entire monsoon season. Coming to today’s review, I am about to share with you my experience of beauty formulas soothing foot mask.

BeautyFormulas Foot Mask

Product claims: Beauty formulas healing and soothing foot mask is specially designed with benefit of the active emollient shea butter with apple, peppermint and other natural healing ingredients. It will soothe smooth and soften and repair dry callosed feet and heals. It improves the look and feel of the driest of feet with peppermint oil to refresh and relieve tiredness. This specially designed foot sock delivers effective moisture and healing benefits to dry damaged out condition skin, resulting in a more fresher and radiant appearance.

Product description: The foot mask comes in a green sachet with complete instructions on how to use, dos and don’ts. The moment you open up the sachet you can easily sniff the sweet fragrance, which can be correlated to that of appy fizz. And I am very serious when I say appy fizz. The foot mask inside it is designed in the form of socks, white in colour which is semi plastic and semi linen form. Outer layer is made up of plastic material and the inner one resembles some sort of linen (very artificial kind).

Beauty FormulasFoot Mask

My experience with Beauty Formulas Foot Mask:

The socks style foot mask needs to be tear open from the top, so as to insert the foot into each. Inside this mask is a white creamy substance, which can be easily felt once into the mask. The foot mask is extremely over-sized. In order to maintain the moisture mask had to impart, I had to put on my floaters to bring them more close to my feet. This way the entire creamy substance was in close contact to my skin.

True to its claims, the mask worked as it said. I had put on the foot mask for almost 20-25 minutes, and then I removed the same. After this step, I could feel some creaminess on my feet, which I massaged and it was absorbed well into the skin. I did not wash my feet after that for a while.

Beauty Formulas FootMask

My feet became extremely smooth and soft to touch. I could feel the extreme level of moisture it had imparted to my feet. Usually feet are the most neglected part of the body, especially when we are to apply a body lotion. So this is the best way to provide the moisture once in a while to them.

Heals became soft and a bit of dryness I was experiencing past few days, had vanished off. I totally loved the mask and the way it worked. I won’t say it worked magically on feet, but to almost 99 per cent it worked efficiently. It was a sort of mini pre pedicure session, where we have e to work on nails after the moisture therapy.

Beauty Formulas Foot Mask

Pros of Beauty Formulas Foot Mask:

• Totally worth the price
• Time saving
• Easily available
• Works efficiently
• Kind of pre pedicure pampering session.
• Soothing and relaxing for the tired skin of the feet.
• Actually makes the skin look more fresh and radiant.

Beauty Formulas Foot Mask Review

Cons of Beauty Formulas Foot Mask:

I couldn’t find any flaw with it, except for the fact that the effect it provides stay s only a day or two. Not more than this. You have to take care of feet regularly. It is only a kind of shortcut to beautiful feet when you are really short of time and you want magic to occur in just half an hour.

Would I re purchase it? Yes I already bought two packs

Would I recommend its use to others? Yes for sure. Please give some papering to your tired feet. At least it would make your feet happy for a while.

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Wow!!! I’ve fallen for it… So easy-peasy to handle… No jhanjhat at all. Nice review… *haan ji* Where would I get this product??

  2. Foot mask 😀 that’s new for me *shock* but looks effortless *shy* Lovely review Megha 🙂 Where can I find these? *shy*

  3. Have tried both the face n foot masks. Dey r prfct on d go prdcts. hwvr d effct last only fr a day.
    Grrt review *clap*

  4. Wow.. Love this concept… Mask in a sock…. Never even thought this was possible….. Thank u for introducing such a unique product *drool* *drool* *clap* *clap* …. Would definitely like to try these on …. Where can i get these????

    1. Hey arpita.. U can find them at NewU stores.. Or u can order online from their website… Its worth 175rs.. I forgot to mention in the review.. *headbang*

  5. Hey Megha…perfect review!
    I got this one along with hand mask in form of gloves for my mom from NewU and totally forgot to make her use this *headbang*
    this review tells me I made a good choice by buying these…will try these super soon…

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