Beauty Formulas Soft and Radiant Strawberry Yogurt Mask Review



Beauty Formulas Soft and Radiant Strawberry Yogurt Mask

Hello everyone.

How are you all? Finally monsoon has arrived in my city. And I have enjoyed the first rain of the season. Though I love this weather but my skin starts looking pale during this time. It gets oily in just 2 hours. No matter how hard I try to keep my skin fresh and glowing, I usually end up with a tired skin. To combat the problem I thought of trying a new mask from beauty formulas. It is a new launch at the new u stores and has other variants too. My product is Beauty Formulas Soft and Radiant Strawberry Yogurt Mask.

Beauty Formulas Soft and RadiantStarwberry Yoghurt Mask

Product description: It has been specially designed with a combination of strawberry and yogurt extracts. Strawberry is and effective ingredient to help the skin feel brighter while improving the texture and tone. Yogurt is beneficial in helping to soothe and smooth the skin with its hydrating properties.

Cost: 219 INR

Quantity: 50ML

Beauty Formulas Soft and Radiant StarwberryYoghurt Mask

My take on Beauty Formulas Soft and Radiant Strawberry Yoghurt Mask:

The face mask doesn’t actually looks like a face mask. The first look simply depicts as if it is cream. Typical creamy white shade, creamy soft texture and a lovely fragrance. Let me begin with the packaging, the face mask comes a cute pink sachet with a screw tight cap. This sachet actually resembles tomato sauce pichkoo pack. You open it, squeeze it and apply it.

The moment you unscrew the cap, you can easily sniff the lovely sweet fragrance of strawberries. The white coloured creamy substance with a blend of pink shade can be squeezed out for application. As per the instructions I applied the creamy substance onto my cleansed face. During the application I wasn’t actually able to judge how I am supposed to apply it evenly. Because a uniform thickness couldn’t be judged. But any way I managed to apply a thin layer, on the face. It wasn’t too thick like a regular multanimitti or neem face pack. After about ten minutes the white creaminess of the face pack turned into shiny, slimy layer. This showed that the cream actually got absorbed to show the effects. I kept the mask for about 20 minutes and then washed it off.

Beauty Formulas Soft and Radiant Starwberry YoghurtMask

The after effects of the pack were immediate but only for a short duration. My mom was sitting next to me and I asked her to judge if she could notice any change in the skin texture. She touched my skin and simply said yes it has become a soft and brighter. I was happy to see the claims. But wait, the story doesn’t end here. The results as I said were immediate but not long lasting. Next morning when I woke up, I couldn’t feel any major difference which it had showed last night. Skin texture was the same, brightness or dullness whatever you call other skin was same. Nothing actually changed in a drastic manner.

Over all I would simply say, if you are looking for something with instant effects, this is the one you can rely on. A pre party session of pampering or a post work out skin refreshment, you can take it anyways. But do not expect much.

Beauty Formulas Soft and Radiant Starwberry Yoghurt Mask

Pros of Beauty Formulas Soft and Radiant Strawberry Yogurt Mask:

• Makes the skin soft and bright for a while.
• Easy to apply.
• Packaging is good enough for usage.
• Easily available at NewU stores.
• Pocket friendly
• Can be used anytime, anywhere.
• Would last for many pampering sessions as only a little amount is needed for the entire face

BeautyFormulas Soft and Radiant Starwberry Yoghurt Mask

Cons of Beauty Formulas Soft and Radiant Strawberry Yogurt Mask:

• Effects are good but not very long lasting
• Do not expect drastic changes in your skin texture.
• Goodness of strawberries and yoghurt wasn’t too fruitful

Beauty FormulasSoft and Radiant Starwberry Yoghurt Mask

Rating: I would rate it as an average product with a score ranging from 2.5-3/5, and not more than this.
Until next time, stay happy and keep blushing.

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