Benefit Sugarbomb Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

Benefit Sugar Bomb Blush Review

Benefit Sugarbomb Blush
Benefit Sugarbomb Blush

Price around Rs1500- 1600

Benefit Sugarbomb is your sugar rush flush ! For a pop of color , swirl these shades together and then sweep on cheeks and face(mmmm…avoid eye area)

Benefit Sugar Bomb Blush
Benefit Sugar Bomb Blush

Benefit Sugerbomb blush comes in super cute cardboard packaging.

Benefit Sugar Bomb brush
Benefit Sugar Bomb brush

There is a small plastic partition that sits on top of the blush and carries the brush. The brush looks cute but imo, it’s quite useless. I don’t like applying blush with flat rectangular brush.

Benefit Sugar Bomb
Benefit Sugar Bomb
Benefit Sugar Bomb
Benefit Sugar Bomb

There are 4 shades in the box – light mauve, peachy pink, coral pink and light peach. When you swatch these 4 shades they look almost similar. All 4 of them have a peachy goldeny undertone.

Benefit Sugar Bomb
Benefit Sugar Bomb

Overall it’s a pale peachy pink colour with golden sheen.

Benefit Sugar Bomb Swatch
Benefit Sugar Bomb Swatch

Benefit SugarBomb gives a very natural l peachy glow with slight goldeny touch to your cheeks. The blush is very sheer. You would have to load your brush to apply it and if you want the colour to really show then you would have to apply the blush two three times. If you dark complexion, the only thing that will show is the fine golden sheen on your cheeks. It would look only has a highlighter if you have wheatish  to dusky  skin tone.

The powder is definitely finely milled and is very soft but the sturdy packaging keeps the powder safe. I am not a huge fan of its colour payoff because I like strongly pigmented blushes but this gives a beautiful glow to cheeks and you can never go over board with it. You could use this blush every single day and it never looks OTT. Even during the bright day light the golden sheen doesn’t look tacky or shiny. It stays well through out the day on me—the peachy colour fades by evening but the golden sheen still stays and keeps the glow maintained.

Benefit blushes are expensive but there is 12 gm of product. Most blushes have 5-6 gm of product.

Overall, I quite like the product but I have not fallen in love with it. I have to swirl the blush atleast 2-3 times on my cheeks to make it show on my NC 35 skin and it’s a lot of work for me. I like my colours to show in one sweep. But if you are someone who is fair complexioned and likes your blush to give there-but-still-not-there kind of a natural glow on your cheeks, it is a great option. It’s pretty and nice but there is something that doesn’t appeal to me about it.

The things that I don’t like about Benefit Sugarbomb is that it has a strong scent to it and it sometimes gets on me. I am not a huge fan of perfumy blushes. Another thing is that you cannot carry this blush with you. It’s just a cardboard box that would wear off easily with rough handling. May be I was expecting a little more pigment in it…

Here I have sweeped the blush atleast 4-5 times on my cheek and this is how it shows:

Benefit Sugar Bomb blush
Benefit Sugar Bomb blush

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating :   :star: :star: :star: + 0.5


71 thoughts on “Benefit Sugarbomb Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. oh God! you are just so pretty Rati! :-X i think i WILL fight with you today! :P:P
    i really liked how this looks on you and in the dabba. really pretty it is.. and you can use the brush to clean your keyboard! :P:P or dust the fall out of eyeshadows etc. :P:P
    oh and i wish it dint come in a cardboard box!:-|

    1. he he thank you. Will use the brush for my key board only. 😛 I mean who applies blush with such rectangulish brush. ?:-)

      yeah the edges have startd wearing off already. :((

      1. oh thats terrible :pain: !! Rati, anyway you cant carry it around no? so try keeping this whoke box in some other plastic box or something..
        and use it for your key board,, i said that cause i used a bigger brush like that to clean my drafting table! :P:P
        and :-* :-* :-*

          1. haha you tried it already?!?!?! lol funny!! :-* i meant like put this dabba in a little bigger dabba.. like just fix it so it wont break :idk: .. i guess i got it wrong :sidefrown: :sidefrown: :struggle: . cardboard packaging no?

      1. I dunno if you remem but Sarah once mentioned that she regrets buying it. I men i don’t regret buying it but i kind of agree that it’s not ooh la la 😐

  2. i agree with everybody u looking good and relaxed

    i am so excited for tomm … everytime i rem … ur blue kurti and dior lippie coms in my mind 🙂
    wonder why ?
    but i will never forget that pic of urs 🙂

      1. darling the one u wore with eye shadow post … green / blue kurti ?? isnt it ?? and the dior lipstick …
        i have to see the lipstick next when i go to mall 🙂

  3. You look pretty..but the sugarbomb not so much..actually never liked it much anywayyyys..but thats such a useful brush they give with it. Quite unlike other brands….I love this brush..if you are not using it for your keyboard, can you courier it to me…I can use it for my keyboard 😀 😀 😀 And I will mail you my Chanel blush wala can use that for your Macbook..good idea na. Okkkkkkkkayyy today bad going…tataaa..will come back when I think of wise words.

    1. I have made good use of it, not giving it to you. I am very possessive about it. After all it’s a “BENEFIT “brush and my MACbook needs to feel all special. :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

      And i don’t want your chanel brush, I have mine . Going to use it for keyboard only. :rotfl:


    2. And she said that I look pwettyy … :cloudy: :cloudy: :cloudy: :cloudy: :cloudy: :cloudy: :cloudy: :cloudy: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

    1. yess!! even i wanted t know!!! looks like nivea dragonfruit! :-* dont kill me.. i know it is not! :P:P but looks like that!!! pretttyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Whatever :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: oooooh..i have so many lipsticks :smug: :smug: :smug: oooooh look at me ..I am so pretttttteeeeeeeeeeee :smug: :smug: :smug: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

  5. Rati,
    I wanted this Blush ever since I saw it in Benifit’s Website.But Couldn’t find it in the major cosmetic stores of my city.They said I’ll have to specially order it..Now that saw how cute :beauty: :beauty: u look after putting it on,I’m ordering it rite awe..

    PS:U din lemme know abt my undertone yet…Send u a mail…

    1. Oh it was you??? Okay will reply today. thanks for reminding. :))

      Glad you liked it but I must just warn you that is not very pigmented but if you like it, get it. 🙂

  6. see, what i feel is that if you get double the amount for a higher price with half the pigmentation, it doesn’t work out at the end of the day. i love my blushes to be madly pigmented. maybe this blush is like that for a reason, to apply for an all over glow to the face without looking ott during the day.
    :yes: to your pic

    1. I agree with you 100% . I like my products to be pigmented. I mean I don’t want to make blush application a job . One swipe and I want the colour on my cheeks.

      It doesn’t say that you cna apply it all over…ummmm wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. 🙂

      Thank you. :-*

  7. Hey Rati/////////////////I have liked you with the other blushes much more…the Colorbar and another blush I don’t remember but you were glowing like anything…………………..BTW, I was more of concentrating on your haircut and nose stud…. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  8. You looking very pretty, but it is definiately not the blush….something else…..trying to figure out…………. 😕 ?:-) 😕 ?:-)

    1. Jomol!!!!!! thats exactly what i was going to sayyy!!!!!!!!! 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: so Rati.. what are you glowing for?? what is up?!?!?! :D:D:D :beauty: :beauty: :beauty: :lashes: :lashes: :lashes: :cute:

        1. What good news. Yesterday one panditjee was telling me upaays to have baby…grrrrrrr and i was telling him panditjee aisi koi problem nahin hai… 😯 😯

  9. Rati its a beautiful color and great on you…I guess the only thing i do not like much on Benfit is the packaging the products come in, its sort of their trademark this little boxes and very cute also, but no pro at all =/
    .-= deb´s last blog ..Aint they looking great =-.

  10. hi rati i also wanna try dis one and i have heard lot ofgood reviews for benifit moon beam and rush hour hv u tried them…from where i can purchase benefit cosmetics plz tell me

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