What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is also called a low level laser therapy. In this therapy LEDs or laser lights are used to activate cells so that they function properly. It is also used widely for pain relief and comforting purpose. Red light therapy is not a widely appreciated technique. It is a controversial technique where cells are artificially activated. The therapy also works on wrinkles, scars, acnes and other skin concerns. When the skin is exposed to red light therapy, body goes through biochemical effect as a result of which you can use the energy stored in cells. This therapy activates cells and they move in a fast forward direction. Red light therapy is known to be immensely beneficial for the skin. The therapy has a higher degree of anti ageing benefits. Let’s have a look at what are the major benefits of red light therapy –

benefits of red light therapy

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

1. Improves Blood Flow– Red light therapy widens blood vessels and thus any resistance to the blood vessel is thus prevented and as a result blood flow increases overall in your body. This means more oxygen and nutrients to nourish your energy. When blood circulation increases in your body then cell formation is much more faster and then your skin also has a glow.
2. Corrects Sun Damage– Red Light Therapy is also known to correct sun damage. Sun always does a lot of damage on our skin and thus red light therapy reverses that damage and gives you smooth skin texture in return.
3. Reducing wrinkles– Red light therapy goes a long way in reversing your ageing skin issues. Increased blood flow reduces wrinkles and other age spots and as a result your crow’s feet will also reduce. Your skin will look much younger and you will enjoy a smoother skin tone.
4. Reduces Acne– Red light therapy is known to be extremely beneficial against acne and other black spots. The therapy enables the skin to deal with acne, cut marks, blemishes and likewise. The therapy is also known to lighten stretch marks and any other spots on your skin.
5. Gets Rid of Dry Skin– Since red light therapy works on increasing blood flow to your skin, it keeps the skin also moisturized at the same time. Thus, the therapy works on dry skin also. It keeps the skin moisturized and the skin is softer and smoother for a longer period of time.

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