Berina Hair Heat Protector Review

Berina Hair Heat Protector Review

Hey IMBB people, hope you all are doing well and have all made exciting plans for the upcoming holidays…….ahhhh HOLIDAYS.I so love these holidays,,infact I love winters. I don’t know why but I find winters so romantic. I love summers for skirts and sunglasses,,,and winters for coats,, scarves,, boots,,, my fur coat ,,coffee ,,Christmas ,new year ,,musky perfumes ,,getting cozy in blankets..So for me winters are a win win…Is that the same with you guys..Do tell me (leave a comment below)
So today I am going to review BERINA HAIR HEAT PROTECTOR. It’s basically a hair protector against heat i.e. your hot tools-blow dryer, straightener, and curling rod.

Berina hair heat protector

The problem is that heat styling isn’t exactly safe, if done improperly it can cause some pretty serious damage. Blow drying is bad.

Blow drying causes a “flash drying” effect that not only removes the surface moisture but also removes water that is bound to the hair, which is called water of hydration. The effect of this flash drying is that the cuticles become dried, rigid and brittle. When the hair flexes, the pressure causes the cuticles to crack. Combing hair with this degree of cuticle cracking causes significant breakage. Heat from styling appliances damages hair in a three ways. First, heat can weaken and destroy the proteins that hair is composed of. Second, heat can disrupt the natural oils in hair that help hold it together. Third, heat can dry out hair by boiling off internal moisture. After this kind of heat exposure hair can be damaged much more easily which leads to split and broken hairs. Investing in a heat protection product is necessary – particularly for chemically treated hair, which is already damaged and easily susceptible to further damage. In general, such products work by coating the strands of your hair with a protective film, so the heat of your blow dryer or other heating implements won’t burn or dry out the hair shaft. If you heat style your hair, heat protection products are a necessity. Many people mistakenly assume heat protection products are only necessary if you use a hair straightener. The truth is you should be protecting your hair any time you heat style it – not only with a hair straightener, but also with your blow dryer, curling iron or hot rollers. Just a few seconds could make all the difference in your hair’s health. Some hair straighteners advertise maximum heat settings at over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Applying that much heat without some sort of thermal barrier is just begging for damaged hair. There are two main types of heat protectants – serums and sprays. Depending on your hair type, one may be better than the other. If you have normal or naturally straight hair, sprays may be your best option. For dry, coarse, curly/wavy or exceptionally thick hair, I advise using a serum. Sprays can over-saturate some areas of your hair and leave crevices and curls bone dry. Using a serum requires you to work the product through with your fingers/hands, making sure you get even coverage. If you’re exposing your hair to heat you need to use a product to protect it. Conditioning your hair before styling will help and so will using a spray or mousse in your hair during styling.

What the company claims-Berina Heat Protector

Product Information
Berina Heat Protector contains Pro-Vitamins B5 with two systems of Milky Spray provides the heat protection against hair dryer and iron. This nourishes and makes hair look healthy, shiny, silky and natural.

Berina hair heat protector

Berina hair heat protector

Berina hair heat protector


  • Rinse hair well before the application of Berina Heat Protector.
  • Blow hair until almost dry.
  • Then apply Berina Heat Protector thoroughly all over the hair.
  • Apply Hair Iron or dryer and style as desire.


Pros of Berina hair heat protector

1. It comes in a sleek bottle. The packaging is kind of cute. Clear cap is firm. Does not come out loose
2. It has a nice fragrance to it. When you use heat on hair, the fragrance turns out to be extremely nice (once a friend asked me what fragrance I was wearing and I told her it was my hair protector spray…Lol)
3. It makes my hair super soft
4. It detangles my hair super fast. (I use it sometimes just to detangle my hair)
5. I have been using the product from last 2 months, and yes I get less split ends now, and now my hair doesn’t look burnt…Yayyy

Cons of Berina hair heat protector

  • If you use this extensively, you may run out of it pretty soon. Other than that I see no other drawback….but for the work it does…it’s a thumbs up.

PRICE-Rs.290…It got it for 260
For me it was a good deal

WILL I REPURCHASE IT-definitely yes yes yes

Happy holidays

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28 thoughts on “Berina Hair Heat Protector Review

  1. Hey Kanika, good info :waytogo: …I have a few doubts…Can we use this product on dry hair? or rinsing is a must? Is it ok to use a conditioner b4 using this one? ?:) ?:) ?:)

    1. ya its ok to use a conditioner b4.actually the thing is that conditioning and moisturising is extremely imp when you heat style your hair,bcoz heat rips off the moisture.and yes you can use it on dry hair.just let the spray soak in coz we dont want to apply heat to wet hair,,thats a super disaster

  2. If i ever gather the courage of using hair straighteners or curling irons, i will keep this in mind. Thanks for the review kanika… :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: There really are very few such products which actually work. :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

    1. i got it from a local beauty shop,,the one which have those imported products i suppose.i hope you can find it online.if i find it online,i will certainly post u the link 😉

  3. than for the review kanika..! i used to use shwarzkopf.. it was ok and toooooo expensive. i currently need to buy a new 1… will try this one out as it fits my budget yeayyy :yahoo: :yahoo: :woot:

    where did u get this from?

  4. Hiii Kanika…Even I luv winters..(mainly because no pimples(touchwood touchwood!!!),christmas parties,and partywear shopping :heart: :heart:
    But I miss the mini skirts :((

  5. Hey…Gud review.
    I recently bought one from Tony & Guy…and its pretty nice. But will try this once my T&G gets over…though not sure where to find this…dint really see this one in H&G!


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