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Dr Shaili Asks :

I am a dentist working in delhi, 23 of age.

Well my questions are:

1.What is the best hair oil to use( currently I am using olive oil but confused between olive n coconut oil)
2. What type of hair packs I can use (I have an oily scalp and bit dry hair)
3. Are artisrty products good enough ( i am thinking of trying its pure white range)
4. I have wheatish complexion which gets tanned easily and since its summers i am already bit tanned by now. Should I seek a dermo for this or are there any products/procedures to beat this apart from sunscreen (because I use that)



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  1. I would say olive oil is best (as per my experience) and followed by mild shampoo and conditioner ( I use Fab India Avocado Shampoo & Conditioner and they work pretty well for me)

        1. thnx Shruti..i am using the same 🙂 i just heat it a bit before applying..otherwise its bit thick in consistency

  2. Hi Shaili,
    Me sily Posted it without completing :stars: I too have oily scalp and dry hair!! 😉 I dont use any hairpacks coz above regime takes good care of my hair.!! 🙂 and i dont have knowledge about other questions you have asked!! Hope this helps you!! :victory2:

  3. Methi mixed with bit lemon drops is very conditioning,then you can also grind a papaya and use that,both are very conditioning for dry hair, I have dry hair you see.

  4. hi dear..i hve dry hair..nd i tried d lemon deep cnditioning mask told by benifits f lemon..dis z really awesme..nd i added sme patanjali aloevera gel to it as well..nd if u hve aloevera gel..mix it wid ur shapoo fr hair all wrk wnders..nd somreeta’s recipee z jst awesme… :puchhi: to somreeta..

  5. i have oily scalp and dry hair too.. i swear by egg treatments. just apply plain egg white on your scalp, and some yolk mixed with half a teaspoon of olive oil on your hair ends. this one pack has added major shine to my hair. just that i tend to get lazy.

    i use olive oil, coconut oil and sesame oil mixture on my hair. i sometimes add some castor oil to the mix as well.

    tanning is a natural and normal process, unless your skin is feeling super dry, is peeling off, or turning red , i do not think you need a dermo. keep up your use of sunscreen. but if you want to get rid of your tan , apply plain yoghurt on your skin. and remember the stinkier (staler/more sour) the curd is the better it works. if you cannot take the smell add a dash of rose water and turmeric in it.

      1. hi shaili , i have had a great experience with mixing oils, in fact i even add castor oil to the mix for thicker hair. but everyone’s hair needs are different so if you want try this in a very small quantity , say enough for oiling your hair 2-3 times. if you like the results then multiply it.

        1. i ll surely mix castor oil to my olive juz for beginning..may be later i can add other oils too according to their suitability..thnx Supriya 🙂

  6. eeekksssss ! 🙂 thnx for d responses..but i guess Rati has posted this query again !!
    i have already got answers for these queries of mine through IMBB only a month back
    but thnx to all for respondin..i wz suggested some hair pack usin curd+olive oil+eggs…it works wonders 🙂

  7. Hello Everyone,

    I ws going through your conversection. I have a question. I m hvng normal -a bit of dry hair. I use oil 2 times in a week. I was using Bajaj Almond drops hair oil and i found I m hvng more hair fall when I wash my hair. Now I want to change ths oil. Is anybody will suggest me the best hair oil for regular use which can help me stop hair fall also ?

    Situ :snicker:

  8. Heya,

    I had waist long straight hair. Last year I got step cut done but it has worsened by hair texture….I use oil evrytime i wash my hair n follow d regime of applying conditioner n serum still d hairs turn curly….pls pls pls help me galz….i hv lost my sleek, shiny , straight tresses… :yikes: :yikes:

  9. My cousin had d same problem. Butt length straight hair. One step cut and her ends started curling. Frankly there is nothing you can do. Right now all she does is follows a good regime (oil, shampoo, conditioner, serum and the occasional hair pack). Her hair are healthy but curly. She loves them the way they are and flaunts them. There is no way to reverse and get back the straight hair.

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