BH Cosmetics 10 Piece Eco Brush Set Review

BH Cosmetics 10 Piece Eco Brush Set

Hello pretty ladies!

IMBB is an addiction; isn’t it so? Even when I have loads of work piled up back at home, my priority is to review the product in hand. Just a year or a bit more, if I look back, I knew nothing about make-up brands. From the initial days I stepped in the fancy world, BH cosmetics brush sets have been a fascination for me I have no justification for why so?!!). Even when a baby comes in the world, it doesn’t start running from the day first; it starts walking slowly, taking one step after other and so is the case with me. From MUA, ELF, Essence and others, I am stepping ahead to explore new brands. So let’s first review this pretty lime green colored brush set.

Brush Set Description:
This sleek, Eco-friendly 10 piece brush set is made with all natural & recycled materials, allowing you to create stunning looks while protecting the environment! Each brush comes with soft, fluffy synthetic bristles, making it easy achieve a flawless makeup application. The naturally-dyed, lime green bamboo handles add a modern look to your everyday brushes and come with recycled aluminium ferrules. Each set comes in a soft linen case that will protect your brushes when on the go.
Brush Set includes the following: Powder Brush, Angled Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Blending Brush, Contour Blending Brush, Smudge Brush, Flat Shadow Brush, Angled Shadow Brush, Flat Eyeliner Brush, Lip/Concealer Brush.

$30 but is often in sale. I got it for $22 including the international shipping + custom duty.

My experience with BH Cosmetics 10 Piece Eco Brush Set:

This is such an amazing brush set that I won’t be able to justify it in words; neither the clicks can show the lime green beauty of the brush handles. This is called Eco Brush Set because everything used in the manufacturing process is synthetic and recycled to protect the environment. All the brush bristles are synthetic, yet soft and efficient in their performance. The brush handles are made of bamboo with lime green paint and aluminium ferrules. The brush set contains ten brushes; Powder Brush, Angled Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Blending Brush, Contour Blending Brush, Smudge Brush, Flat Shadow Brush, Angled Shadow Brush, Flat Eyeliner Brush, Lip Brush. The case is made of linen material and can be rolled up to occupy lesser space in the travel bag.


Let’s analyse each brush separately. But let me tell one thing in general. I have washed them five times, or may be six times. Once just before clicking the snaps and not even a single brush bristle has shed. Truly speaking, no shedding at all and they dry in very decent time and retain original factory softness and shape of bristles. They all are light weight with BH cosmetics logo printed on handle.
Powder Brush: It is a dense bristled brush, just the way I want my powder brush to be. It will blend out your pressed powders and loose powder flawlessly, leading to a natural finished look.
Angled Blush Brush: The best ever brush I found to highlight/contour my cheek bones and blush application is this one. Truly matchless performance it gives. It has soft and fluffy bristles, arranged in angled pattern to perform excellently. The density of the bristles is awesomely perfect.
Foundation Brush: Well, I haven’t used it much because I rarely wear foundation but just tried it with BB cream for experiencing to write about it in review and I had no complains with the finish it gave. It must be trustworthy to blend foundation too.

Blending Brush: It is definitely a great blending brush to blend in the borders of eye shadows. No complains at all.
Contour Blending Brush: This is the first of its kind that I own. I can say it is a multi-purpose brush which can specifically be used with highlighters and bronzers.
Smudge Brush: It has  proved very helpful to me in smoky eye make-up or whenever I have to smudge my eyeliner to get a dramatic look.
Flat Shadow Brush: I wish the bristles would have been a slight bit longer but still it is workable.
Angled Shadow Brush: I love this one; helps me out in every way; from crease to lid, this is all rounder. Eye make-up lovers know the worth of this one well.
Flat Eyeliner Brush: This is such a cute little wonder brush. It will reach our your tear duct perfectly to apply a light bright shadow to give an open effect to your eyes and complete your eye make-up by assisting in lower lash line works.
Lip Brush- Concealer Brush: It is wonderful as a lip brush but not so good for concealer applications.
Overall, I say this is a steal. Toy get 10 brushes, perfect for every application leaving out the lash and comb brush, which I usually think wastes my bucks when I intend to purchase a brush set. They are easy to wash except for the white part which needs little more effort. I wash them with Johnson’s baby shampoo. The softness of brushes makes me feel delicate and special, like women are. These are high calibre brushes without any doubt. The only missing part is the labels on the brushes.
When I have mentioned Johnson’s baby shampoo, let me tell you a discrete trick. Last year in between July-September, I got a real bad eye infection such that I wanted to hold that bacteria and kill it ruthlessly. 😛 Besides the antibiotics, the doctors advised me to wash my eyes with the Johnson’s no tears baby shampoo with light hands once in a while because the pollution aggravates the infections.



Pros of BH Cosmetics 10 Piece Eco Brush Set:

• Eco friendly brush set with pretty aesthetic looks.
• Synthetic yet soft bristles, easily washable.
• Easy to wash and retain original shape after every wash.
• No shedding of bristles at all.
• Light weight, compact and travel friendly.
• All essential brushes to do a perfect make-up look.
• Brushes are just awesome and loveable.


Cons of BH Cosmetics 10 Piece Eco Brush Set:

• Availability in Asia.
• Shipping charges; though BH delivers worldwide.
• I wish the brushes had labels.
IMBB Rating:
Recommendation and repurchase of BH Cosmetics 10 Piece Eco Brush Set:
I have already ordered two more brush sets from BH Cosmetics. Surprises coming up just keep your fingers crossed girls and if you have never considered BH Cosmetics 10 Piece Eco Brush Set, you are missing something in your stash!

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    1. Thank You Engr Princy 🙂 from a local retail online seller of BH cosmetics but now i have ordered others from their website 🙂 from vendor it cost me $28 and if i buy directly it will cost $22 🙂

          1. I am doing that only since the last 25 mins 😛 ordering the same brush set you bought *oye balle* it’s my first time with brushes *scared* since I am a beginner thought I can learn a lot from it *happydance* and btw, what all did you get? 😀

            1. great speed princey, well done. ordering internationally? I can’t reveal the secret haul here till it reaches, tell you privately 😉

  1. Nice, it looks like you got good quality for a low price. *pompom* I want to order some stuff from BH cosmetics.

  2. Sumera…..these look so good….I was watching a video on contouring yesterday and realized the importance of blending and contouring brush. Lucky, you have got the entire set.

  3. Ohhh My God… Sumera… This is a super duper product… Tum ne to seedha sixer maar diya… Very good review… And this is not baby steps sumera… This is a giant leap…. Love.. Love … Love

  4. aaj kal fifa on to seedha goal kardiya 🙂 thank you thank you, nahi ji leap kahan bus aap doston ki mohabbat hay 🙂

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