Biotique Musk Root Pack For Hair and Scalp Review


With all the heat from blow dryers, irons and styling products, our hair gets subjected to a lot of stress these days. And, let’s not forget about pollution. Oi vey! This in turn leads to premature graying and hair loss. Given all this we definitely need to take extra care of our hair. I love to pamper my hair with a hot oil massage and hair pack to nourish and rejuvenate my hair weekly. With our ever busy schedules, making our own hair packs seems too much work. But ready made hair packs are a real blessing. What’s better than having a natural, ayurvedic hair pack? That’s exactly what Boutique’s MUSK ROOT hair pack delivers.

What is MUSK ROOT pack?

Biotique Musk Root Hair Pack

Biotique claims that it is a therapeutic pack for hair and scalp. – A unique combination of herbs from ancient ayurveda which promotes hair growth. The pack invigorates and revitalizes the scalp and adds body to the hair.

Ingrdient list : Tesu Beej Powder 3% , Amla powder 1% , Beheda Powder 4 %, Harar Powder 5 % ,Jaiphal Tail 1% , Bael powder 5% , Jatamansi Powder 9 % , Bhringaraj Powder 5%, Kikar Gond 5% , Purified water.

Most of the ingredients are natural and are good for the hair. Muskroot (spikenard Nardostachys jatamansi) is a flowering plant of the Valerian family that grows in the Himalayas of China, India and Nepal. Musk root has been used in Ayurvedic tradition in India for many years.(Courtesy: Wikipedia) Musk root is known for its medicinal properties. Musk root helps rejuvenate hair and adds body and shine. Amla is known to prevent scalp infections, hair loss, and premature graying. It also adds lustre and shine to hair due to its astringent nature. Bhringaraj has been popular for years together in ayurveda for promoting hair growth.

Musk Root Hair Pack

Price: 180 Indian Rupees

Quantity: 230 gms.

How to use the pack:

The pack is thick black paste. (See picture below) You have to apply it on the dry hair and scalp just like you would do for henna. You let the pack stay on the hair for about ½ hour or more. There are also small steamer equipments that you get these days that gives you the beauty salon steaming effect. Steaming you hair this way once in a while rehydrates your hair. It opens up the pores in the scalp, so it aids better absorption of oil or packs that you apply. If you are just having an oil bath, you could dip a towel in hot water and wring excess water out of it and wrap it over your hair. With this pack though, that may not be possible as the pack would stick to the towel and make a mess! Once the pack has dried, you can wash off your hair with shampoo as you regularly would. I would avoid using heat styling on the day you use the pack to avoid any damage to the hair and retain the moisture.

PROs of Biotique Musk Root Pack For Hair and Scalp

  1. The pack is indeed very nourishing for the hair. Hair is noticeably shinier, bouncy after using this pack.
  2. It adds moisture to hair. Hair is no longer dry and brittle.
  3. The pack smells very natural and herbal. It’s a quite a strong scent, but I really like the herbal scent. I am not sure if others will like this.
  4. The packaging is pretty decent. It comes in tub. I don’t think this thick gooey product could have come in any other packaging.
  5. I don’t know if it’s in my mind, but I feel on the days I use the pack, my hair is a rick black color 😉
  6. The price is decent. Not too expensive.

Biotique musk root hair pack

CONs of Biotique Musk Root Pack For Hair and Scalp

  1. The pack is quite thick. It becomes difficult to spread and apply the pack over the hair. I like to dilute the pack a bit with water and then apply.
  2. The quantity could have been more. The tub doesn’t come fully filled. Probably only 3/4ths. I feel this will last for utmost 4-5 washes if used liberally. If hair is longer, then it’ll probably last less than that.
  3. The pack is jet black in color. It kinda makes a mess in bathroom after the hair wash. 🙁
  4. Since the pack is moisturizing, hair seems a bit oily the next day after using this pack. That’s not a big negative point to me, but to people who already have oily hair; this may be a negative point.
  5. I don’t know about “promoting hair growth” claim. I have not seen my hair grow any faster than its natural pace.

If you think you hair lacks shine and nourishment, you definitely have to look into your diet and incorporate healthy foods like green vegetables and fruits. This is just an external pack. Instead of just washing your hair with a shampoo as you normally do, using packs adds some nourishment to the hair, if not much. I have been using this pack for a while now. I really like it a lot. Do try it out and let me know if you like it. 🙂


34 thoughts on “Biotique Musk Root Pack For Hair and Scalp Review

  1. Dear Jane,

    Inspite of Musk being masculine, I love it to pieces! I was in fact expecting this to be musky, but disappointment! Yet to try Biotique haircare range 🙂

    Did u expect me to say that I didnt like the color of the product? I absolutely love that…its black 🙂 biotique packaging itself looks OH-SO herbal! May be, glass jar would make it more appealing 🙂 LOL

    I can understand the troubles…especially on light-colored flooring 🙁 My hair grows faster than it should, but will surely try this product…lovely review, Jane dear!

  2. Like Divija, I’ve never tried Biotique’s hair care range. This one sounds good. Although I regularly apply henna, i would like to substitute it with this.
    Thanks for the review Jane… :-)) :-))

  3. I actually like Biotiques hair care range. Some of their shampoos were pretty good..But its been a while since I used them..But this is one pack that I really like. Try it and see , gals !

    Thanks for the comments girls !! You people always make my day 🙂 Hugs !

  4. I love this product. I have used it almost 3 years ago..

    My experience is that it gave my hair a lovely sheen after wash. But I never noticed any fast hair growth. And the herby fragrance used to make me feel cool headed 🙂
    .-= Poornima´s last blog ..Nail Style – Lavender =-.

  5. Jane, this one looks like chyavanprash to me…..but Ayurvedic products can do wonder for skins, hair, and health, if its prepared in the correct way.

  6. Hi Galz,

    Read all yur reviews and comments. I just bought a big bottle of this musk and havent tried it out yet. The bigger bottle was worth of purchase. I am so excited to tried it out. Will feedback once trying it. Cheers

  7. I have been intending to try this hair pack since so long…..gonna get it for sure…..btw i read on the packaging only that this pack should be mixed in eggs and then applied on the hair so guess they did not intend this to be applied directly from the tub itself…..the paste does seem really difficult to spread on hair….

  8. Yes have tried this product.. its really good .. but its thick & Quantity could be lil more agree :mean: if your are ok with messy stuff go for it.

    I don’t find this particular product now nearby could some suggest where i can locate it in Delhi.


  9. I just got this pack from Health & Glow yesterday. But now it is called Bio Musk Root. It says Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment Pack.

    Also, it mentions on the pack that it must be mixed with yoghurt or egg and then applied to hair. Planning to try this out this weekend.

  10. The pack is good. it gives a great effect with eggs. if ever anyone thinks that eggs can give a nasty smell :-/ the strong ‘ayurvedic’ aroma camouflages it quite well. People fighting wid dandruff can use yogurt along with this pack.

  11. i’ve just bought this product from Guardian Pharmacy in Gurgaon..the packaging has changed a bit..the tub is green now (including the cap) and the price is 199.00…Am looking forward to using it…would use it with egg and would let you know how it worked for me..

  12. Hey girls! I have used it with egg …3 times in 1 n half months.. I wash my hair and apply it the same day. Since I add egg to it, I have to wash my hair with shampoo to get rid of the sticky feeling. My hair definitely looks shinier and healthier. I use Biotique Intense hair growth oil, Castor oil and Sarson ka tel alternatively, so that might also contribute to the thickness and blackness of my hair. :pompom: :laugh: :jiggy1: :balle:

  13. You’re suppose to use this pack with curd or eggs for best results. I hope this’ll help. 😀 Also by that, the quantity will last for longer time 🤗

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