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One of the most common and widespread problems of womankind has to be HAIR LOSS. All of us go through it, worry about it and try a million things to make it stop. Sometimes the remedies work but there is no guarantee that it will for sure. As people age, their rate of hair growth slows.


At any time, about 90% of the hair on a person’s scalp is growing. Each follicle has its own life cycle that can be influenced by age, disease, and a wide variety of other factors. This life cycle is divided into three phases:
Anagen — active hair growth. Lasts between two to six years.
Catagen — transitional. Lasts two to three weeks.
Telogen — resting phase. At the end of the resting phase (two to three months) the hair is shed and a new hair replaces it and the growing cycle starts again.

So I was suffering from hair loss from September of 2010. I thought it was just one of the phases were all my old hair is falling out and that it will stop soon. I was sadly mistaken as it was February of 2011 and my hair fall was only getting worse. I was getting comments that my hair thickness has drastically reduced. Now I was beginning to really worry. I had tried all the remedies known to mankind but nothing stopped my problem. So I decided to go to my dermatologist. She made me take a blood test and all my levels were normal. So she suggested a lotion to apply to my scalp. I had to apply it for 6 months and she also gave me supplementary tablets. This product was called HAIR 4U.


I was prescribed the maroon bottle of Hair4U.
Minoxidil IP – 2.0% w/v
Aminexil – 1.5% w/v
In adhesive base – q.s
Alcohol 95%v/v equivalent to
Absolute alcohol – 63% v/v
It did help with my hair loss. After 4 months of use, my hair fall had stopped and I could see new hair growth with a month of using Hair4U.

Apply 1ml of this product to your scalp, concentrating on places where hair fall is more severe. This must be done twice a day.
PRICE: Rs. 400 (I am not sure of the exact price as I threw out the outer carton but I am sure it is around this price) for 60 ml. The 60 ml bottle of Hair4U lasted about one month with the suggested usage.
The manual given with it says that hair fall might increase slightly for the first two weeks of using this product and this is completely normal. It happened with me too but then it stopped really soon. Pregnant women are advised against using Hair4U. Do consult your doctor before you start using this product.

Pros of Hair4U Topical Solution:
• Stops hair fall.
• Pleasant smell. It does not smell like medicine.
• Moderately priced.
• Encourages new hair growth. You will get your thickness back.

Cons of Hair4U Topical Solution:
• It is a proper drug, so caution must be practised while using it.
• Do not leave it anywhere where pets or young children can access it. If ingested it can definitely be poisonous.
• It comes with a dropper that lets you take 1 ml of product from the container but the dropper breaks within a few days of usage.
• The bottle is not leakage proof. I have had a lot of product wasted like this. So be careful.
• When this product dries, it leaves behind a whitish powder. I did notice the white powder in my nails when I scratched my head but otherwise it was not visible when I looked at my scalp in the mirror.

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18 thoughts on “Hair4U Topical Solution Review

  1. yeah, i’ve used this. it’s effective!! Good review! however, i dont agree on the smell point. i think it smells a lot of its alcohol base.. it is horrible. :yuck:

  2. plsss ,,before using this product ,,,do conslt a dermatologist ,,,as studies have shown that if any form of minoxidil is used ,,it needs to used regularly for years together ,,,,discontinuing this product will lead to occurence of hair fall again ,,,,,and the intensity will be greater than before.i had used this product too ,,,and had experienced this problem even aftr using this product for about 8 months .my hair fall was controlled aftr i started takin healthy diet with vitamin suppliments.there are alot of reasons for hair fall ….so consult a dermatologist before putting medicated lotions and solutions on the scalp

  3. the content of alcohol, quite high 🙁 so may be very drying for my hair, but amazing article and pics !

  4. I have been debating on using minoxidil, I have read that it could be have bad results when you try to go off it and end up with thinner hair. Most people and companies say that you need to use it forever!, but I guess you can go off it based on your dermatologists suggestion.

  5. I have started using Hair 4 U, since a month..there is a drying effect on my hair, chked with my dermatologist, and has advised to us serum after a hair wash…she agreed that it makes the hair dry.
    But very good product…and am really happy to see good results.

    One has to surely chk with a dermatologist before starting it.

    Worth the application :

  6. Hey m facin tis hair fall problem since 3 yrs.
    So is it ok 2 use tis product aftr sch a long tym of hair loss.
    I hv an oily scalp n in these 3 yrs my hair hs lessen 2 half of d original volume…
    I hv tried 4 mny treatmnts lik using tugain lotion n sm othr tincture bt it dint work.
    n thn i switchd 2 richfeel, same result. i dint find any chng in my hair volume….
    plz help 🙁

  7. my dermatologist has prescribed dis product… and told me to use it carefully so that it wont spread at any part of your body other than scalp as it unnecessary hair growth can occur on other body parts 🙂

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