Biotique Myristica Pack Review


So all girls out there, I am back with another review. This time it’s an anti acne pack which saved my skin. Hope it comes to the aid of those in need.
So here we go……
Product to be reviewed:

Biotique BIO MYRISTICA face pack.

Product Claim: Developed from ancient Ayurveda. It is a valuable pack for troubled skin. Contains Nutmeg, Turmeric, Long Pepper and Minerals, which effectively control pimples and other skin blemishes.

My Experience with Biotique BIO MYRISTICA face pack:

I stay in Bangalore and last month, I had been to Kolkata, my mom’s place for 3 week long vacation. There I had a sudden bout of painful acne; don’t know the exact reason though, may be owing to Kolkata’s pollution and sultry weather. Also, I indulged in lots of sweets – Mishti ☺. May be because of that also☺.
I tried couple of local products from Kolkata, but it was of very little help.

After coming back, I thought of hitting to health and glow outlet and happened to see this Biotique face pack, so thought of giving it a try.

As the product claims “valuable pack for troubled skin”, it really came to my rescue. Within one day of use, my acne reduced in size and the redness also reduced to a great extent. I applied it daily at night after cleansing my face. When the product is applied, it tingles and stings a bit, but that is due to the efficacy of the product I think. When it dried off, I washed it and followed with BIO WINTERGREEN acne cream (Another biotique product, will come up with review in my next article). With this treatment, not only my acne reduced, it also had done away with the post acne marks. My skin appeared much clearer. I continued this treatment for about two weeks, and there was a remarkable difference in my skin’s condition.
Though skin care products work differently from person to person, but it’s definitely worth a try if you’re suffering from acne. It’s a 100% herbal product, so size effects are rare.

Texture of Biotique BIO MYRISTICA face pack: It’s a clay pace pack, with some grainy bits on it. Please checkout the swatch, the tiny grains are visible.

Price: Rs.199/- for the small pack in the picture. I had bought it quite a few weeks back, so threw away the outer carton. It comes inside a small carton.

Pros of Biotique BIO MYRISTICA face pack:

  • Keeps up to claim
  • Helps in clearing off acne, pimples.
  • Also helps in reducing post acne marks.
  • Highly useful when used with BIO WINTERGREEN
  • The smell is kind of clove and nutmeg.

Cons of Biotique BIO MYRISTICA face pack:

  • Packaging, product gets inside the nails.
  • No other negative points as such.

Second buy: I would definitely buy the product, if again I experience any acne outbreak. It really came to my rescue in clearing off my skin of acne.


21 thoughts on “Biotique Myristica Pack Review

  1. Bless you for doing this review! I have the clove pack and I didn’t really see much difference with that. When I asked the SA as to which was better, MYRISTICA or Clove, she said Clove… Anyway, I want to try this when I get a chance. One question though, Is this a spot treatment or all over face pack?

  2. One day i got this Huge pimple
    i bought this to get rid of itt..
    it never worked for me 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Maybe because i didn’t pair it up with the other thing :worship: :worship:

    1. Oh ………..yea may be , all skin types are different and also the reason behind the acne outbreak, the causing factor :))

  3. Hi, I have recently bought a BIO MYRISTICA SPOT CORRECTING ANTI-ACNE FACE PACK, so I have a number of questions regarding it. PLEASE HELP:

    1. After opening my pack it looks frozen,so I just wanted to know whether usually its consistency is like this only or I have got an expired pack!(I have thrown the outer packaging so don’t remember the date 🙁
    2. Because its so thick and its supposed to be applied only on the spots, I was wondering if I am supposed to mix it with water or anything or apply directly, as its a face pack.


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