Blistex Lip Tone Lip Balm Review

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A hint of colour on lips can make a huge difference. We try a lot of DIYs and shell out a lot of money on lip products that claim to make our lips pink and soft. Lip balms play a big role in our lives and today, I will be reviewing Blistex Lip Tone Lip Balm. Read on for more details:


Product Description:
Blistex Lip Tone complements the natural complexion of your lips by combining the effective moisturization and protection you’d expect from a Blistex lip balm with a slight touch of color.
€2.29 for 4.25 gm.


My Experience with Blistex Lip Tone Lip Balm:

Blistex has been my favorite brand for a long time now. Considering that I had amazing results using their products, and when my earlier lip balm had finished up, I purchased a new one that I found on the shelf and this is how I ended up with Blsitex Lip Tone. I bought this lip balm only based on the brand and nothing else.


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The packaging is pretty simple. It comes in a n*de twist up chapstick style. The color is same from top to bottom. The tiny cap on the top is not very tight and is a little flimsy, but it secures the lip balm effectively and it hasn’t opened up in my bag accidentally. It is a travel-friendly lip balm.


The lip balm is brown n*de pink in colour and has tiny shimmery particles. It smells fruity floral but the smell doesn’t stay for long on the lips, so that’s not bothersome. I have dark upper lips and when I usually apply n*de lip balms, they do not make any difference to my lip tone, but with this lip balm, it tones out my lips evenly and adds a a very light pink natural color on my lips. It looks more natural than the tinted colour lip balms out there in the market.

This lip balm doesn’t give a shiny or a clear finish. It is more of a matte kind of finish and when applied for the first time, I went over and over again thinking my lips weren’t moisturized enough. But on the other hand, just two swipes over my lips and my lips are nourished and moisturized so effectively. As soon as I apply the lip balm, there is a cool sensation on my lips which stays for 15-20 minutes.


This lip tone moisturizes my lips for more than 6 hours. The weather is extremely cold here and with the temperature varying around 0-2 degrees. I usually have dry lips, but with this lip balm, I have hardly had any dry lip days! The lip balm smooths and hydrates effectively. I need to use the lip balm only twice a day and it provides very effective mositurization. I apply the lip balm overnight and in the morning my lips are really soft and supple, and nourished. Overall, it is a very good product and a good buy.

Pros of Blistex Lip Tone Lip Balm:

  • Tones the lips.
  • Nourishes and hydrates lips for long.
  • Adds a healthy natural pink hue on lips.
  • Camouflages dark lips.
  • Adds a hint of coolness.
  • Doesn’t dry out lips.
  • Moisturizes lips for more than 6 hours.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Cost effective.

Cons of Blistex Lip Tone Lip Balm:

  • None I can think of!

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Blistex Lip Tone Lip Balm?
Yes, it’s a very good product and a must have if you have pigmented/dark lips.
IMBB Rating:

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