Blue Black / Grey Liner Eye Makeup Photo Tutorial

I’ve got the Blues …. Photo Makeup Tutorial

Hello !!!
This is a quick tutorial for an everyday look that uses blue tones instead of the regular flat blacks.
Products used:

  • Black Pencil Liner (I’ve used Lakme Perfect Definition Eye Liner)
  • Dark Blue Pencil Liner ( I’ve used MAC Technokohl liner in Auto-de-Blue)
  • Grey Liquid Liner (I’ve used MAC Liquid Last Liner in Disco Black – its grey with Purple tones)
  • Blue Mascara ( I’ve used Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Royal Blue but I know everyone has their own preferred brands, also you don’t have to use the same Color, a Black will work too)
  • For a lil extra, A Light Metallic Blue Eye Pencil (I’ve used Revlon in Aqua Blue)
Blue Grey Makeup Stuff
Blue Grey Makeup Stuff

Step 1.
Use your regular foundation, concealer etc, or do this on a Bare face. I’ve just dusted my face with MAC sheer pressed powder in NC 30.

Blue Grey Makeup Prime
Blue Grey Makeup Prime

Step 2: Line your upper Lash Line with a Black Pencil Liner.

Blue Grey Makeup Black liner
Blue Grey Makeup Black liner

Step 3: Horizontally, Half way over the black, line your eye with a Grey Liquid Liner. You can substitute this with Dark Blue shade.

Blue Grey Makeup 1 Grey liner
Blue Grey Makeup 1 Grey liner

Step 4: Line your lower Waterline and Lashline with a Dark Navy Blue Pencil Liner.

Blue Grey Makeup kohl
Blue Grey Makeup kohl

Step 5: Apply Mascara, preferably in a shade of Blue but Black will do 😀

Blue Grey Makeup mascara
Blue Grey Makeup mascara

This look isn’t very obvious, but to show you the subtle difference it can make to your face, here is one eye done the way I have described above and another with the same steps but all in Black … As you can see the Blue Mascara doesn’t show anymore, it just hints at blue in certain lighting.

For a lil more fun, line your lower lashline with a metallic Blue pencil to really bring out the blues 😀

Blue Grey Makeup complete
Blue Grey Makeup complete

This is me wearing with one eye black and one eye blue. As you can see the blue tones just opens my eye a bit more, while defining them at the same time. If you have a frosty pink Lippie this works great to create a look in “cool” tones 😀

Blue Grey Makeup- Photo
Blue Grey Makeup- Photo

Do try this look and let me know how it goes !
PS – this isn’t the greatest picture in the world but im not too good at clicking snaps of myself – so apologies !


41 thoughts on “Blue Black / Grey Liner Eye Makeup Photo Tutorial

  1. Blue mascara has never looked prettier 🙂 I was always averse to trying colourful mascara, but this really isn’t very obvious, like you said. I’m going definitely going to try it , and put up pics.

  2. wow the mascara looks amazing. even I’m kind of skeptical to trying colorful mascaras but i guess i will try my hand on this. btw it looks more purplish than blue. love the look :yes:

  3. Wow…awesome look Jahanvi!! I never knew blue mascara would look so good, coz of which I never thought of considering it. Really loved your look…I guess I have to hunt for a nice blue mascara now!! 😀

  4. Hello 😀 I love that you all are liking the Blue Mascara. Thank you 😀 I used to think it was weird too until a friend of mine wore it. I think it looks great in black eyelashes 😀

    @ Priya – Yes put the black liner first and then the gray on top of it. Thats so the black can define your eye and they gray will reduce the intensity of a flat black. Ideally put the gray like 1mm above where the the black begins so you have to let a little bit of black show below the gray line.

    In the pic the left side has my eyes done up in black while the blue gray makeup is on the right side. Thats just so you can see how the blue/gray opens up the eyes without looking like its too much.

    Thanks for reading guys – do play around with the look a bit :laugh:
    Cheers !

  5. Janhavi i loved the look and the difference between the blue and black is really subtle but blue does define it beautifully well….loved will try as well :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    1. OOOooh it looks pretty :yes: :yes: :yes: :laugh: :laugh: Me likey – esp the shade of blue you’ve used below, which is it ?

      Have some fun with maybe a lighter shade of blue on your upper eye lid, slightly over the dark shade ?

  6. I cant pull off colored mascara unless I go clubbing…… have tried blue, pink and glittery ones, the last kind is perfect for clubbing 🙂

    1. Pinky ?! I wanna try !!! Sounds awesome :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

      Is the glitter difficult to remove from your eyelashes though ? Btw I would love some glitter ones, any brand suggestions ?

            1. @Jhanvi: Maybelline had an LE colossal diamond mascara, I didnt like it much though and its better to make ur own glittery mascara as you can control the glitteriness! …..for the the pink n blue ones I tried the maxfactors vivid impact mascara, I actually love the base coat in that, would wear it alone without the highlight 🙂

                1. Well you apply the base coat like any mascara and then the highlight end how you’d want it, only on the tip of lashes or from root to tip……
                  The blue base coat from the blue and pink wont show up much, its quite subtle and if you want the pink to pop, apply the base coat and let it dry and then apply the pink. The black and silver one is also worth a try.

                  1. right so its blue then pink …. but can you use the highlighter without the base coat ? Thank you so much for the info – Im definitely going to pick it up in the next few months. I had considered it before when I was on the spree for blue mascara, but i wasnt sure what the pink was for- and didnt wanna take a chance of the price factor….

                    :yes: :yes: :yes: Def going to buy it and maybe if the budget allows will pick up the black n silver one 😛

                    1. You are welcome :-)) n do try it out, I generally like Maxfactor’s mascaras and thats why gave it a go….
                      The highlighter doesnt really serve as a good mascara on its own, maybe you could use a black mascara instead of the blue base coat and then top it with the pink if you dont want the blue to show up 🙂

  7. I must say that I have to get used to this only-mascara-khol-liner-looks, here in Europe we do shade, shade, shade 😉 But this one ist really nice and the blue mascara looks great on you :chic:

    1. Yeah its definitely a culture shift. I live in Melbourne and over here you see alot of eye shadow, LOTS of mascara and lipstick. Kohls are definitely not used much. Its really interesting to see how people use makeup differently in different places. I fell in love with colors only after moving to Australia. Otherwise it was always nude lips and smokey/ black eyes.

      1. Mascara and shadows are more often used here than khols, too. But the kohls do sell well anyway 🙂 Same as eyepencils. Lot of beauties aged over 35 yrs use dark eyeshadow for eyeliner; its easier to work with (wrinkles) and gives better results.

        To get a pink (or whatever color you want) mascara take MAC MML with a pigment of the color you want. There are some pigments – especially pinks, reds and so on – which are not supposed to be used in the eye area, better be careful with them and do not brush them to the bottom of the lashes. For Glitter effect the regular glitters are not small enough but a good job will do the reflects glitters. Apply with MAC 204 (in MAC MML).

        Umm… my list is getting longer and longer … another topic for an interesting article 😀

  8. honestly I’d be scared to make my own mascara 🙁 🙁 🙁 I’ve seen the colored ones on the market though, max factor I think, I wish MAC did them though. Although I don;t now what MAC MML is ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

    1. I am taking this as a request 😉
      And will hopefully manage to do a article/review on it the next days.
      Belongs to my “holy grails” anyway.

    1. I can see why someone would do that – Im not sure if I think its really smart in retrospect or just weird coz ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

      have you ever done it ?

      PS – Im not sure if I would ever use a pick eyeliner 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  9. That is an amazing look! It is so subtle yet gives your eye a smokey pop! How do you have so he much precision in lining the lash line…i can never get it in that shape! 😛 I am jealous…lol

  10. Such an easy look Jahnavi and your eyes are pretty 🙂

    never tried coloured mascaras as such..Maybe its time to experiment..

    And lovely suggestion to Rati..hehe..Do post glam pics with neon mascara gal..Would love to see Sanjeev Bhais reaction pic too 😀

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