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I’m looking for suggestions for a good face moisturizer and for the body. I guess my skin is kind of on the normal side but i’ve got rough & dark elbows and ankles. I feel lost amid the plethora of brands.It would be great if the gang could provide some pointers!


16 thoughts on “Body Moisturiser for Dry Skin : Ask IMBB

  1. Hey Land good mng.
    For the body moisture the garnier body cocoon is the best. Also the body shop butter are grt. For the face you can try lotus shea butter cream.

  2. Thanks Rati for posting my query 🙂 came at d right time cos me going shopping tomo 🙂
    btw my skin is normal not dry 😐 can u change the heading alone

  3. TBS body butters for me toooo esp in dry winters…and have used both garnier body cocoon and himalaya body lotion…they are good for normal to dry skin !!

  4. mine is kind of normal skin…so i guess i can try that…since s talkin of the body butters ll get that wen i go to any city that has one of their outlets 🙂

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