The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist Review

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist

the body shop strawberry mist
I have become obsessed with body mists recently, especially floral and fruity ones. Since we don’t have Bath and body works or Victorias secret here in Australia, my choice is limited. I try not to shop from body shop much because the prices are much higher compared to some other countries. I try to pick TBS products when I travel or ask friends to get them for me. However the new body mist range is quite tempting for me. When I went in and got the Moringa one first, some of the other variants were out of stock. They however had introduced eight variants even Satsuma which was an all time favorite of TBS.They even had chocomania as a mist, which was quite surprising as the chocomania was a limited edition range. I had a small gift pack from TBS which I received as a gift from a friend during Christmas; I have started using them only recently. It was a travel size strawberry body wash and body butter.Im liking them so much and the soft fragrance which it leaves behind, I decided to go in and get the strawberry body mist as well. Strawberry is quite a summer fragrance but I’m not into musk or any other winterish fragrances so I started using this right away without waiting for summer. Another reason is that unlike EDTs, with body mists and solid perfumes it’s all about “layering, layering and layering”

Product Description
Our Strawberry takes on a fresh new form. Spray this light scented body mist all over your body for a gentle burst of sweet fruitiness. It’s irresistible.
strawberry mist
• Sweet strawberry fragrance
• Light and fresh
• Use all over body
• Contains strawberry extract
Directions for use
Spritz it on after bathing or showering. Top up throughout the day.
Alcohol Denat. (Solvent/Diluent), Aqua (Solvent/Diluent), Parfum (Fragrance), Linalool (Fragrance Ingredient), Benzyl Salicylate (Fragrance Ingredient), Propylene Glycol (Humectant), Geraniol (Fragrance Ingredient), Glycerin (Humectant), Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract (Skin Conditioning Agent), Sorbitol (Humectant), Eugenol (Fragrance Ingredient), Denatonium Benzoate (Denaturant).
The Community Fair Trade alcohol in this product is made from organic sugar cane grown on small farms in the foothills of the Andes in Ecuador.

My Experience with The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist

The package is identical to the moringa body mist and comes in a sturdy glass bottle which obviously is heavier than the older body mists from TBS which used to come in plastic bottles. The labelling is quite simple but pretty. The spray comes out as a fine mist and can be easily rubbed in to skin or just left as it is .The fragrance is a beautiful strawberry scent which totally uplifts my winter days.Im upset that I only recently discovered the power of body mists. I should have used fruity/floral body mists in previous winters. Some would classify this as a total summery scent. But for me, this is a scent to be used throughout the year. The good thing about these mists (both Moringa and strawberry) have the power to be worn alone as they just don’t “disappear” like cheap body sprays but layering is always the best option to make them last all day. The fragrance is the iconic TBS strawberry scent –fresh and sweet without being OTT.However, this mist has it more strongly than the body wash and body butter. This wouldn’t make those around you think “wow strawberries” but would rather make them think “what was that nice smell?” ☺
A few sprays would easily last four hours but if layered it lasts more than half a day and can be topped up throughout.

Pros of The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist

• Lovely strawberry fragrance to uplift my mood anytime , anywhere
• Comes in a sturdy bottle and gives out a fine mist
• Contains Strawberry extract and alcohol made from community trade sugar cane in Ecuador
• Since the bottle is transparent easy to see how much is left
• Can be layered if needed with the shower gel/scrub and body lotion/Body butter
• Lasts a reasonable amount of time in Australian weather
• There is a big selection to choose from according to taste and mood

Cons of The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist

• Since this is a new introduction, the whole range might not be immediately available in all countries
• At AUD 24 this is quite pricey in Australia-I might try to stock up on Body shop products only when I go abroad.

IMBB Rating: 4.25/5

Will I repurchase this?
I would like to try more, but I might only buy body shop products when I travel because of the price.


12 thoughts on “The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist Review

    1. Hi, I havent tried the polish yet.Even the body wash has a weird smell when inside the bottle and when you sniff…. but after lathering it is perfect for me

    1. Give them a try ,…. u might find atleast one fragrance u like ,…most of them are fruity fragracnes though, not sure if u are into them

  1. Nice review, Supriya. 24 AUD ? That is a lot. I bought it for 12 USD the other day. I love the fragrance. Love the whole range. Body butter, scrub and mist.

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