Does Camellia Oil Clog Pores?

By Shelly Francis

The Japanese traditional Camellia oil is attaining enormous love due to its valuable properties. The oil is a rich source of Omega-6, Palmitic and Linoleic fatty acids and it has numerous anti-aging benefits. It has a non-greasy texture which makes it an excellent moisturizer for the facial skin, body, and hair and it is also known for its quick absorbing abilities. But does camellia oil clog pores? Read on to know the answer.

Does Camellia Oil Clog Pores

Pores are tiny openings on the surface of the skin that releases oil and sweat. When these pores are clogged, it causes acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Women with oily skin are more susceptible to acne breakouts and should completely avoid comedogenic oils. Non-comedogenic oils are oils which do not clog pores and have a comedogenic rating of 2 or less.

So, in the case of Camellia oil, it comes from the Oshimo Islands in Japan and it has a comedogenic Rating of 1 unless you get the high oleic acid camellia oil, then it will be 2-3. So, this proves that camellia oil doesn’t clog pores and instead it keeps the pores well cleansed. It can be used even by women with sensitive/oily skin. It has a good amount of omega 9 fatty acids and contains almost 80 percent oleic acid which is similar to olive oil. There is a myth that omega 9 fats are non-essential fatty acids because the body can create on its own. It is considered as something the skin doesn’t need but it is incorrect. So, use camellia oil on the skin with no doubts and it can also be used on hair and scalp as it keeps the scalp well hydrated.

How to use camellia oil?
1. Take a small amount onto the palm of your hand.
2. Rub the oil and spread it into a thin layer over the face.
3. Pat the oil on face and neck.
4. Continue with SPF and makeup.

You can use this oil once or twice a day. If you are hesitant or new to the concept of applying oil on the skin you can add a few drops of oil in your moisturizer jar and mix using a sterile spatula and apply on the face. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes over time. You can also use a small amount of oil on the ends of the hair for shiner and healthier hair.

Hope this article clears all doubts regarding camellia oil, let us know your favorite facial oil in the comments below!


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