Can VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Give You an Instant Glow Everyday?

Can VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Give You an Instant Glow Everyday?

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How are you all doing? Finally the Sketching Phase in my Fashion Designing classes has started and I am loving it. I have always seen people making those beautiful bodies with shaded and colorful clothes and I am happy that I am going to do the same now. Let’s see how I succeed in that field.

Recently I picked up this serum called VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum since I was out of the Olay Micro-Sculpting Serum that I got through IMBB. I observed that a serum made loads of difference to my skin so had to get one.


Price: Rs 399 for 40 ml.

Product Description by VLCC:

  • VLCC De-pigmentation Serum moisturises, protects and stimulates cell generation, resulting in even skin tone and reduction in the appearance of fine lines
  • Orange peel extract has chemical compound limonene which enhances the revival of clear skin
  • Liquorice soothes the skin, evens the skin tone, giving a brighter, fairer and healthy glow on the skin
  • VLCC de-pigmentation serum is a non-oily formulation, gets absorbed through the skin and increases the rate of skin turn over and gives a more youthful appearance

Directions For Use: Apply the serum two times a day on the whole face and neck area, massage gently ill it gets absorbed.

VLCC De Pigmentation Serum For A Instant Glow Everyday 2

VLCC De Pigmentation Serum For A Instant Glow Everyday 4

 My Experience With VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum:

As I felt the need for a new serum, I noticed this new launch in the market and picked it up. I don’t have any pigmentation on the face, but yes do have some unwanted blemishes. So I thought may be the serum could help me with that.

The serum comes in a thin cylindrical bottle which is very handy and light-weight. The packaging is nice in sky blue and white with all the instructions over it. The bottle has 2 caps; one for the bottle and one for the nozzle. The quantity is great since just 2-3 pumps are needed for once. The serum contains attractive ingredients like liquorice and orange peel which are known to lighten and clear the skin.

VLCC De Pigmentation Serum For A Instant Glow Everyday 5

The serum comes in a very light-weight formula and consistency is thin. It comes in a white color and the consistency is not like a gel or cream. It looks like a very thin layer of a cream which gets easily absorbed into the skin. It claims that it is a non oily formula and that is very true! It does not leave an oily cast or a greasy film behind on the face. I just massage it for a minute and there it is, all inside the skin. It works the best when you face is washed, so I always wash my face and then apply it after a toner and that is how I feel it penetrates completely inside the skin.
The fragrance is something to die for! When you put it on the face, you will feel like you are in heaven. The fragrance is a nice scented one and smells similar to baby lotions; it has a milky fragrance hint to it. I apply it after the toner and before my day/night cream. It instantly brightens up the face and makes the face look fresh. It gives a fresh-looking mask to your dull skin at the very moment you apply it. The fragrance on the face is very calming.

VLCC De Pigmentation Serum For A Instant Glow Everyday 3

I don’t have pigmentation, but mom used this and saw that the spots were fading a bit and the complexion looks better than before. Over time, I saw that my skin was improving a lot. My skin feels soft and supple every morning I wake up. My face looked bright and clear after continuous use. I have been using this since last 3 weeks and I observed that it did help my skin look fresher, killing all those dull cells. The skin-tone looks even and I can’t see any patches on my skin now. Although it did not clear my blemishes completely, it helped to lighten them to a good extent.
It added a glow to my face and the glow looks very natural. That was the only thing my skin needed the most because it always looked pale and dull. It felt like it allowed my skin to breathe. It also helps to soothe the skin because I once felt a stinging sensation on my face because of the toner and it helped to soothe that sensation out.

Overall it did everything I expected from it, and if you don’t have a serum in your routine; try this out for sure because it will not disappoint you.

VLCC De Pigmentation Serum For A Instant Glow Everyday 6

Pros Of VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum:

  • Convenient packaging with a nozzle and caps; light weight so very handy
  • It is well priced because it is such a big bottle; only 2-3 small pumps are required for a time
  • The formula is light-weight and as it claims is a non-oily one
  • It gets easily absorbed within the skin in a minute’s time
  • It does not leave a greasy or oily film behind on the face
  • The fragrance is heavenly with a perfumed milky smell; smells somewhat like a cute baby lotion
  • It instantly brightens up the face covering that dull layer of your skin
  • My skin every morning looks clean, soft and supple
  • It reveals a bright fresh layer of the skin and my skin never looks dull
  • It helped make my skin-tone even; the dark patches from the forehead were gone with continuous use
  • It does soothe out the skin and gives a calm feeling
  • It gives a natural glow to the face after using it for 2-3 weeks

Cons Of VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum:

  • It did not do anything for the fine lines
  • Did not clear out the skin completely; some blemishes are there but have lighten with time

Will I Repurchase/Recommend VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum?

Yes definitely. I have not tried a lot of serums ,but I think this has suited me very well and isn’t that pricey too! So a great pick for oily skin.

IMBB Rating: 4.6/ 5.

Conclusion: For more better results, pick the entire range if you have serious pigmentation; it may help you out.


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17 thoughts on “Can VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Give You an Instant Glow Everyday?

    1. that hunt is never going to end lol.. palmer’s cocoa butter formula eventone fade cream worked the best for that so far for me.. try lemon .. it works better than anything else if you can bare that stinging that it gives 🙁 one week and you will see the difference for sure

    2. Use Aziderm20% only on the acne marks. Apply on spots and keep it for 30mins and wash it off.And continue your normal skin care routine. It cleared my acne mark with in 5days. It was prescribed to me by my dermatologist and now my skin is quite clear.

    1. if you have extremely oily skin then try it first how it suits you.. if it does than fit it into your routine.. although it is an oil free formula.. it might gave some pimples 🙁

    1. yeah this will help i guess… but the best way to remove the dark patches is use a diy… saffron(3-4 strands)+curd+crush the almonds.. this works the best for those patches.. do try it.. its safe and does work too.. the detailed diy is mentioned on the site 🙂 take care 🙂

    1. umm comparing if you talk.. price wise you would get 5 like this and 1 olay.. thats the price comparision.. if you have some ageing concerns like fine lines and wrinkles or a bit loose skin then olay surely will work better than this.. but for daily use if you just want soft hydrated and have some blemishes that should fade.. then this works better.. both great to solve the problem they claim too 🙂 thanks.. hope the answer solves your question 🙂

    1. exactly megha.. my recent lip balms from vlcc were duds.. but this serum totally compensated my dissatisfaction 🙂 this worked very well for me

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