Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick #771 Review

Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick #771 Review

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Hope you all are enjoying your life, me too enjoying, but having a tedious time managing my 2 kids and a home along with my new hobby. Today, I am here to review a lipstick from Chambor. I can only purchase Chambor goodies when I am in India as it is not available here.  It’s too bad right? No Chambor in Dubai – the hub of cosmetic brands. I got this lipstick from India when I visited last year and it is one of my first n*de shades. So, read on to check out more about it.

Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick


Rs. 745 for 2.8 gm.

Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick

Product Description:

Chambor presents Rouge Plump+, the secret to sensuously full lips.  A lipstick isn’t just a lipstick anymore. With Chambor, it becomes your beauty secret that helps you get the desired result in plumpness, moisture, colour and a lot more. The new Rouge Plump+ amplifies lips by 25% giving you sensuously full lips. This has been dermatologist tested and clinically proven. Rouge Plump + is feather resistnat, ultra long wear, not animal tested, has no animal ingredients.  They are available in captivating 24 shades.

Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick

My Experience with Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick #771:

I get very confused with these numbers, a lipstick claiming to have innumerable qualities should have come out with beautiful names instead of these vague numbers. This is a n*de shade and I think it is the lightest colour in all the shades that are available. It’s the perfect nude for me.

Colour:  It is a light brown shade with peachy undertones. In daylight, it is a very light dirty brown kind of shade, while in artificial light, it is a n*de brown with hints of peach in it.

Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick

Texture:  It is very creamy in texture, but it has not got any dents or breakage.  Its extra creaminess makes it transfer everywhere. It glides on easily like butter and there’s a minty cool sensation when the lipstick is applied.  The sensation is associated with the plumping factor in the lipstick even though I didn’t see any plumping effect.

Finish:  It gave me a nice even finish but settled into my lines 5 minutes after the application, leaving my lips looking chapped and dry even though my lips were thoroughly exfoliated, thus proving wrong the claims made by the brand, but it keeps my lips hydrated and moisturized. The creamy texture gives a light glossy look also.

Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick

Pigmentation and Coverage:  It is super pigmented and fully covers the pigmented areas of my lips. One swipe gives ample coating even for pigmented lips. This shade covers lip pigmentation to give an opaque look.

Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick

Staying Power:  It stays for about 3 hours without any meal in between, but after a meal, the colour is completely gone. The creaminess of this lipstick makes it transfer everywhere.  This lipstick does not feather or bleed.

Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick

Fragrance:  It has a mild fragrance which I love.

Sun Protection- It contains an SPF 15

Packaging:  The lipstick comes in a dark blue plastic tube with a silver rim in between. The packing looks classy but just as the old saying goes, “looks can be deceiving.” It’s a very flimsy packaging and when I open the lipstick, I feel as if the whole thing is going to unravel in my hands.  It can also be used as a rattle, even when I just pick it up, I can hear things moving inside. For such a high price, they should have at least provided a decent packaging.

It is a perfect n*de shade for me, but it is not a shade that every skin tone can carry off.  It will suit fair to medium skin tones very well, but it will wash out dusky skinned beauties. I prep my face very well, hiding all the blemishes to make this shade perfect for my face. Overall, I am not very happy with this lipstick.

Swatches are shown below:

Pros of Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick #771:

  • Super pigmented.
  • Super creamy in texture.
  • Gives a cooling sensation to your lips.
  • Opaque coverage.
  • Hydrates and moisturizes.
  • Does not feather and bleed.
  • Contains SPF.
  • Gives an even finish.
  • Not tested on animals.

Cons of Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick #771:

  • Average staying power.
  • Settles into fine lines.
  • Transfers everywhere.
  • Very expensive.
  • False claims such as plumping effect.
  • Flimsy and weak packing.

IMBB Rating:

3/5, I would not recommend this shade because there are a lot of n*des available at a cheaper price with much more fine qualities.

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  1. nice review jotsna *clap* this won’t suit me. there are similar shades in lakme enrich satin range which are quite moisturizing. but their staying power is an issue

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