Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks: 748,746,747 & 744

Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks: 748,746,747 & 744

Chambor presents Rouge Plump+, the secret to sensuously full lips. A lipstick isn’t just a lipstick anymore. With Chambor, it becomes your beauty secret that helps you get the desired result in plumpness, moisture, colour and a lot more. The new Rouge Plump+ amplifies lips by 25%* giving you sensuously full lips. This has been dermatologist tested and clinically proven.

Chambor Rouge Plump + Lipsticks (2)

Price: INR 745 each.

So I an reviewing 4 more beauties from the RP+ range, lipsticks that are butter, and once you go to the counter, you wont be able to pick one, all 24 shades are good, since they are all creamy and pigmented. I am bowled over but the packaging and the amount of the lipstick you get and the fragile nature of the lipstick sometimes gets me thinking .

Chambor Rouge Plump + Lipsticks (1)

So today we have 2 pinks, like really unqiue pink, one is an orchid pink and another is a hot pink, the other two one is a soft nude pink and the last is a mauvy pink, so rejoice pink lovers.

l to r: 748, 746, 747, 744

Chambor rouge plump + lipsticks 748 746 747 744 (3)

l to r: 748, 746, 747, 744

In transit, the caps came off and a lot of the buttery lipsticks got damaged unfortunately.But I was sad because they are so creamy and you get a little slim lipstick there and if some of it is gone, hardly anything would be left, I have dropped them a 1000 times and the base with the label comes off and the lid breaks and what not, basically you can even hear them rattle since they are so plastic-y 🙁

Chambor rouge plump + lipsticks 748 746 747 744 (1)

Shade 748: This one is for you Sabrina 😀  This is the prettiest hot pink in my collection and it is pure cream, really pigmented and really coats the lips beautifully, no shimmer or frost, just perfect, you can use this with a lip brush since this is insanely pigmented and things could go out of control.This one does not stain and lasts for 3 plus hours but it might bleed since it so luscious, great for fair skin and dry lips.

chambor rouge plump + lipstick 748


  Shade 746: This is a nice soft glazy nude pink, very creamy and can be built up, ideal for college and office and day wear, this too has little glossy finish to it but nothing over the top. Highly recommend this to light lipstick shade lovers.It wears for same two to three hours and wont bleed, since it is lighter in texture than the above. Smooth and creamy for sure.

chambor rouge plump + lipstick 746



Shade 747; This is probably the most unique lipstick in my collection, it is really bright, only some skin tones can carry it.This is an orchid shade with strong blue undertones, very very pretty but I wear on it clear skin  days only, a very creamy luscious pigmented shade, if you can carry such blue based shade, this is a must-have!

chambor rouge plump + 747



  Shade 744:

This is a mauvy pink and I think this will really suit dusky skin tones, very pretty sophisticated in person and has a creamy glossy finish and is very pigmented as well, use really less or it might bleed but love this color too, hard to choose one color from this range and say this is my favorite,all are so creamy luscious  and pigmented that I am lucky I have all 😛

chambor rouge plump + lipstick 744

Features I love the most about Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks:

  • Gives sensous full lips
  • Minty tingle for a few seconds
  • Vast shades range
  • To die for shades.
  • Creamy
  • Pigmented
  • Softery
  • No shimmer
  • Cover the lips in one swipe
  • Fade beautifully
  • Do not stain
  • All the above are not sheer.


Some major cons about Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks:

  • Very fragile and delicate
  • Very bad flimsy packaging
  • Transfer everywhere
  • Average staying power
  • No names
  • Expensive
  • Might bleed

chambor rouge plump lipstick swatches 748 746 747 744


IMBB Rating:

4.7/5 Recommend we all try some of these, but then hard to pick just one 😛

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29 thoughts on “Chambor Rouge Plump+ Lipsticks: 748,746,747 & 744

  1. i am more into nude n daily wear colors….so really liked the 746 shade….
    n sooo creamy texture…!!! *woot* *shock* *shock*

  2. # 747 looks like maybelline color sensation lip gloss in Electric shock. I bought it after a review on IMBB and liked it so much. looking for a lipstick in the same color. U think this is close ???

  3. I like 746 … 🙂
    IMBB has spoiled me. I did a crazy cosmetic shopping which I would not have done if I had not come across this site *devil* 😛

  4. wooooow i loved this post *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* all pinksssssss *happy dance* *happy dance* i seriously cannot pick one… *pompom* *hifive*

  5. have 747.. its one of the nicest n the prettiest pink in my collection… bt well the only down side is tht it goes away vry fast… n i dont really like reapplying again n again 🙁

  6. You are right neha its really difficult to pick on…all of them look so pretty *happydance* *happydance* i really want all *woot*

  7. OMG OMG, 748….and 747…you just sent me to heaven, Neha, thanks for mentioning me, this whole post is totally my choice, now I just can’t wait to check these out, wonder how on earth I have not checked these lippies as yet. Cant stop looking and scrolling up and down, my kid is awake studying and he;s grinning !! Totally a pink lover’s paradise, this post. *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* *happy dance* *happy dance*

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