How To Change From Office To Party Makeup in a Few Minutes

How To Change From Office To Party Makeup in a Few Minutes

Hello Pretty Ones,

Today, I will be doing a post on another makeup related problem frequently faced by today’s working women.  I have known many working ladies complaining that they had to attend a party straight after office and sadly did not have enough time or a proper place to get dressed for the same. The result? They ended up not looking quite their best. We have come across many elaborate tips in many magazines on how to change into a glam girl right after office, but unfortunately, you can try out those tips only if you carry your entire dressing table with you to the office. Let’s face it, not all of us have the privilege of working in an A-class office which has powder rooms for ladies. I have tried to solve that problem here. Let’s get on with the post quickly. When you have a party to attend in the evening after office, pay some attention to your make up in the morning when you leave home. Normally, most of us apply moisturizer and sunscreen, dab some compact powder, apply a thick layer of kohl followed by our favorite lipstick and we are done. This is NOT what you are supposed to do if there’s a party knocking at your door. The kohl, at the end of the day, will give your raccoon eyes and spoil your entire look. To avoid that, we will do an eye makeup look today which will highlight your eyes for the day and at the same time will make your eyes remain fresh till the end of the day.

Step 1:

How To Change From Office To Party Makeup in a Few Minutes

Properly moisturize your face and pay attention to the area around the eyes.

Step 2:

If you are in a hurry, dab some compact powder all over your face and groom your eyebrows nicely. Those with naturally thick eyebrows should apply a coat of clear mascara over them and those who have sparse eyebrows like me can fill them up with a brown eye shadow. Neat eyebrows are half the work done as they can take the freshness of your face to heights.

Step 3:

Highlight your eyebrow bone with a pastel eye shadow which is a shade lighter than your skin tone but that which blends seamlessly into your skin. It should be preferably matte or very slightly shimmery.

Step 4:

Use a matte eye shadow in a shade darker than your natural eyelid color and swipe it all across the upper eyelid. We want to keep it as soft as possible and so no dark eye shadow is allowed for this look.

Step 5:

Now, take a light pink (choose a pink which suits your complexion. Baby pink will not suit everyone. I have myself used a mauve-toned pink) and apply it on the crease and make a “C” in the outer corner of the eye. Remember; do not create a “v” here as that will give a stark look.

Office Makeup 1

Step 6:

Using a matte brown eye shadow on a fluffy brush, blend out the harsh lines on the crease. This step will give the desired depth to your eyes.

Step 7:

Now, take a thin eyeliner brush and draw a thin line on your upper lash line with a soft black eye shadow. We won’t be using liquid black eyeliner for the day to avoid the crisp look.

Step 8:

Then, take a matte brown eye pencil and line your lower lash line.  Do not wear kohl but add a single coat of mascara.

Office Makeup 2

Step 9:

Wear a nice brown or nude shade on your lips. I have used Streetwear color rich lipstick in creamy brown. Neatly part your hair and tie a bun or a simple ponytail. This is how I look with all these steps.


You can see that all my features are subtly defined without going over the top.  I haven’t worn blush as at the end of the day my skin may look blotchy.

Now, before rushing to office, throw in a blue eye pencil, a green eye pencil, a highlighter, a bright colored lipstick (NO red! You will get to know why later), Kajal and mascara, compact, a stylish scarf, fancy earrings and comb into your bag.

In the evening, after the office ends:

Step 1:

Dab the compact all over your face again.

Step 2:

Take the green eye pencil and draw a thick line over the black eye shadow line which has almost faded by now.

Step 3:

Use the highlighter (preferably a golden one) to highlight your brow bone. Add some to your cheekbones as well. Blend very nicely.

Step 4:

Draw a line with the blue eye pencil on your lower lash line.

Step 5:

Wear the kohl now and add a coat of mascara if you wish to.

Office Makeup 3

Office Makeup 4

Step 6:

Wear any lipstick which brightens up your face. But avoid reds as red lipstick is not something to be worn in a hurry. All your flaws or blemishes will get accentuated if you wear red lipstick without first priming your face with a concealor. Since we don’t have that much time or space in office, we shall skip red. I used Elle 18’s Color pop lipstick in #26 Hot Pink and dabbed some Streetwear’s Creamy brown on top to tone it down a bit.

Step 7:

Let your hair loose, wear a stylish scarf, earrings and smile at the diva in your mirror! This part takes just 6 to 7 minutes maximum.

This is how I look 🙂

Aparajita S

Was I able to help? Waiting eagerly for your comments 🙂

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75 thoughts on “How To Change From Office To Party Makeup in a Few Minutes

  1. Great article aparajita!!

    I have a query!! since i have combination skin, even though my office is an AC environment, my face tends to be more oily.. i need to clean my face before doing further step..
    Would you suggest any idea for this..

      1. carry a pack of wet cleansing tissues and some dry ones shami. these are easily available in the market. try kaya skin wipes 🙂 they have ones with moisturizers too

  2. Very very informative, useful and guiding. Espacially with all step wise pictures, it makes really easy to follow.
    Thanks alot . u r saving thousands of office goers

  3. apa this was really useful! Thank you so much for this post and your both looks rock to the T! sometime leaving the lower lash blank gives a fresh look na! i also try that for office! looks like someone is making a great use of their holidays and we are benefitting frmo it too! way to go girl!

  4. God! I wish I could have flawless skin like urs… And the party eye makeup is just gorgeous.
    I have a doubt.should the colour of the eyeliner match the color of our dress.
    My friends tell me that it looks awkward if it doesn’t.I have no idea 🙁

    1. thanks ashwitha 😀 not necessarily… if you are wearing light colored clothes or completely black, u can go for various colors eyeliners 🙂

  5. Aprajita simply soopr gorgeous and helpful article for working women lk us……which are these crayons u use seems so easy in use :)……where can get thm…

    1. thanks rajni 🙂 these crayons are locally available here. the name’s camieo. m nt sure if they are available elsewhere 🙁 sorrry

    1. thanks rati! 😀 <3 i wanted to keep the day look subtle so that the evening look becomes more prominent 🙂 glad everyone liked it so much 🙂

  6. Hey Aparajita.. such lovely looks…and look at your eyes gurl.. you have a killer pair.. 🙂 so nicely you have changed the day look into night.. very pretty and u are so loved it 🙂

  7. who are you and what u did to aparajita didi….? really nice ideas these days didi….always i see for your posts…keep coming pls………

  8. amazing!!! bookmarking this page… will help me in future when i finish my studies and start working…. u look soo pretty and lovely aparijita!!!

  9. aparajita ultimate look…..bookmarked in my mind….its helplful for anyone…..and for me its a blessing. I’m a helping hand in my hubby’s business so we go out for trips together….many times Paahad tut padta hai when after a looooong afternoon meeting i need to change from formals to the saaree for dinner in very short time (really very short else patidev start showing his short temper :P) and makeup k liye i start thinking “ise hatau ya aur lagau ” 😉 😛 and after this whole ramayan i feel like crying when my husband says “aap hamesha jitne ache ni lge aaj..”(only sometimes).
    now no panga at all…..thanks thanks thanks :-* :-*.
    merging makeup from day to night in few mins is soooo easy now…. 🙂 😀

  10. Aww.. u took my heart away… brilliant concept and gorgeous way of transformation!! U rockeddddd gal… 🙂 I hope I”ll try them soon..
    Love ur posts dear..

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