How To Wear Red Lipstick – Photo Makeup Tutorial

How to do a Classic Red Pout

Hello all you lovely gals!!!

A red pout is as classic and elegant as a Little Black Dress. Remember Marilyn Monroe, or closer to home… Rekha??

Marilyn Munroe
Marilyn Munroe

A Classic red pout is unarguably the most coveted and desirable look. It has always been and will always be in.
It can be combined with Indian and Western outfits alike. But it is an out and out formal look. I am gonna try and create a similar look here. Let’s go step by step.

Here’s the makeup and makeup tools that you’ll need:

What is the one most important thing required for the Classic red look? Red lipstick??

NO!!! It’s a concealer. A flawless, even and preferably matte complexion is very vital for the red look. Then come your rest of the things.

Here’s my makeup and makeup tools that I am using-

Makeup Tools

  • Face: Maxfactor’s Pan Stick in Bisque Ivory, Maybelline’s Whitestay UV compact in Fawn
  • Cheeks: Colorbar’s Just Earth Blush
  • Lips: Lakme Bridal Sutra Glide On Lipcolour in Bronze Glitter (lip liner), Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Rum Raisin
  • Eyes: Maybelline Shadow Stylist in Casual Brown, Colorbar Duo mascara, Lakmé Eye Artist pen.
  • Makeup Tools: Foundation sponge, Lip liner Brush, lip filler Brush, Powder Brush, Blusher Brush, Eyebrow Filler, Eyeshadow Brush
  • And tones and tones of ATTITUDE!!!!

Step 1: Create a flawless base.

  • Use Pan cake, Stick foundations, concealers… Anything!!! But the face should be flawless. Check out the above photos.
  • Apply a coat of concealer on and around your lips as well.
  • The makeup can be heavy. But no uneven skin tone and no natural look!! This is unabashed makeup at its best.
  • I prefer a matte look but as you can see above- Rekha’s makeup is quite dewy but heavy nonetheless!!
  • Here’s my base makeup- (I think I look scary!!!)

Sexy Red Pout

Step 2: Start painting the pout.

  • It is very important to use a nice sharp matte lip liner in a colour closest to your lipstick.

Lakme Glide on Lip Pencil

  • Outline your lips and fill them in with the liner. I have thin and slightly lopsided lips. So I outline my lips on the outer side of my natural lip line to cover it.

Red Lipstick

  • Don’t mind the concealer patches in the corners of my mouth. I blend them at the end. This helps me see the line clearly in the corners.
  • Now take a lip filler brush and carefully colour your lips starting from the centre and going outwards. Take care to stay within the lip liner.
  • The lipstick I am using here is not the typical Classical Red… I have that one too, but I look like a vampire ready to strike in it. This is the reddest I can go without looking awkward. Do spend time to find that one prefect shade of red that will light up your face. If the red you have is not suiting you, don’t wear it. Take your own time.
  • This shade looks pretty red on me, but on someone with fairer complexion, it will look coppery brown. So don’t choose your red lipstick by the routine hand swatch. Look for an outfit of yours that is in reddish hue. Wear it when you are going shopping. Match the lipstick with the colour and feel of the fabric.
  • I look hideous in a tomato red or a blood red. But coppers, golds and all sorts of metallic colours look fabulous on me. (Check out my funky Leopard print kurti in the pic!!!) So I chose a coppery red with satin finish.
  • If you look good in a blood red chiffon sari/kurti or a tomato red T-shirt, you should go for that colour, probably in matte finish. This is just a rough guideline to shortlist your products.
  • The best thing would be to ask the SA to apply the lipstick on your lips with a lip brush. (Carry a lip brush with you!!!) The true colour will always be evident on the lips only.
Red Lipstick
Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsick and a lip brush

Red Lipstick

  • Take a tissue. Fold it in half and keep it in your mouth. Press your lips on it.
  • Now take a powder brush or puff and dab some loose powder onto your lips.

Red Lipstick

  • Apply a second coat of the red lipstick. This will help set in the colour and make it last longer.

Red Lipstick

  • It also prevents bleeding and feathering of the red colour.

Step 3: Eyes

  • Give a wash of a nude eye shadow on the entire eyelid. Highlight the brow bone with a lighter shade.
  • Define the eyebrows. Well groomed and filled eyebrows give clarity to this look.
  • I am drawing a very fine line with the Lakmé Eye artist pen on my upper lash line. If you are clumsy with liners you can completely skip this step. We do not want a thick or sloppy line.
  • Apply 2-3 coats of mascara on upper and lower lashes. You can use false eyelashes for added drama.

Red Lipstick

Step 4: Cheeks

  • We need to just give a hint of colour on the cheeks. I am applying just one swipe of the Colorbar “Just Earth” blush. If you have a very round face, you can sculpt your cheeks with some bronzer.

Red Lipstick

That’s it… We are done baby… You can rock this look anytime… It looks good at daytime and nighttime both. But I do it only for formal occasions. It tends to look OTT otherwise.

Here’s the finished look…

Red Lipstick

Hope y’all like it…. 🙂

There is a red for everyone. Have you found your red yet?

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39 thoughts on “How To Wear Red Lipstick – Photo Makeup Tutorial

    1. The red from Lotus is slightly orangey…. 🙁 I love this Viva glam.. But again too bright and light for my complexion… I can carry a maroon matte but no red mattes for me…. 😛

      we want to see you wearing that red…. :beauty:

  1. You look cute cute Mrunmayee and with a good set of pearlies, the color looks good on you, but personally, I would never go for a red pout. Celebrity wise, I love Aishwarya’s red lips in the Loreal ad……. :yes:

    1. The classic blood red suits very fair complexions well… Hence you see it on most Hollywood gals too… But for the Indian complexion the colour needs to be tweaked a bit…

      And Jomol, the point of doing this tute was to show that ANYBODY can do this… Now if I can do it, then anybody can… We just need to find out the perfect shade… :heh: :heh:

    1. Thanks Wanderlust…. That kurti took me quite a bit of time to get used to… So did this colour… So I teamed them together to let go of my inhibitions…….. :rotfl:

    1. Red never looked good on me Smitha… I told you I looked like a vampire who had just had her fill of blood….. But it is only a matter of finding the right shade…. :laugh:

    1. Thank you Ki… :blush: :blush:

      Pls try it honey.. Once you find the perfect red, you would wanna do it over and over again..

      Would love to do Maybelline compact review….

  2. Wow I love the finished look, so pretty!
    But it sounds like a lot of work to me!
    I don’t have all those tools but I want to
    try this out, I’ll see what I can do with
    what I have at home! Your photo tutorial
    is very clear and easy to follow I think,
    well done!
    .-= sunaina´s last blog ..Pretty pink vanilla cupcakes =-.

  3. hehe .. few days back I also tried to pull of the red lipstick with soft smokey eye .. dunno if it even suits me remotely !
    But I like this lip color , and M , Yu really pulled it off quite well and even I folow the same technique of blotting and powdering and then applying the second coat of lipstick method .. really brings out the color !
    will post the pic soon and You be the judge 😀

        1. Palak,

          You look totally rocking!!!! You dont need to wait till 23 to wear this look outside, you are already ready!!

          For some strange reason I wasnt able to comment on ur blog

  4. You rock M.. what transformation.. !!
    i like the way you do your makeup..!!!

    Have tried the red pout just once that too on Bfs insistence.. did it becuase i knew we wont be stepping out of the car.. will try the red once i will go out.. maybe..

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