Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum Review

Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum Review

By Aheli S.

Hey girls!!

I came across “Wish” as I was surfing through various Chopard perfumes online.  Here I am reviewing it for all of you.

Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum

Product Details:

“Like a diamond, Wish encompasses a thousand facets. Heightened by sparkling acacia flower, glowing Chinese gooseberry and pearly pink honeysuckle, Wish’s floral notes of osmanthus, patchouli and black violet express the harmony of a dream come true. Further enriched by Living Temple Incense, amber and sandalwood, Wish captures previously uncombined elements for the first woody floriental.” (from the official Chopard website).


Rs. 4000 approximately.

Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum


Top note: Sparkling freshness, pear, blackcurrant, living chinese goose berry and japanese yuzu.
Heart note: floral bouquet, living patchouli flower, magnolia, jasmine, living osmanthus flower.
Base note: voluptuous sensuality, living temple incense, amber, vanilla bean, toffee, tonka bean.

Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum

My Experience with Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum:

I purchased it online without trying out the fragrance or its longevity. The packaging is enthralling enough (diamond-shaped bottle and blue perfume liquid :-p). However, let me tell all of you out there, the fragrance just warms and captures your heart from that first whiff you take of it. I am in love with it *sighs* *smile*. It has a certain amount of mystery to it, a paradox, where it gives your olfactory nerves a feeling of dewy morning freshness as well as an embodying dark night sensuality. I mean, that’s excellent. Everyone loves feeling fresh and sensual, right? Not to mention, it has amazing sillage that will have most around you feel the same about you, bonus!!

Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum

Coming to one of the most frequently asked questions, “how long does this perfume last?” Answer – it has a super longevity of 6 to 7 hours, easily on me at least.  Also, be careful about spritzing the right amount. Spritz once on one of your wrists and dab on the other, one on your neck or behind the ears and one in the air and walk through mist to wear it evenly on your clothes, and that’s it. Anymore and you’ll be walking cloudy brain. The fragrance stays on my clothes for a good two-three days. Every time I open my closet in the next 2 to 3 days period of me spritzing the perfume, I can smell it, in fact, I can smell it strongly 😛 Wondering when to wear it? I suggest “night time.”

Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum

Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum

The atomizer on Wish is one of the best – like on a Dior or a YSL perfume. It is smooth and even to spray, gives you just the right amount and is probably another reason behind Wish’s big sillage and longevity. However, the cap is tricky and do not try to hold on to it by the cap as holding on to an earring (as in the picture, I held it over my bed with my other hand underneath to get a grip of it, lest it should fall). You will probably, and my intuition says that it’s a very high probability, end up with your beautiful bottle laying in shattered pieces on the floor and your precious liquid all lost.

Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum

Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum

Pros of Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum:

  • Amazing packaging.
  • Unusual yet heart-warming fragrance that’s fresh and sensual.
  • Outstanding sillage.
  • Superb longevity.

Cons of Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum:

  • Can make you feel sick and foggy if you apply it too much.
  • Tricky cap.

That is all the con that I could find in this fragrance.

IMBB Rating:

I would rate it a close 4.9 out of 5.

Would I Repurchase Chopard Wish Eau De Parfum?

I would certainly repurchase Wish if, and when, I run out of it (I have the 75 ml bottle and as I have said, three spritz is all you need, I still have about the whole of it even after spritzing it a number of times.) You should go get it too. Go, get one 😛

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