Faces Canada Ultra Lip Plump Wish Review, Swatches


Try it, and you will believe it. This high-performance lip-plumping formula stimulates collagen and elastin production while keeping lips soft. Lips are enhanced with soothing, pure ingredients such as ginger root, long-lasting emollients, and natural moisturizers – ingredients that provide superior antioxidant protection and instant hydration. Lip contour, size, and colour are intensified while fine lines are smoothed out. Paraben-free.


Note: a slight tingling sensation is perfectly normal
Price : Rs. 649 ( their website says 499 😐 )


I tried this gloss at the store in Amanora here, then later on I picked it online. I have never tried plumping lip glosses. So this is something I was very excited to try out. I never wear sheer glosses. I like to use them on top of lipstick. This color seemed very versatile and I love it a lot.

This color is a peachy beige,just perfect. It can be worn during the day,it can be worn on top of lipstick.It can be worn as a nude gloss. The color look opaque but it is on the sheer side when you apply. The brown in it does not show up much. This has some fine silver shimmer too but overall it is a beautiful shade. I love to keep such shades to use on top of lipsticks.


The packaging is simple.The case it comes in does not look so good. Also I am not so happy about the pricing too.649 has been kept for the plumping factor I suppose. let us see how it works.

The plumping is owing to the menthol in it, it smells super minty, will remind you of zandu balm. the brush is super slim, it is not a doe foot on, it has thin bristles. YOu can apply it specifically and shape the lips. I like the brush as I can use it to place the gloss on the centre of the lips over lipsticks. The doe foot applicators get dirty with the lipstick other.


The gloss starts working in 15 seconds and then tingles for the next three minutes! It peaks at one point and many would find it uncomfortable too. I am ok but mentally I felt like I have applied zandu balm on the lips 😛 I did not expect the tingling sensation to last for few minutes but it did. I could see a visible plumping so that is very impressive but I am sure the menthiol works towards it.




The plumped lips look lasted for 20-30 minutes. After which the gloss looked very normal, regular. The color stayed for an hour. For the next few hours it looked like a lip balm and the silver shimmer were visible,so nothing impressive in terms of staying power.

My big question is though it works and plumps lips, for 2o minutes orso, how should I judge it. I simply cannot keep on applying this tingling lip gloss throughout the day. Surely it does deliver what it claims and I love the color too. Anyway I do think I will try other shades while I am in this gloss phase.

Immediately after application:



after two minutes:


It has a very glossy wet lip look otherwise. the finish can bleed in an hour and lips could look messy without a lip pencil or stick.this happens to all glosses. Thin lips, do try it if you are okay with the tingle. It did not cause any lip sensitivity so far, I have used a lot of times directly on the lips too.


IMBB rating:

3.9/5 Try it if you would like to see plumped lips for 20 minutes or so.


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  1. When I went to the Faces counter the other day to buy the sand lip liner, the SA showed me this new gloss and told me that the result lasts for 5hrs at a stretch! *spank* thank God i didn’t buy *smug*

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