How to Clear Daily Pollutants from your Face

It is a well-known fact that we are living in an age of increasing pollution and especially if you are from an urban area – you know all too well the plights of pollution, particularly air pollution. And we do not need to say how bad it is for your skin to allow the collection of such filth. It is not only detrimental to your skin’s health, but the gradual buildup of pollutants on your face can lead to serious physiological consequences. So, in order for you to stay healthy and to have a flawless, radiant skin – it is essential that you clear your face of the daily pollutants that you are exposed to and consequently that settle on your face. So, today we shall spare a few words regarding how to clear daily pollutants from your face so that your skin can breathe properly.

How to Clear Daily Pollutants from your Face

1. Skin Cleansing: We must first start with a proper skin cleansing regime. This is step one, so what we need to do at this stage is to wash our face thoroughly, with cold water, and then dab our face dry softly with a towel. Do take care not to use hot water to cleanse your face as it deprives your skin of the necessary moisture. Then you use a piece of cotton and put some cleansing milk on it to dab your skin off the residual pollutants and also to unclog your skin pores.

2. Steam your Skin: This is a very productive and useful stage. This process works wonderfully, especially if your skin is oily with clogged pores. All you need to do is steam your skin by allowing water vapors to steam your skin. Do this for not more than five minutes. Then, use a bit of facial tissue paper to gently wipe your face clean. This really opens up your facial pores. You finish this stage off with rubbing a few cubes of ice on your skin to tighten your skin pores and bring it back to normalcy.

3. Scrub your Skin: The next step is to scrub your skin. Scrubbing is an essential aspect of skincare routine. It allows us to get rid of dead skin cells on our skin as well as all the dirt, pollutants, oils and what not that get accumulated on the skin daily. Use a gentle scrub to scrub your skin, at least twice a week for best results. Gently exfoliate your skin with the scrub especially if you have oily skin that is prone to collect dirt and pollutants. Scrub your face for 4-5 minutes and then rest your face for another 3 minutes before you wash your face.

4. Put a face pack on your skin: This naturally follows the steaming and scrubbing of your face. At this stage, you are required to put a face pack that your rejuvenate/revitalize your skin. A moisturizing and nourishing face pack is a must to achieve glowing, radiant and healthy skin. And depending on the type of your skin, you can either go for a ‘multani mitti’ face pack or a rosewater and sandalwood face pack. You can also choose to make your own fruit pack – banana or papaya or even tomatoes. You can also go for cosmetic face packs offered by a number of brands that are readily available in the market.

5. Tone your Skin: This step comes after you have applied the face pack and are done with all the aforementioned stages/steps as well. You can choose between pure rose water or cucumber juice for your homemade choice of skin toner for you to restore your skin’s natural pH balance. You can also choose a branded cosmetic variety – there are plenty to choose from out there in the market.

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6. Moisturize your Skin: Now although some may think that they got to moisturize their skin at the face pack stage of the whole procedure and allege that this is an unnecessary addition to the list – we would argue that the two types of moisturisation at two different and distinct steps are not the same. You can choose between using alcohol free mild cleansers to lotions containing benzoyl peroxide (that are particularly helpful in cases of acne prone skin varieties).

It is advisable for one to follow through with this regime at least once a week to maintain good skin health and stay radiant and refreshed. Well dear readers, we really hope that you found this article helpful. As always we would love to hear your opinions. So, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Stay Pretty and Healthy…


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