Coastal Scents Hot Pots – Tuscany and Pumpkin Pie

Coastal Scents Hot Pots – Tuscany and Pumpkin Pie

Hi everyone,
Today I am sharing two pretty matte shades from my coastal scents eye shadow hot pots collection. I used these eyeshadows in my neutral big eyes tutorial, so thought will tell you all how much I love them. I spoke about the coastal scents hot pots for their good quality and amazing price in my previous posts already. There are about 378 hot pots in total, providing us with a lot of colour choices and I always get confused choosing them. Read on to know more about individual hot pots.

Coastal Scents Hot Pots - Tuscany and Pumpkin Pie


$1.99 for each hot pot


The coastal scents hot pots are in 1 inch size diameter, approximately the size of one rupee coin. The hot pots are compact and will snugly fit into their empty refill palettes. One can also make a magnetic palette on your own and store these hot pots safely. The name coastal scents along with the respective shade names are printed at the back of the hot pots for reference.


It is a beautiful soft peach colour with hint of brown in it. The shade gives completely matte finish. The colour is beautiful and it goes well with my dusky complexion giving the right warmness to my eye lids. It looks pretty. This shade will look good on all skin tones. I use this shade a lot, as it is an everyday kind of a shade.

Coastal Scents Hot Pots - Tuscany and Pumpkin Pie1
Texture and pigmentation

Tuscany has a smooth texture and blends well without any difficulty. The eyeshadow is not chalky in texture. The shade is very well pigmented, with two swipes of eyeshadow I can build up full colour pay off. I was so surprised there is no fall out of eyeshadow. I absolutely loved the quality of Tuscany.

Staying power
The eyeshadow stayed on me for around four hours and later it started fading its intensity slowly. A good primer underneath can increase the wear of the eyeshadow more.

I used these eyeshadows in my Neutral big eyes tutorial. Here I have used Pumpkin pie all over the lid and Tuscany in my eye socket to build a transition of colours before applying a matte brown colour to define the crease further better.

Coastal Scents Hot Pots - Tuscany and Pumpkin Pie3
Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie is a pretty nude shade for me. It is a true pumpkin flesh toned warm beige colour, perfectly named as Pumpkin pie. It perfectly matches my skin tone (NC 42- 43 in mac) and gives a very natural look. I love to conceal my eyes with a concealer and then give a wash of pumpkin pie and complete the look with a soft smudged kohl eye liner, it will work perfect for me. The shade has a matte finish. This shade will work pretty well with all skin tones.

Texture and pigmentation

Pumpkin pie has the same texture like Tuscany but it is softer than Tuscany. It is super smooth in texture and blends well. The shade is good in pigmentation, I need about two swipes of eyeshadow to build up full colour pay off. There is little bit of fall out of eye shadow.

Staying power
The eyeshadow stayed on me for about good four hours.

winged eyeliner

IMBB rating:

Tuscany – 4/5
Pumpkin pie– 4/5

Repurchase and recommendation

Yes, I would be trying out other different shades and I totally recommend you to try these for the affordable price and quality and also if you are not much bothered about the shipping charges.

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  1. Awesome shades and the eye make-up is totally admirable *woot* *woot* *woot* loved the way you have picked shades for the look *hifive* *hifive*

  2. amazing…! m still learning the art of make-up… and have a huge collection of makeup now, learning from each one of U…. *thankyou*

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