Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette Review

Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette Review

Hello Again Beautiful Ladies,

Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette Review

I have another amazing Coastal Scents product to share with you all today. By that, I mean, I am sharing just the review not the product. 😀 The review is long for sure, but there was a lot to share about this product! I admire your patience if you can indeed manage to read through it all!

This has been my first experience with the CS Hot Pots and I truly love their superb quality. It makes me want to purchase the entire Hot Pot collection on their website! This particular “Think Pink” Palette has been so aptly named! All you can think is “Pink” when you open this palette, every time. When it comes to eye makeup, pink is my absolute favourite color. There are always a set of pinks that would suit any skin tone. A subtle hint of pink looks good for office wear.  Brighter pinks I reach for when out for a movie or just hanging out.  I just love shimmery pinks for party looks and you can club pink with silver or white or a black to intensify or tone down the look. It is a universally versatile color and this palette lets me create all kinds of looks. When I first placed the order for it, I thought it would mostly be good for non-work days or just party looks, but I have been using this uniquely-themed palette for even subtle looks. Let us scrutinise this palette in much more detail.

With flash


Without flash


Product Description:

The color that dominated your dollhouse can now become a staple in your makeup collection with our Think Pink Palette. Containing twelve highly pigmented shades ranging from pastel pink, deep rose, to matte black. This palette allows you to create endless girly or sultry pink looks. The shades included are a combination of matte and shimmery finish and can be applied dry or wet for a deeper, longer lasting effect. The eye shadow pots are held magnetically in the matte black palette imprinted with the Coastal Scents logo and palette name. Each Hot Pot can also be purchased individually, please view diagram below.

12 Eye Shadow Colors – Hot Pots:

Each 1-inch metal pan that contains a highly pigmented eye shadow for multiple applications. Each Coastal Scents Hot Pot™ fits snugly into our Go Pod, 4 Piece, 12 Piece, and 28 Piece Empty Magnetic Palettes. These custom palettes contain magnets in soft foam padding which attract the metal pan of the Hot Pot™. This allows you to completely customize your palette to create any look by simply adding interchangeable Hot Pots™ from our vast collection of shades, hues, and finishes.


Talc, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Mineral Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Methylparaben. May Contain : Mica and Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Violet, Chromium Oxide Green, FD&C Red No.40 Al Lake, FD&C Yellow No.5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue No.1 Al Lake.

CS TPP 004


Palette : 5.75″ x 4.28″ x 0.5″ (14.6cm x 10.9cm x 1.3cm)
Mirror : 5.44″ x 4″ (13.8cm x 10.2cm)
Eye Shadow Pot Diameter : 1″ (2.5cm)
Net Weight
15.6g / 0.48oz


$ 12.95 (~ Rs. 712.25).


  • 12 Eye Shadow Colors.
  • 1 Black Matte Case.
  • 1 Functional Mirror.


It comes in a sleek, black, sturdy case with a full size mirror; which is typically associated with Coastal Scents products. I love their cases and this one is even magnetic. Even with space for 12 colors, it is still compact enough to fit into most of my bags.


In the following image, the colors were picked up very generously.


Here, I applied them very sparsely.


The best part about this palette is that each of these can also be individually bought; each Hot Pot has its unique name mentioned on the flip side.


Description of each Hot Pot:

Hot Pot # S031 Baby Pink:


A soft, pastel pink hue with a sheer, matte finish.
Finish : Matte
Application : Semi-Sheer
Previous Name : S31
My views: Lovely soft color that I usually love to sweep all over my eye, it is the lightest of pink colors that I own.

Hot Pot # B001 Rosy Pink:


A soft, mauve shade with a matte finish.

Finish : Matte
Application : Opaque
Previous Name : B01
My views: Similar but deeper than the previous color, it looks very well on my skin tone when swept all over the lid.

Hot Pot # M008 Cinnabar Rose:


A ripe, berry maroon hue with a matte finish.

Finish : Matte
Application : Semi-Opaque
Previous Name : M08.

My views: The darkest pink color in the palette, looks too dramatic when swept all over the lid. I did that once and then used the black in the crease and faded it out with the silver to create a very intense pink smokey look. But I usually wear this color in the crease, after sweeping either of first two pinks over the lid.

Hot Pot # B002 Magenta Pink:


A deep, vivid pink hue that delivers a matte finish.

Finish : Matte
Application : Semi-Opaque
Previous Name : B02
My views: A lovely shade to wear in the outer corner or on the lower lash line. It is a dark shade but not intensely dark as the previous one.

Hot Pot # ME014 Light Pink:


A soft sweep of pink with a high shimmer finish.

Finish : Metallic Shimmerr
Application : Semi-Sheer
Previous Name : ME14
My views: This is the lightest pink with shimmer in this palette, looks lovely on the inner corners when creating a true pink look.

Hot Pot # ME020 Mauve Frost:


An icy pink hue with a ultra shimmer finish.

Finish : Metallic Shimmer
Application : Opaque
Previous Name : ME20.

My views: One of my absolute favourites in this palette, it is a very unique color. In its description online it says “icy pink hue”, that is the perfect way to put it. It is truly “icy”, this one color even on its own looks very pretty on the lids. It is perhaps the only shimmer color here that I;m comfortable wearing it on its own with just some black liner.

Hot Pot # ME019 Pink Frost:


An icy, pastel pink hue with a metallic shimmer finish.

Finish : Metallic Shimmerr
Application : Opaque
Previous Name : ME19
My views: This color looks very dull on its own, I always end up pairing it with a darker matte color to “liven” it up.

Hot Pot # ME012 Coral Rose:


An iridescent coral-pink hue with a metallic shimmer finish.

Finish : Metallic Shimmer
Application : Semi-Opaque
Previous Name : ME12
My views: A very, very bright Barbie-esque shimmery pink but it is very sheer, so that works in its favour as it doesn’t look garish on the eye. I like this color for party looks.

Hot Pot # ME007 White Silver:


A shimmering white hue with silver sparks.

Finish : Metallic Shimmer
Application : Sheer
Previous Name : ME07
My views: This one is truly a lovely shade to own! It is a very shimmery, bright, silvery white. I love this on the inner corners with most of my heavy party looks, no matter which palette or color I’m using. It also works well on the brow bone for those heavy Arabic-inspired eye looks, which I wear a lot! 😀

Hot Pot # ME004 Light Plum:


A warm mauve hue that delivers a shimmer finish.

Finish : Metallic Shimmer
Application : Opaque
Previous Name : ME04
My views: If I had not read the website description I would’ve called this color a pinky-taupe. I don’t get mauve from it at all. It is a proper taupe color with a pink tinge. It gives a great break from the very pinky-pinky shades in the palette.

Hot Pot # ME018 Steel Grey:


A deep metallic grey with a shimmer finish.

Finish : Metallic Shimmer
Application : Opaque
Previous Name : ME18
My views: I would second the online description. It says what it really is. I love this below my lower water line!

Hot Pot # M023 Gunmetal:


A sultry, deep grey with a slight, satiny finish.

Finish : Satin
Application : Semi-Opaque
Previous Name : M23
My views: “Deep grey”? I don’t get that but sheer black? Yes! I would describe it as a very sheer, satin black color, but it is buildable to a rich black. Now, Gunmetal is not supposed to have pink shimmery flecks in it but I think because it stays in this palette and since I have used every shade in this a lot, some of the fallout from the shimmery colours has settled in this black color, which I’m sure the image portrays. Honestly, I love the pinkie flecks in it! It makes the color truly belong in a “think pink” palette. 😀



I used a mixture of Baby Pink and Rosy Pink all over the lid, Cinnabar Rose in the crease and used Magenta Pink to blend the crease color out. Pink Frost has been used in the inner corner. Coral Rose is in the lower inner half and Steel Grey in the lower outer half.

Pros of Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette:

  • Compact design, it is easy to carry around.
  • The black case can hold other hot pots or MAC or MUFE or any other pots, I love that it comes with that universal size.
  • The mirror is big enough to use comfortably, especially on the go.
  • Amazing variety of pink shades and textures.
  • The white, taupe, silver and black help in completing any look. It is not too pink!
  • Gorgeous pigmentation.
  • Smooth colors, very easy to blend, even the shimmery ones.
  • Great value for money, truly inexpensive for the quality provided.
  • Shipped worldwide.
  • The mattes help in creating everyday wearable looks and the shimmers help with party looks, great versatility.
  • Ingredients are mentioned on the case.

Cons of Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette:

  • Available only online.

Do I Recommend Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette?

Yes, to anyone who loves such girly, pinky colors.

Will I Repurchase Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette?

Since they can be bought individually as well, I would definitely repurchase some of the unique pink colors when I run out of them.

IMBB Rating:

6/5; No doubts!

For the price of Rs. 715, getting 12 wonderfully pigmented colors is not a bad deal by any means. Anyone out there who even half-likes pinky colors will love this palette too. Out of all the various Hot Pot palettes pre-arranged on Coastal Scents, I’m truly glad I went with this one. For a girly-girl like me, this is a palette that was customised in makeup heaven!

Happy Makeuping!!:D

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23 thoughts on “Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette Review

  1. i love coastal scents. i think CS has the best eyeshadows that i have tried so far. (didnt try MAC and the other high end eyeshadows)
    I am going to own all of their sinlge eyeshadows one day 🙂

    1. same here…m really loving these a LOT!
      ooooh! it wud b lovely to own them all…wud hav evry color in th world 😀
      they used to hav an ultimate hot pot set wit all shades plus new 1s? it was in my wishlist but they removed that 🙁 it was at a considerable discount 🙁

  2. nice palette… it’s sad that all the online purchase websites don’t have paying through debit card option.. i wanted to buy sleek palettes online but since i don’t own a credit card i’m not able to..

    Is there any other way to buy sleek palette online?

    1. i know, tat vry sad!! evn i initially had a prob coz was usin debit..had to ask my sis to purchase for me n i paid her…for sleek evn i jst know dr original website..

  3. such an awesome post naisa and the pictures are beautiful. loved the look you created. i dont wear too many pink on my eyes so guess would skip this palette. but you did total justice to your review with your pics and look. 🙂

  4. This palette is sooo girly! I wanna play with Barbie looking at this 🙂
    Did you select the colors yourself or did it come with these hot pots? Lovely eye makeup Nafisa 🙂

    1. thanks Aarbee 🙂
      u can order each hotpot individually too but this also comes in a pre-made set – Think Pink 🙂

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