Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Review

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My wait for the right blue eyeshadow is finally over! I was searching for one for long and even asked the Madam-Gupshup gang about it. When I spotted this shadow at the Colorbar counter, I knew it was the one that I was searching for all these days and it came home with me. Want to know more about it? Read on further 🙂

Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow Review

Product Description:
This new line of shadows features a completely revamped assortment of shades and textures from Matte to Pearly to High shimmer. The proprietary blend of ingredients allows color to weave itself through the formula resulting in insane color payout, color that stays on your lids, and sparkle that doesn’t fall. The amazing technology works for every shade and finish.
550 INR for 4 gm.

Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow shade name

My Experience with Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow:

Packaging:  The eyeshadow comes packed in a silver paper carton like all other Colorbar products. There is a transparent window on the top of the box that allows you to see the color from outside. The shade name and ingredients are also mentioned on the packaging.

Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow full

The product comes in a round plastic pan with a transparent lid that shuts with a click. It is definitely a very travel-friendly packaging. However when used, the shimmery, powdery product may move to the outer rim, making it a little messy. Make sure to dust away that before putting it inside the purse. No applicator or mirror is provided with the shadow.

Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow details

Colour/Pigmentation/Texture:  This is a gorgeous blue shade with hints of shimmer. This blue will suit all skin tones and can be used to create different types of makeup looks. This shadow will definitely glam up an otherwise monotonous look. So, if you are in a hurry, you can apply this on your lids and you will definitely grab all the attention that you want to! The shimmer does not look chunky or glittery. It mixes beautifully with the colour and adds a beautiful glam factor to the look.

Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow open

The texture is very smooth and blends effortlessly. It never feels dry or powdery. Also, the shimmer stays in place, which is a really good thing. It does not crease either. You can apply it with an eyeshadow brush, even with fingertips. The colour comes out better when applied and blended with fingertips. So when you want an intense look, you can apply it and then blend on with any brush. The pigmentation is insane. A single swipe can cover your lid if you have applied a primer and base. But even without that, it will cover your lid completely with a little effort.

Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow outer packaging

Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow swatch on hand

Staying Power:  On bare lids, it stays for 3-4 hours if you do not rub it. Though rinsing with water, dulls the colour a little, it does not fade away completely. It is definitely waterproof and when you are doing a proper makeup with primer and base, it stays on for really long. I always prefer cleansing eye makeup with oil-based cleansers as it does the work with minimum effort and the eyelids feel soft. It can be cleaned in just a single sweep with any oil-based remover or coconut oil. The shimmers also get removed easily without creating a mess.

Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow all swatches

Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow eye swatch

Pros of Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow:

  • Nice, travel-friendly packaging.
  • Beautiful colour.
  • Would suit all skin tones.
  • No chunky glitter.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Blends effortlessly.
  • Amazing pigmentation.
  • Does not crease.
  • Water and sweat proof.
  • Stays on for really long.
  • No glitter fall out.

Cons of Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow:

  • Pricey.
  • No applicator or mirror provided.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar Blink Emphaseyes Eyeshadow?
I needed this colour badly, so purchased it. Next time, I will try to get the colour in a palette as it will be a budget-friendly option. You can skip it if you have it in some palette. But then again, you won’t regret buying this at all 🙂

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