Colorbar Definer Lip Liner Summer Pink Review, Swatch

Colorbar Definer Lip Liner Summer Pink

After the just coral shade, I have two more to go, this is the summer pink and another one in perfect maroon as well. I realized how awesome these pencils were and made the most of 15% off on their site and ordered these in my second order, they have a nice packaging and come with a sharpener too,they are pretty soft and they are delight to use.


This particular shade is a blue based hot pink, it is almost a neon pink and too much for warm or yellow skin tone, it is a bright color to wear on its own,I wonder how many lipsticks of this shade I have.The color is smooth and pigmented but somehow I realize the color is lighter in pigmentation and creaminess than the others, just slightly, that does not mean it is not smooth, it is pretty smooth.

The color is smooth enough and pigmented to cover pigmented lips,it is not heavy or cakey but feels light but matte, still dry lips can test out with something else that is moisturizing, like a base or lip balm or may be a lipstick. The color is very cool toned, so see how you can use it, like a stain or lip color or mixed with a balm.


The pencil is longer than most pencils for lips, it has an awesome sharpener and a cleaner too, fitted snugly in the cap.You can use it on the go espeically if you are a sharpened pencil fanatic like me. Anyway the smoothness does not make the pencil crumble or waste so this is a great part, for 550 I dont think I would like to waste the pencil at all though I do keep it sharpened at all times.


At one point I thought this will be smudge proof, but it is not, it does not set and it easily smudged, on the lips stays better but with meals it fades, it is not smudge proof but creamy enough to fill the lips with this pencil without tugging at all.


the color lasts easily for 3-4 hours,it does not feel heavy, helps the lipsticks to stop bleeding slightly and the pencil of course helps shape the lips too. Overall these pencils have awesome colors to choose from, unique pink to have this summer pink shade, in a great quality stuff.


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I ordered it from their site but I never received my free pouch, which was little bad, because they claim to give these offers in capital letters, but do not deliver it, other they use Fedex which sounds great for my parcel and they delver in 4 days.I am not sure what happened to my free glitter pouch 🙁

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