Colorbar Juicy Candy Gloss Review

I do put in a lot of time and effort in choosing lipsticks that suit my mood, makeup or skintone as the case may be at any given point of time. However, I am also in the habit of topping them up with a gloss even during daytime. This, I feel, always takes away from the true shade of the lipstick as a coloured gloss, no matter how close its colour be to the original lipstick, will always end up modifying the lipstick shade. The solution, of course, is a clear lip gloss but I hate the way I can always see how dirty the sponge applicator has become each time I dip it back again into the tube. A better alternative is a squeeze-through gloss minus a sponge applicator but such glosses are either a bit pigmented for my liking or a bit too pricey for daily use. The Colorbar Juicy Candy Gloss that I purchased in Strawberry has all that I ever wanted and more! 🙂

colorbar juicy candy gloss
What it claims: Juicy Candy lip gloss gives you those ultimate shiny lips with its skin conditioning and softening agents.
Price and Quantity: Rs. 199 for 9 ml
Total number of flavours available: 8
Just berry, Minty Fresh, Raspberry Swirl, Applicious, Strawberry Twist, Caramel Toffee, Orange Jus, Guava crush

colorbar juicy candy gloss tube

What I like about Colorbar Juicy Candy Gloss:

● The packaging: I like the fact that it comes in an easy squeeze tube with a slant tip. I can easily carry it in my purse and reapply it through the day. I usually find myself staring repulsively at the concoction of various lipcolours inside a tube each time I use a clear gloss with a brush (read Maybelline!) on my painted lips. Thus apart from being travel friendly, I find the packaging very hygienic as well.
● Good staying power. It lasts for a good 3 hours on my lips.
● It does keep my lips hydrated and moisturised.
● Absolutely non-sticky in formulation.
● Ideal as a top coat over lipsticks. I find that when applied over lipsticks, it only further enhances the lipcolour without changing it at all. Most coloured lip glosses dramatically alter the colour of my lipsticks. However, this is not the case when it comes to Colorbar Juicy Gloss.
● It applies sheer with only a hint of colour and beautiful shimmer particles which get evenly distributed without looking cheap or OTT. Thus ideal also when applied on its own minus a lipstick. Sometimes I combine it only with a lipliner for day wear particularly in winters.
● Pleasant fruity fragrance. I especially adore Applicious.
● I find that even when the sheen from the gloss has worn off, my lips still ‘feel’ wet and moisturised and the only reason why I need to reapply this is to make them ‘look’ rather than ‘feel’ moist and shiny.
● Very economical as only a little amount is required for each application.

colorbar juicy candy gloss swatch

What I don’t like much about Colorbar Juicy Candy Gloss:

● I find some of the fragrances, particularly strawberry, somewhat synthetic and fake.
● No mention of ingredients either on the website or at the back of the tube. I even searched and read all their promotional articles that appeared in various newspapers when this gloss was launched but no luck. If anybody out there has any clue as to what is inside do tell 🙂

Verdict: I use this often as a top coat over my matte lipsticks or to set my ‘wrong’ (sticky or dull) lipsticks right. A must-have for me and the end of my search for “the perfect clear gloss” !

Rating: 5/5

Would you purchase again? Definitely yes

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21 thoughts on “Colorbar Juicy Candy Gloss Review

  1. i like lip glosses but the problem is they look good only in their cute bottles
    when i apply on my lips (my lips are slight brownish or tanned) they dont give desired affect :((

    1. ashna, my lips are super pigmented too. apply this on top of an opaque matte lipstick. u won’t regret buying it at all, trust me 🙂

  2. ashna prime ur lips with a lil dab of concealer….this will solve ur problem :))

    Natasha…..the gloss looks yummylicious………yum yum….strawberries are my fav fruit…I always crave for fruit flavored glosses…specially strawberry….I have similar lip juice from lakme and one from sephora…..gonna grab this one as soon as I finish these :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: …great review :yes: :yes: :yes:

  3. Love the color….and I don’t like the packaging,its a bit simple according to me,its not attracting me so much.But still I love it coz of the color ! 😉 :smirk:

  4. Ohhh! i have this in Just Berry and it is AWesome!! i know what u mean bout that transparent gloss getting dirty..i have the SAME issue..but i was relieved after i got my juicy candy gloss too……..Applicious Is on my wishlist next!~!

  5. me donated all my glosses to my mom now i have only this, one lotus and one color sensational so will buy more in the winters :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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