Colorbar Take Me as I am Lip Color – Bare Dare Pink & Lip Smacking Cherry

Colorbar Take me as I am Lip Color – Bare Dare Pink & Lip Smacking Cherry

Take me as I am lip color is a unique multifunctional product which provides the application of a lipstick combined with the convenience of a pencil in a jumbo crayon design. It is an extra creamy and soft feeling lipstick formula with excellent color pay-off and coverage. Viscous oils and esters create the beautiful shine. Skin conditioning ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E further enhance the comfortable wearing properties. Be worry-free, take this gorgeous pencil and create the prettiest lip – creamy, ready for shine and flirty fun.


INR 699

Colorbar Take me as I Am Lipcolors

WE have all been floored by this post by Rati here, and part of the same thing, I am reviewing the lippies from the same range, I dont own a single product that comes anywhere close to these chubby lip colors, I have tried lip stains but I dont like them much, but these are a totally different story.

Colorbar take me as I am lipcolor Bare dare pink & lip smacking cherry (3)


The 8 shades available are all equally good, you feel like possessing all of them and there are two or three nudes, a pink, red, orange, berry, there is something for everyone. Today I will share a pink and a pinky nude from the range, both of which are awesome and very wearable, but I think bare dare pink is a great every day shade for office in case you dont want to add much color to your face.

Colorbar take me as I am lip colors


these like you know come with a sharpener and are wooden, these can be sharpened but let me tell you, your heart will melt with so much product being wasted, so wait till it goes completely blunt before you sharpen them. I did not have the patience and wasted a lot of the product :/

Colorbar take me as I am lipcolor Bare dare pink & lip smacking cherry (2)


These look super cute like the way they are, but the cap could come off easily hence I would not keep it in my handbag. Again, if you apply it directly, the tip could be so blunt that sometimes I dont have control over the product, I have applied the bare dare pink shade with a lip brush and I think it gives me better results with a brush, since I like to outline my lips lightly, which is not possible when the fat pencil is applied directly.

Bare dare pink is a soft pinky nude shade, it comes close to Desert rose from Chambor and I love this shade for days when I have thick black liner on my eyes, this one looks so gorgeous and really balances the look. The finish is creamy glossy and the texture is medium, not very thick like the Sensuous red from the range, and not light like the Lip smacking cherry shade.It is creamy without any glaze or shimmer and is a very good pick for ladies who like to keep their lips muted. Just check that this should not wash you out, when I over do it, it looks all brown and dull on me, so it might wash out some skin tones.

colorbar take me as I am lip color bare dare pink swact

nude lips (3)

nude lips


The Lip Smacking cherry is a pink, its a really blue based pink with mauve undertones to it, no doubt it is a very pretty pink and really perks up a dull face but some times how blue it is could be a killer for me, if you go on light with it , then it wont be as blue. I applied this directly and you need to do it well or it could look patchy. The color could look a little glaze-y and shiny, it is not thick or creamy but on the lighter side.

Colorbar take me as I am lipcolor Bare dare pink & lip smacking cherry


Colorbar take me as I am lip color lip smacking cherry swatch

This could look so blue and hence it is not my favorite, I like creamy ones like the Bare dare pink but this is a real face brightener  It looks lovely when paired with a simple black liner too but you have to choose your blush carefully.If you are yellowtoned, then skip this one.

nude lips (4)


The sharpener has to be kept safely or you could be in trouble with a blunt tip these get 😛 be careful of product wastage and and for 699 INR you really dont want that!

pink lips

Last word:

Awesome fat lipsticks they are, some are creamy, thick and a few are a little lighter.The lippies have some charm to them no doubt, and one of the few available around with similar features. Both the shades are great for those who think nudes dont wash them out and blue based pinks suit them well.For 699 though, there is so much more to consider.


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47 thoughts on “Colorbar Take Me as I am Lip Color – Bare Dare Pink & Lip Smacking Cherry

  1. nehaaaaaaaaa! i need that bare dare pink :'( wawawa! :’) its heavenly! 😀 will be sending another great pink lippy review kal 😉 hihi! pink bug has hit me again

  2. girl how do you do it every single time?! awesome lip swatches as always 🙂 BTW i had commented on that suggestiond for pondi trip post ..hope u read it and i wasnt too late posting it 🙂

  3. As usual loved it.Bare dare is awesome.. it looks a bit pigmented in the hand swatch but comes out as nude in the lip swatch. but looks super good on you.

  4. i have bare dare and i just love it. i fell in love with both of these colors as soon as i saw it at a counter. ur lips looks perfect here neha di. the same products never look so wonderful on my lips, like they do on u. 🙂

      1. Pasand toh kar liya tha – but then dropped it, kinda expensive – picked up the Revlon lip stain instead, although thats not cheap either.

  5. neha both the lip swatches are gorgeous. I like the neutral shade more on you than the purple one. 🙂 I totally enjoy using the one i have. i agree, the sharpener is the key to these pencils. must be stored safely. 😛

  6. waah.. loved d purple on you.. never thought purple make look so decent wearable on lips yayyy!! you are truely lippy queen yaar, make every shade so appealing.. awesome!!

  7. These are very nice colours, except that I’d prefer these in lipstick form. Can you think of a lipstick dupe for the pink shade, loved it.

      1. Yes, I have been hearing about the new Lakme shades, haven’t seen any as yet though. You got any of those?

  8. Loved the pink one better Neha. loved that these are opaque and not sheer ones. have a question for you. how do u remember to wear these shades. I dont own many but i keep using the 2-3 shades frequently and forget the other ones.. i mst say u r too good in these.

  9. hehehe no i really dont
    i reach out for mattes always but i have boxes of lipsticks I store them in some way so i can pick up wat i need 😛

  10. oh staying power…i think its pretty average..the bare dare would last 2 hours but pink is not so creamy so 3 hours easily 🙂

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