10 Most Favourite Colorbar Matte Lipsticks

First off, here is a declaration; I have 45 Colorbar lipsticks including soft touch, creamy mattes, liquid lip colour, long stay etc….but the maximum ones I have are creamy mattes. Apart from that, I have some ten lip glosses too by colorbar. J not to mention the other stuff like blushes , eye liners, lip pencils, foundation etc.. I have been using Colorbar since 2006 and so I have managed to hoard a huge collection of this brand that I love to death. The SA at all the colorbar counters where ever I go, rolls out a red carpet for me (in my hubby’s terminology) and they even have my contact number to update me of any new stock that they get as I have already exhausted their existing stock and they don’t know what else to sell me! They always get surprised by how I remember the names of the colours without even reading them on the pack! I should be getting some reward for that. One of the girls told me that she has trouble remembering the names of all shades and must learn something from me for her next training! Not to mention, they always have huge offer of goodies for me as my minimum bill with them every 15 days is Rs 2000. I have their pouches, kitchen sets, trousseau boxes, small clutch and what not! They are always very kind to me and always help me to the max. They recommend the best shades and the best offers to come. I have even introduced many of my friends to Colorbar, so that in turn makes the SA very pleased. In short I love Colorbar and will always buy this brand no matter how much ever they elevate the prices! There are good offers with them always!

I need to mention here that the ten lipsticks I am using here were not got on any offer. Only 1 of them was got on an offer, the rest 9 are purchased by me by my own money! Creamy mattes were initially 95Rs, and then escalated to 110, then 175 now I guess they are for around 200…I am not sure! They have also changed the packing these days from square to round, thanks god they still carry the same colours I love. Although my favourite all time shade is brick and peach, here I have included one from many colour groups that I do wear and are my favourites. Peach and brick are like home and the remaining colour families are my holidays! I always come back home! I had initially thought I shall review only 5 favorite shades but when I started, one after the other, my fave shades started calling out to me!i didnt wanna discriminate so I picked up 10 shades from my lipstick box.:) I guess that’s fair enough. What say?i even have doubles of many of my colorbar lipsticks like mocha, rock you baby, twig etc…so that declares me completely mad. Yeah I know I should jump off the cliff.

  • The five in the top row are: Twig: This was one of my very first purchases. It’s a brownish brick colour which looks great on fair complexions. It is very pigmented and I single glide is enough. Two coats make it a party wear. I have double of this.
  • Temptation: this one is a sultry purple one. But you need to apply it with a lip brush to sheer it out. It really stains your lips but makes your complexion look fairer, wear it with a neutral eye. Beautiful color. The perfect shade of purple. Pair it with Plum lipliner by colorbar. The color may bleed.
  • Rock you baby: this one was late discovery but I love it. It is frosted peach and will look amazing on fairer skin tones. It’s ideal for daily wear. Pair it with matte eyes.I have a double of this.
  • Desire: this is like a brownish pink and really matte. I always get compliments on this one. Wear it with a lip liner with neutral eyes. Very nice for evening wear. Suitable for all complexions. Pair it with Moody Maroon lip liner by colorbar. The color may bleed. I have a double of this.
  • Bronx: Needless to say, this is a typical bronze color. Very sheer and you will need two coats for it to show the bronze. Great for evening wear again.

Bottom row 5: Greek Goddess: this may look close to Bronx but if you want a goldenish sheer on your lips, this is ideal, this one is very frosted (yet they call it creamy matte). Its like a goldenish light brown color.

  • Irish rose: I love this one. Its absolutely matte pink and great for daily wear, instantly brightens up complexion and stays put whole day long. Very suitable for all complexions. Pair it with Nude Pink lip liner (reviewd by Rati)
  • Mocha: this is closer to twig but lighter than that, very matte orangy color and that’s my all time favourite. Pair it with True Red lip liner by colorbar. The color may bleed.I have a double of this.
  • Sugar Sugar: it’s a frosted bright pink., almost like a Barbie color. I cant carry frosted pinks , so I sheer it out with a lip brush and nude lip gloss.
  • Brick-o-la: This is very close to Desire but darker than that. Need a lip brush for this one again. It is towards the maroonish side and great for all are maroon sarees. Pair it with Moody Maroon lip liner again. I have a double of this after a friend took one from me.

My pick for all complexions:

  • Irish rose(matte pink)
  • Mocha (matte orange)
  • Rock You Baby(frosted peach)

Go ahead and indulge.

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93 thoughts on “10 Most Favourite Colorbar Matte Lipsticks

  1. hey Ratiiii….was away for almost 2 weeks and gosh I can see I really missed alot here including the sale………there were couple of things I would have loved the buy and sell…anyways maybe next time…

    coming back to this post…..45 lipsticks only from colorbar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :chic: 😮

    loving irish rose and temptation :inlove: I will buy it soon….I anyways have to buy some stuff which is getting over

  2. Hey HD, was wondering where you had gone. The other day I even mentioned about you in my post here : https://makeupandbeauty.com/indian-makeup-and-beauty-updates/

    There is another sale coming up. I’ll get in touch with you.

    This post is by Neha, not me. 🙂 I am kinda psyched after reading about her 45 lipsticks collection only from Colorbar. But I have to say that i am impressed. 🙂

    I am also loving sugar sugar a lot. 🙂

    1. :rotfl: :rotfl:

      Looks like Neha is also an ardent colorbar fan like you LOL…

      Neha : How many lipsticks do you have in total?????

      First I had guests so used to be out of home from morn to eve and then I went out of town so no time or energy to access net in the night…..gosh I was dying to finish some work at office and catch up on the posts….

      I am also liking sugar sugar…infact I am looking for a nice natural pink shade for myself and not able to find it…..i think will check out sugar sugar

        1. Hi Neha,
          Don’t worry you have company, I have my friends saying I can start a lipstick counter of my own… 😀 :blush:

  3. Can anyone tell me where Colorbar stuff is available in Mumbai? As far as I know there are no Colorbar stand-alone stores here in Mumbai, and I didn’t find it at Shopper’s Stop, Westside, etc.

        1. Sonali you can also find colorbar at the beauty store in Khar and Kandivali…have u checked out at Lifestyle ? not sure if its available there

          1. no lifestyle does not have it. basically the colorbar Brochure mentions its availability at
            select city walk. central, pantaloons, twenty four seven etc
            this is from the brochure

            1. Okay….As much as possible, I try to buy from one of the beauty stores as they offer discounts so u can save up some money

    1. all beautiful ladies have similar tastes….wow
      mocha irish rose i am so happy u all know how i feel abt these shades

    1. hehe..thats funny..I guess i’ll have to wait till my next india trip 🙁 But I am defly taking your suggestions then 🙂

  4. Wow Neha…
    You have some collection… :inlove: 😯

    I love all your shades… :inlove:
    I have irish Rose, Temptation and Mocha.. 😉

    My most favourite shade frm Colorbar is Tawny… But it’s not matte.. Never mind… :silly:

    And HD.. Welcome back.. We missed you!!! :-*

  5. :blush:
    thank you all lovely ladies for encouraging my madness
    just dont let my bebe hubby know of it!
    i have many other lippies from other brands too
    may be i can have sale here? ?:-)

    Pantaloons has colorbar !!!!!!!!!
    thats where i go!

      1. I am sure Neha you can help us with swatches of anything from colorbar 😀

        You are going to be my go to person for colorbar henceforth

      1. :yes:
        i will get in touch with rati
        i have double of many of these which have been just swatched
        wow sale!
        how we love this word!

  6. wow Neha, quite a collection, and to think I just have 3 lipsticks :laugh: , Im gonna check out Irish rose and Mocha next time,
    Sonal, you will find Colourbar at Big Bazaar outlets, thats the only place Ive seen them in Mumbai as of now.

    HD..welcome back, was wondering where u were too 🙂

  7. WHAAAAT.. *mouth still open*

    45 lipppies just from colorbar… im totally inspired Neha.. do post a pic of your whole stash someday will show that to my mum, who thinks im crazy..!!

    Im loving irish rose, rock you baby and sugar sugar..!! you girls are tempting me to shift to lippies.. i wanna get the revlon colorburst and irish rose now..!! you people are bad bad influence..;) but that is why i love IMBB ladies… mwaaaah…!!!

    1. You know the other day I was telling my hubby what if one day all hubbies and Bfs of IMBB join and so a strike against me for creating a “bad influence” blog. What would I do then? :rotfl: :rotfl:

      1. Nahiiiiiiii..!!!!

        This wont happen because our hubbies and bf love it when we are all prettified and dolled up..!!
        Infact i guess they would be loving Imbb more than us, since their Gfs and wives are making more informed choices and are not wasting their hard earned money on something that wont work.. Infact think one of us saying infront of our hubby or bf “i guess i wont take it since this thing got a negative review on IMBB”.. my bf would be pleased.. that im not getting sumthing even after sum SA convincing me to buy it.. lol…!!!!

        So no bby u r the best influence on us..!!! mwahhh..!!!

  8. WOW!!! what love for colorbar, ive never really tried out the brand…next trip to India i surley will, srsli the last time i went to india, i wanted only lakme and himalaya products now all u ladies have opened up a whole new window and i cant wait for the next trip yay!!
    .-= Ruby´s last blog ..21 days till new habits form… =-.

  9. WOW….what a collection….reminds me of my 15 something lippies that I had couple of years back….desire and irish rose for me :yes: :yes:
    I don’t get colorbar in UAE so will have to wait for my next India trip.
    Neha super happy to know you are from Mumbai….can you give me store details for colorbar purchae

    1. well i was initially in Mumbai but now based in Pune
      pantaloons and central outlets have it there i suppose
      there is also a store called Vishal mega mart now i remember that has it..
      if they haven’t shut the counter

  10. Hi Rati, how are you….missed you and your blog so much….and also the big sale….thanks for mentioning about Renuca and HD’s comments….my bad :silly:

  11. Wow, 45! Wow!

    I have irish rose, bare, twig, smokey rose & brick-o-la.. I love irish rose & it is pretty much my daily lip paint these days. It seems to perk out any outfit and goes with all makeup. Bare is for days when I just want a hint of color.

    You know, some of the colors you have swatched are just gorgeous, but I have never seen them here in Mumbai. Colorbar has been having some dealer/distributer problems since the last 6 – 8 months. It is getting very difficult to find anything, be it blushes or lippies or even liners now.

  12. neha colorbar at Pantaloons wow, after reading so mch abt colorbar i was wondering where to find them in my city .. u made my day. thx

  13. oh god that’s a lot of lipsticks from one brand!
    irish rose looks lovely. i only have one colour from colorbar, and i think it’s called bare. 🙂 bought it after i heard tanveer raving about it.

  14. Wow Neha, some collection! :yes: These shades are awesome, especially Irish Rose and Mocha. Does anyone know where we can get Colorbar cosmetics in Bangalore?

  15. Wow…HD you are back after a long time..How have you been??

    You know at one point, I even thought now you are commenting here with your original name and hence the disappearance of “HD” 😛 😛

    Sonal : Bangalore has quite a few Colorbar counters..But good luck to you..Most of them are running on low or no stocks :-((

    To name a few:

    More Super Market, Forum, Koramangla
    More Super Bazaar, Outer Ring Road, between Marathalli and KR Puram
    Star Bazaar, Koramangla.

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome Poornima, I am so glad to be back….doing good but extremely tired because of the constant travelling in the last 2 weeks and to top it off am back to loads n loads of pending work at office 🙁 working rite now too 😥 😥

      BTW…my original name is hidden in HD

  16. its very difficult to find color bar counters in Bangalore. its not available in forum, nor in any of the health & glow counter. please advise

  17. 45 lipsticks!!! And i was feeling guilty of buying 3 lipsticks from Colorbar. Thanks to you for directing me to this brand. Looking forward for more Colorbar swatches from you. Luving Colorbar and Luv imbb.

  18. Hi Neha,
    you made me to drool over colorbar lippies, the swatches you made were sooo pretty. Could you do a post on the rest of your colorbar lipsticks? i am planning to get them soon.

  19. Hey i tried colorbar and bought the ‘rum n raisin’ shade. Thought ‘irish rose’ would look too bright on me. But overall i was not satisfied because the counter was dimly lit and i could not make out the actual shades. Anyone tried ‘rum n raisin’?

  20. very informative. hate to go thru an entire pile of lip colors at a store and get to a point where it all looks the same to me 😀 love irish rose and mocha!

    1. hi aish
      pantaloons has colorbar sometimes
      in chennai style one and saravana stores
      and bourjois in shopper stop lifestyle most places 🙂

  21. Hi could you please tell me where is colorbar counters in bangalore. I tried in health and glow and many cosmetic shops but they dont have colorbar brand.
    tel me where exactly we find it.

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