Colorbar Perfect Pout Lip Gloss – Brazen

Colorbar Perfect Pout Lip Gloss – Brazen

A unique and revolutionary product that visibly increases the volume and moisture of your lips, with tested action that lasts over time. The exclusive formula is made unique by K² Extra Volume Complex, a blend of perfectly synergistic active ingredients, capable of performing three specific actions for targeted results: High Shine, plumping over time and long-lasting moisturizing action.


As part of my haul I picked up three of these pretties, these days I am into creamy shimmer free lip glosses and these looked so appealing I cannot describe it to you.They have beautiful thick bottles and the long wand with a slant tip, the tip is flatter and larger than most others you might have tried,these three shades in brazen, sneaky and playful looked most appealing to me and then I also liked whisper but it was too light.


This one comes in a nice fancy silver carton, with a heavy pretty pink gloss on the inside,the color is called brazen I dont know why 🙁 such a delicate pink with such an indelicate name. Anyway, I love the packing and the applicator a lot, hence I reckon most lip gloss lovers will fall head over heels for it.


Getting next on to the color, the color is a light pink soft color, not really blue or peach based or anything it is just a pretty pink, and it is a very young color, beautiful to say the least, most of us should have this kind of a shimmer free pink gloss, best for college goers.


Coming to the texture of the gloss, I was hoping it will be very thick and creamy but on the other hand it is light and non sticky and not really thick I would call it medium pink, and not really opaque, one coat will give you a very light pink tint, you can build it up to two coats to get a real doll pink but then it would surely look heavy.


Now some cons about this one, it bleeds a lot, it leaves that clear liquid in 40 minutes on me, lips look messy unfortunately if you dont use a matte base.The color pink stays on me for around an hours, before which it looks messy and bleeds,after an hours or so there only a light pink tint with a lip balm like feel to the lips, so overall not that impressive, it badly needs a base to it, a nude pink lip liner maybe.

The color will not cover lip pigmentation but the best part is that it is non sticky and it can be great for pink lipsticks, it makes lips look plump and luscious, dont count much on the staying power, a matte base is highly recommended for this shimmer free doll pink lip gloss, it is light to medium in texture and right for college and day wear.

two coats


IMBB rating:


Last word:

Buy it for the pink, the plump look it gives, for the shimmer free gloss and the light texture.

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