Lakme Lip Gloss Review

Lakme Lip Gloss

Claims – A kiss of color! Sheer hint! Deliciously flavored! Incredibly high-shine! Brought together to give you glamorous juicy lips and a superstar pout! Lip-smacking! Currently available and marketed as Fruit Shock lip gloss in 11 shades; Strawberry, Black Currant, Vanilla, Bubblegum, Orange, Watermelon, Lotus, Apple D1, Berry D2, Plum and Peach! Oh-so juicy!

Lakme Lip GlossToday’s shade of review is Lakme glossy tube in #D2 Ritu Beri! Layman’s Lancome Juicy tube! Possibly the best inexpensive bubblegum a.k.a. candy pink gloss available in the Indian market! Lakme #D2 Ritu Beri lip gloss descends from Lakme Happy Hour Collection by Ritu Beri! It was then launched in four universally flattering shades Ritu Beri D1, Ritu Beri D2, Ritu Beri N1 and Ritu Beri N2! Two shades of pink, purple and peach! Obviously, D for Happy Hour By Day and N for Happy Hour By Night! I believe the Happy Hour Collection range was launched for summer 2006! Not that I swear by her labels, but I admire Ritu’s sense of style! Definitely unique! Uber chic!

Lakme Lip Gloss

Lakme #D2 Ritu Beri lip gloss is not on the site, but it’s still available at other stores! You can try your luck not only at your local Lakme Salons or Lakme counters at malls, but your super markets which do cosmetics! I got mine at my grocery store on my visit to India last August! I have been through a couple of tubes so far, which makes the current one proudly third! My little sister is a real devil! She literally survives on this gloss! Each application, she goes through half tube! She can hardly resist the lip-smacking fragrance! She says, “Ummm…yummy”! That is one of the reasons I keep repurchasing #D2 Ritu Beri lip gloss! I never got to enjoy one complete tube so far!

Lakme #D2 Ritu Beri lip gloss originally retails for 125 Indian Rupees for 15 ml tube! Kindly excuse as I am not aware of the current price tags! The gloss surely has a fragrance, but I have to confess I hate the fragrance! I like the gloss better on my lips compared to the gloss as in the tube! Unlike my sister, I find the fragrance more matured! An amalgamation of cough syrup and plastic! Definitely sounds like a weird combination! May be, I shouldn’t scare you the way I did! On your lips, it smells like a fruit-flavored cough syrup! Super sweet to taste! It doesn’t give any bitter or weird taste in the mouth! I like the way it encloses my lips in a glossy bubble!

Love the tube packaging! Agree or not, I feel the typical gloss packaging looks quite matured compared to the tube packaging! Gloss tubes look oh-so young! Every time I come across gloss tubes, I imagine a child applying gloss at her mother’s vanity! I love Lakme Starshine lip gloss shades, but detest the brush applicator! I am a die-hard fan of doe foot applicator! I feel the sponge helps in even application of the product! Starshine lip gloss packaging was very disappointing! I so liked the shades and couldn’t pass those! Ended up buying #25, but the packaging gave me a real hard time! The lid skipped often, so the gloss found a new home in my sister’s vanity! That was the reason my love for glossy tubes heightened!

Lakme Lip Gloss

Best part of this gloss tube is the slant applicator tip! Compared to the round tipped Lancome juicy tubes, the slant tip helps in even application! You can go according to your lip contour! Agree or not! Round tips are really difficult to work with, especially on thin lips! I find the product more controlled from the slant tip applicator, comparatively!

Lakme Lip Gloss

Given a chance, I would rename Lakme #D2 Ritu Beri lip gloss as Barbie Pink! It so reminds me of Barbie! Your lips definitely shine, but the staying power of the color and the shine is not phenomenal! Stays put for a couple of hours sans food or water! May be a couple of hours more if you are on a hunger strike! To be honest, I don’t mind reapplying any lip product as long as I like the shade! This gloss is rather sheer with pink undertones! It would be wise not to expect any intense pigmentation! It’s hard for the color to show up on pigmented lips! Goes sheer on the lips, but you find pink stains on the tissue when wiped! How weird! My observation, it takes more than a couple of swipes to get the exact shade as in the tube! If your lips are pink-toned, this shade helps bring out the natural tone of your lips! Perfect shade for day time! Fool proof shade any girl can have in her collection! I was very sceptical using this for the first time as it was an impulse buy, but I never stopped using it ever since! I never thought I would have a staple bubblegum pink gloss in my stash! This gloss fades evenly, which adds another ruby to the tiara!

P.S – I reiterate! Only way to obtain a sexy pout is to exfoliate your lips on a regular basis!

Divija, I have used the strawberry version of this gloss for years during my college days.Used to love it then but now I am bored. 🙄 Gifted one to Tanvi as well. :)- Rati


38 thoughts on “Lakme Lip Gloss Review

  1. Divija- yes it has nice staying power… and hehe its definitely a barbie pink
    Rati – Same here!..In college this was my regular 🙂

    1. I have one of these too…not very happy..this gloss is kind of sticky..Ewww…I would perfer the Maybelline lip gloss any day.

      1. Aparna I used to find this gloss a bit sticky myself but I have had fun using it during college days. Any party, date or a college fest, this gloss used to come in handy. 🙂

        I used to like Maybelline lip gloss as well but used to vanish from my lips qpretty quickly. What about you?

  2. Divija..nice review..It is now Rs.150 I guess. have the same shade and yes it is almost trnasparent ..goes well with all my lippies tooo. 🙂

  3. Wanderlust,

    It stays long? Lucky you 🙂 It doesnt stay for at least a couple of hours on me!


    when u repurchase, do let me know 🙂


    I dont find this sticky, but u are entitled to ur own opinion 🙂 Yes, i too like Maybelline glosses…


    thnq very much for the price update, dear! we can also use it as a top for any lip product 🙂

  4. I am so fond of lip glosses….but plastic and cough syrup…. :reallyangry: I think I can kind of imagine how that might be……

  5. Hey Divs! Cool Review 🙂 For some reason I have never seen these lip glosses ever! I must have been living under a rock (read “doing MSc or MBA) when these came out. They sound like a lot of fun 😀

  6. Surprisingly I have never ever bothered to try this product. But I did make a stupid purchase of the LaKme Star Shine Gloss. It looks very glossy and sexy when applied first.But the texture is so sticky and the colour never stays 😮

  7. tanvi dear,

    U were really busy 🙂 read between lines….so many fruit flavors to try, so go lakme once again…u shd try the vanilla one and let us know 🙂

  8. poornima dear,

    Agreed! Lakme starshine gloss is a stupid purchase, indeed! irresistable shades, but unbelievable formula and not to mention the packaging hassles…

  9. Yeah its really priced low and at the first glance I felt like eating them apart from buying them of course! LOL!

    I bought so many cosmetics and clothes this month that if I buy any more I’ll be booted out of the house by my mom!!

  10. is tis gonnu continue coming in to the “Market”? dont think so, already stopped in many shops..:-( :smug:

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