Colorbar Perfect Pout Lip Gloss – Sneaky

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Colorbar Perfect Pout Lip Gloss – Sneaky

“A unique and revolutionary product that visibly increases the volume and moisture of your lips, with tested action that lasts over time. The exclusive formula is made unique by K² Extra Volume Complex, a blend of perfectly synergistic active ingredients, capable of performing three specific actions for targeted results: High Shine, plumping over time and long-lasting moisturizing action.”


Like you saw I picked up 3 of these perfect pout gloss which are priced at 650, you can check out the peach shade “playful” and the pink shade “brazen“.Meanwhile I have a nude shade to review today, in a shade called “sneaky”.


I might sound vain but I noticed that the sticker of the label does not match the gloss shade, I mean why is Colorbar doing that, what is the point of colored labels :/ anyway. The tube looks huge but surprisingly there is only 3ml or so, :O Oh my God! for 650 bucks,even L’Oreal offers more in lesser.I find the big fat tube very attractive and the fact that there is a creamy shimmer-free gloss inside makes me drool 😛


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The color is a light peachy nude, it is creamy but not thick, it is not runny either,it is just fine to coat the lips and since it is a lighter color for my skin tone, it hides lip color but kind of looks too light on me, which means it will wash out many,it comes out lighter on my lips;so I am thinking this is good only for lighter may be peaches and creme complexion, or on top of lipsticks.



The color is gorgeous, it is light so it can be worn on top of your lipsticks, it has a wet lip but still a creamy feel look.The texture is creamy and quite pigmented, it  is shimmer free, it The covers pigmentation and dry lips will feel nourished. the color might look cakey and settle in lip lines which is the only main issue with these.


These comes with a fantabulous wand, it is wide and flat, and picks up the right amount for me.The issue again with the gloss is it bleeds in 30 minutes, and lips look messy if a base is not used. again you can see full color wear for 45 minutes and another 30 minutes of a peach tint and then it is gone, though the lips feel moisturised.




Like you can see it is a light shade for me, makes me look I have whiter lips, but I am sure many can carry it, if I can get my base right, wear a nice fresh blush, then it would not look out of place.It might look it accumulates in lip lines and lasting power is sad, and so is the bleeding issue,apart from that, it is a good creamy gloss, I love creamy glosses.

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12 thoughts on “Colorbar Perfect Pout Lip Gloss – Sneaky

  1. It looks sooo nice in the swatch on you *clap* *clap* and a nice peachy pink shade to go with for everyday look *woot* *woot* very creamy too… but will have to swatch it in case i decide to buy *haan ji* *haan ji*

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