Colorbar Pro Pop Heart Mini Collection Review

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I just love flaunting my nails wherever I go because they grow pretty quick. My nails grow half an inch in 2 weeks, isn’t that pretty quick? I wish my hair grew that fast too. I had to chop off my nails recently because some broke off. I wanted them to grow and was planning to review this later, but I just couldn’t wait to try this extremely cute set. So here we go!

Rs 500 for a pack of 4, 5ml nail paints


Product description by Colorbar:
They say, all good things come in small packages. Bring more fun to your dresser with the first of its kind collection of Colorbar Pro ‘Minis’. This season’s graphic trends find its way into this beautiful kit called ‘Pop Heart’. This kit is perfect for self-indulgence and even more perfect as a ‘gift’ to a loved one!

Discover the magic of a ‘Manicure in a Bottle’ with the Colorbar Pro Mini Collection. ‘Pop Heart’ will not only add glamour to your wardrobe, but will also give a professional finish to your nails as this formulation is pre-loaded with a top coat & base coat.

The nail enamels in this kit are: ‘Pink Lady’ (5ml), ‘Tangerine Mojito’ (5ml), ‘Lime Margarita’ (5ml) and ‘Pina Colada’ (5ml).


My Experience with Colorbar Pro Pop Heart Mini Collection:-

The Colorbar pop heart collection comes in a super quirky and poppy packaging which instantly attracts us to buy this. The pack is a great option for gifting too. As you can recognise the range pop heart includes 4 vibrant neon shades. The bottles are cute and small; so it is easier for application with a small brush and can be carried around for quick applications. The brush glides on really smooth without dripping here and there on nails. Atleast 3 coats are required to be applied to get a complete colour all over your nails.


Although the colours are great, applying it gets a bit tedious and lengthy. Also it takes more time to dry, than in 1 coat. It takes about 5-10 minutes to completely dry off but yet we have to be careful when rolling our fingers through our hair and all. These are not messy while removing unlike some neon nail paints which paint the skin totally while removing. They come off with ease and leave the skin clean. The lasting power is good and last even more with a top coat. It lasted on me for 5 days and only the colour on the tips was chipping a bit which is normal. I loved how these worked and made my nails look attractive and pretty. Let’s see the individual performance.


Tangerine Mojito:
It is a bright sunny orange which looks exactly like an orange ice candy. The colour is a very bright one but not that neon like the pink one. It also needs 2 coats to cover the nails completely. However, this shade is something that everyone cannot carry and it won’t suit everyone too. Hence this might be a mixed bag for few.


Pink lady:
This shade is a must have pink for everyone. It is a pure neon colour which instantly gives a pop to the nails and adds spice. The colour is vibrant and looks super bold and classy as well as sweet and flirty. The pigmentation is great and 2 coats would be enough to get the colour over the nails.


Pina Colada:
This is a poppy fluorescent yellow colour. The pigmentation is okay and it being a lighter shade than the rest needs a lot of coats to be applied to get a neon yellow colour. And I get really bored doing that, so this is one colour that I wouldn’t use much but people who want their nails to be the eye candy, this is your baby!



Lime Margarita:
Lime margarita as you all can relate is a very bright green. It doesn’t look that neon when in that little bottle but it turns out to be neon when applied. Again this shade being lighter takes a lot of coats to completely appear on the nails. And this is also one shade that people regularly don’t wear, for regular use its going to be orange or pink.


Pros of Colorbar Pro Pop Heart Mini Collection:

• A super cute gifting item for the women you love.
• 4 shades included in one kit and all the shades are unique and must haves.
• The nail paints are pretty small; so they can be carried around for a quick application round.
• The packaging is very attractive, quirky and poppy like the collection.
• The nail paints dry quickly in 5-10 minutes.
• They have a glossy shine which make it even more noticeable.
• The colours make the fair skin tone appear even brighter.
• I kept the orange one for 5 days; only the colour from the tips started to wear off a bit but it stayed long otherwise.

Cons of Colorbar Pro Pop Heart Mini Collection:

• Neon green and yellow are not that pigmented; I applied 3 coats yet it looked transparent.
• Complete 3 layers have to be applied for the pigmented colour pay-off.
• These colours are not versatile and may not suit everyone.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Colorbar Pro Pop Heart Mini Collection?
Yes I will because these colours are difficult to pick when they come loose and that might turn out to be expensive than this. So why not get these cute poppy in a pack at an affordable cost that too from a reputed brand.

IMBB Rating:

I totally loved how they made the packaging so catchy and attractive. Any woman who is a nail paints fan and love flaunting your nails, should get a hold of this surely!

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  1. Orange and Pink have stolen my heart! They are just so gorgeous Saloni. But, isn’t three coats too much? Also, I can get 5 for 500 from Maybelline, what makes these special? :/

    1. Mine too… don’t they look awesome ? 🙂 i know three coats were too much but they dry up pretty quickly.. so i could spare that time… maybelline doesn’t have a lot of neon colours 🙂 and this packaging is something that makes it their USP 🙂

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