Top 5 Colorbar Nail Paints Review

Top 5 Colorbar Nail Paints

Mridu N

Hi Beautiful Ladies,

Today, I am about to review the Top 5 Colorbar Nail Paints/Top Coats . So keep reading – in case you are planning to buy them too! 😉

Colorbar is one of the top selling brands in India and something that you can’t fail to notice about the brand no matter where you are – are its nail paints! Just think about it, what is the most eminent thing you notice everytime you visit a Colorbar store? Yes, exactly! Inside the black and white store exterior it’s a nail paint island – thousand of Peppy shades all around you! And if you happen to be a nail paint addict like I am, you can’t walk past this island without checking their new range. So here is my compilation of their top 5 most popular Nail Paints/Top Coats!

Top 5 ColorbarNail Paints

1. Glitterati Retro Silver 001
2. Glitterati Rustic Chant 008
3. Tangerine Mojito 095
4. Dusky Mauve 103
5. Insanely Matte

Colorbar likes to categorize it’s nail paints and for the same reason, I thought it will be a good idea to review the nail paints in the same manner. Now, Let’s begin!

Glitterati Range

Glitterati Range comprise of 8 shades and my first 2 picks are from the Glitterati Range :

1. Retro Silver 001
2. Rustic Chant 008.

Top 5 Colorbar NailPaint

I personally love glitter and when I first saw these bottles, I fell deeply and madly in love – They just looked so glitter packed! However, when applied on their own, my nails looked like this:

Top 5 Colorbar NailPaints

These swatch pictures are taken after applying 2 coats from each bottle and as you can see there is not much glitter out there. Also, the only difference I found between Retro Silver and Rustic Chant is that the former have a light yellow sheen.

Quick summary of Likes and Dislikes about the GLITTERATIS based on my experience.

Pros of Colorbar Glitterati:

• The Brush – It’s really thick (as you can see in the pictures and gives a very nice finish)
• Quick Dry – It took almost half a minute for my 1st coat to completely dry out which is super awesome because I hate nail paints that takes like ages to dry out!
• Glitter – I like how the brand has packed this bottle with different sized glitters

Cons of Colorbar Glitterati:

• GLITTER-Colorbar has described the range as “shockwaves of disco-craze/jewel nails” – But I that is not how I would like to describe it- It definitely does not add all that bling to your nails.
• Price – Rs.400 for 15 ml – but with this glitter quantity, I personally think you can avoid this pick from Colorbar.

Top 5 Colorbar Nail Paint

Would I recommend it? – No

Overall Rating – (2.5/5)

Colorbar Exclusive Range:

My next two picks from Colorbar are from 9ml Exclusive range:

3.Tangerine Mojito 095
4.Dusky Mauve 103

Top 5 Colorbar Nail Paints

There are a total of 43 other nail colors in this range.

Pros of Colorbar Exclusive range:

• Intensity – The shades are quite intense and well pigmented.
• Texture – Both the shades have somewhat creamy texture to them- which I personally like as it help create a perfect smooth finish. Also, as the brand advertise, I find them decently glossy.
• DBP and Toluene Free 😀 – This I totally like, i.e. No yellow nails!
• Price – 175 (9ml)

5 Colorbar Nail Paints

Cons of of Colorbar Exclusive range:

• Time consuming- Doesn’t dry out quickly
• Brush – It’s not that thick – However, applying nail paint should not be a problem.

5 top Colorbar Nail Paints


Top Colorbar Nail Paints

I personally am quite fond of the 2 colours, and I think they will absolutely gorgeous this monsoon season!

Overall Rating- (3.5/5)

Colorbar Insanely Matte:

5.Insanely Matte (Mattifying Top Coat)- This is my last pick from Colorbar,it is also a new addition to the Colorbar family. Priced at Rs. 400 (15 ml) bottle, this is definitely an investment, especially if you are in love with the Matte Nail paint looks.

Top5 Colorbar Nail Paints

Pros of Colorbar Mattifying Top Coat:

• The Finish- I just love Matt finish on my nails
• Less Consumable – Probably one coat is enough
• The Brush – Easy applicator, smoothness guaranteed

Top 5Colorbar Nail Paints

Cons of of Colorbar Mattifying Top Coat:

Errr.. I am not able to think of any! But, if you do – Comment below so that others can know!

Overall Rating– (4/5)

Also, If you have these colors share your nail art pictures, so that I can try them too!

Take care Gorgeous Ladies! – And don’t forget to check out my articles because I can’t wait to share with you all that I know 😉

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  1. oh wow. I gotta try that matte nail paint. As for Colorbar I totally love their exclusive nail paint range. Great variety of shades and superb quality.
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