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Meenu Asks :

I am just used to black eyeliner and my kajal for water line.But i want to try some new colors on my waterline too.I basically have a dusky complexion.Can someone please suggest what brand and what colored pencils will suit me for my water line too..


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    1. thats a good tip for me too..i thot white eye pencil on the eyelid wud help open the eyes but it was a disaster. i looked like a ghost 🙁 😮 ..will definitely try the white on the waterline

  1. I use lot of colors…..personally I like MAC Siahi on my waterline. Even Revlon pencils are good with so many colors. I like turquoise to blue to greens more for waterline. :))

  2. MAC siahi is definitely the best! but apart from that Revlon ones are also good….they have got a huge variety of colours…and are also easy on the pocket 😉

  3. Hey thank u gals!
    I had sent a remainder email to Rati on this and regrding Foundation lat week !I was wondering y my post is not yet published:)

    Thanks again to all of u…I would definetly try the revlon pencils and ColorBar ones…Since i am a begginer i dont want to invest in MAC for a eyeliner as of now…But YES after i get used to it!

  4. hey gals..z revlon photoready cncealer ok fr ma day outings..wid no oder makeup..coz m nt a party persn..if nt den sggest sme inexpensive cncealer..

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