8 Common Mistakes To Avoid Before Hitting Bed To Avoid Weight Gain

Hey everyone!
I am among those who plan for a number of new year resolutions. If you are exactly like me, then high five! For this new year I am planning to lose weight, take extra care of my skin, body, hair etc. But you know how it goes, right?
Let’s get back to today’s post which is about our everyday sleeping mistakes that most of us make and don’t even realize. When it comes to opting for extra and intensive care for your health and beauty, you need to take note of each and everything you are doing. If everything can’t be changed, then at least having information about these things could be of great help.

Common Mistakes To Avoid to prevent weight gain

1. Having a hot shower before bath
We have been told this from childhood that taking a hot short shower before bed keeps us fresh and aids in good sleep. The scientific fact behind this is that your body temperature should slow down a bit before going to bed so that your brain knows that it’s sleeping time, but if you opt for hot showers before bed then you are not letting that sleep signal reach your mind.

2. Working out before bed
Some crazy fitness freaks work out all the time to keep those extra kilos at bay. Well, this is not an option at all. Working out prior to bed time is the worst we can do to our body. This disturbs our regular sleep routine. Workouts should be done 5-6 hours before bed time.

3. Turning the television on
Many of us do watch television while trying to sleep and we think that keeping the television on will give us good sleep or relaxed sleep. This would in fact give you extra stress while sleeping. It is better to watch television for some fixed time and then going to bed without having the urge to watch television.


4. Having hot coffee before bed and with dinner
Many Indians have this habit of having hot coffee with their last meal or after dinner. Having caffeine before bed counters the body’s natural compound called melatonin, which is responsible for providing sound sleep. In fact it is suggested to not have coffee even early in the morning. It should be taken around 2:00 pm if possible as at that time body metabolizes caffeine in many other ways.

5. Drinking alcoholic beverages at night
Having alcohol with dinner or after dinner disturbs our sleep and also increases level of caffeine in our body at night which in turn sucks out the natural skin glow. So drinking should be finished 3-4 hours before sleep.

6. Checking social media while trying to sleep
Some people save the social media content for bed time (I am one of them :P). Indulging in social media at night can destroy your sleep and your morning mood too. It is always suggested to keep cell phones switched off at night and if not that, then at least go offline when you go to bed.

7. Fighting with your loved ones
This one is especially for all the overthinkers like me. Going to bed after having a huge fight with any of your friends or family members does not provide you sound sleep at all. You keep thinking about the matters for the whole night.


8. Having a heavy protein-packed meal
A high-protein diet is good for weight loss but then puts an extra burden on your system for digestion. This may disrupt your sleep. You don’t have to avoid protein altogether, just make sure you go for lean and small portions.

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