Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Ceramic Styling Iron Review

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Today, I am going to review a hairstyling tool- the Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Ceramic Styling Iron. This straightener was gifted to my sister by her husband on their first anniversary. It is the first heat styling tool that I ever used on my hair. Both my sister and I have beautiful hair that does not require much pampering or styling. I was very much suspicious/afraid of this kind of thermal styling tools as they tend to damage hair badly. I really love my hair and would never want to see it being fried for the sake of “styling”. But after a lot of research, I finally understood that quality straighteners do not harm hair if they are used in moderation. So, I finally braced myself and let my sister straighten my hair with this tool. Read on to know more!

Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Hair Straightener Review2

Product Description:
Reaching 210°c the PX1 is our hottest iron yet. Pro Variable temperature control: 60°-210°C. Tourmaline Ceramic Plates infuse negative ions into the hair eliminating static and frizz. Far infrared technology seals moisture and essential oils into the hair Ideal for thicker/coarser hair types. Perfect for creating Waves, Flicks, Curls and Sleek, Straight finishes. Dual Voltage. Available in Classic Black. Recommended for use with Brazilian Keratin Treatments.

INR 2,549

My Experience with Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Ceramic Styling Iron:

The Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Ceramic Styling Iron comes in a sturdy cardboard box with moulded design to hold the iron in place.

Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Hair Straightener Review

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The iron looks very stylish with its eye catching purple colour and zebra pattern adorning its body. It is pretty light weight as well. It has all the standard features like, LED Indicator, 360 degrees swivel cord which is 3 meter long. But, the speciality of this PX1 hair straightener lies in its heating component – solid ceramic floating plates which are coated with tourmaline. This makes all the difference! These plates can straighten any type of hair within minutes without causing them any kind of serious damage. Also, this iron has ‘far infrared’ technology that means lesser heat is effectively carried to the core of hair without torturing it with high heat.

Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Hair Straightener Review1

The heating range of PX1 straightener is from 60-210 degree Celsius which may seem less compared to 400 degree Celsius of some irons. But, you can be assured that the effect of 210 degree Celsius of this iron is far better than most other high temperature irons. Another advantage of 100% ceramic plates is fast heat up and cool down. The iron heats up in 15 seconds. In addition to these features, this straightener has negative ion conditioning which means all of your frizzy n fly away hairs will be smoothened effectively.

Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Hair Straightener Review2

My hair is naturally straight with slight waves here and there. So, the lowest temperature was enough to smoothen my hair. The result was smooth, frizz free hair that looked really sleek. I was pretty scared that it would cause my hair some damage, but it did not. Instead, my hair felt more manageable and soft. The effect of this straightener lasted for 2 days after which I washed my hair. My sister has wavy hair and she too used only 60 degree temperature to straighten her hair. It looked so beautiful. The PX1 is so gentle a straightener that it did not cause any hair fall after it was used on my mother’s fine, brittle hair that breaks with even the slightest pressure.

Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Hair Straightener Review3

Next, I thought I would test the efficiency of this iron by using it on an ultra frizzy, rough and coarse hair. So, I invited one of our acquaintances with aforementioned hair type and convinced her to be my guinea pig. In the pictures, you can see difference the Corioliss PX1 straightener made to her hair. Her hair was transformed from being chidiya ka ghosla to silky, shiny manageable (that too with lower heat than 210 degrees). She was so overjoyed that she did not wash her hair for 4 days to retain the effect. Even on the fourth day, her hair looked naturally straight. In all of these cases, FX Iron Out Thermal Styling Spray was used.


Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Hair Straightener Review4


Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Hair Straightener Review5

Pros of Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Ceramic Styling Iron:

• 100% solid ceramic plates with tourmaline coating.
• Has negative ion conditioning and far infrared technology that limit the heat damage.
• Has variable temperature control from 60-210 degree Celsius.
• Has dual voltage, LED indicator and 360 degree swivel cord which is 3 meters long.
• Can straighten any kind of hair effectively.
• Straightening lasts long, up to four days on wavy, frizzy and rough hair.
• Heats up in seconds and cools down fast.
• Lightweight and travel friendly.
• Looks very stylish.
• Not too costly.
• Corioliss is a reputed brand.

Cons of Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Ceramic Styling Iron:

• None, except servicing issues. Corioliss has no service centre in Kolkata.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Corioliss PX1 Purple Zebra Ceramic Styling Iron?
Of course! This is a great hair styling tool. A word of caution – no matter how good a thermal styling tool may be, it will still cause some amount of damage if used excessively. Use such tools only when needed and enjoy!

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