Babyliss ST87E Hair Straightener-Review

Babyliss ST87E Hair Straightener-Review

Hi ladies,

After, few months of my last hair rebonding, I noticed that my hair is not looking the way I want them to be. As I use natural products for my hair and don’t use the specific “chemical loaded” rebonded hair products as advised by my hair dresser. Yes, even I think I am loosing it!!!:). Now obviously I am bound to have some frizz, lack of shine,flow and bounce. So, I ordered this flat ion to help me achieve nice glossy hair.

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What the company claims about the product:

Developed and built for high performance resulting in silky-straight hair, the plates in the Babyliss hair styling tool are coated with Titanium Ceramic. The Titanium Ceramic coats allow the plates to heat up evenly and quickly. This coating also enables the plates to smoothly glide through your hair without snagging or tearing it, resulting in healthy looking tresses.

babyliss st87e hair straightener

The Babyliss ST87E hair straightener features its patented I-Temperature Technology that accommodates a temperature setting up to 230 degree Celsius. For healthy looking hair, this Babyliss hair straightener uses its Ionic function, which generates negative ions that make your hair look smooth, silky and straight. In addition to this, the negative ions also remove dirt and bacteria, deodorizing your hair by removing bad odour. This hair styling tool requires a power supply of 220-240 V to function soundly.

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INR 4000

My experience with Babyliss Hair Straightener:

I have used my hair strighteners, I have had some in the past. I have used my friends, my cousins and so on ..but this is the best one I have ever come across. The best part is the fact that it is light as feather and I can just glide it through my hair in a jiffy. It gets heated upto 230C in about 5 secs and It hardly takes 5 minutes to make my hair “Drab to Fab “.

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I knew that titanium-coated hair straightener does less damage to hair and the moment I read “titanium ceramic” I was sold. It also has rubber coated tips and rims. So I can easily hold this heat tool while styling. It makes my hair look super shiny, glossy and healthy that I don’t feel like applying any kind of shine or hair spray though I do apply a thermal protection spray before ioning or curling. I don’t use it often but whenever I use it, it’s effect stays on my hair till I wash them. I curl my hair with this straightener, I know for curling your hair with a straightener, it has to have rounded edges but this one also does a good job and I can easily twist and twirl my hair.

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I am very happy with this purchase of mine, enjoying and playing with it a lot this wedding season:)

Pros of Babyliss Hair Straightener:

    • Feather light.
    • Titanium ceramic coating.
    • Glides on hair,like a dream:)
    • Heats up in 5 secs.
    • Gives a very glossy finish.
    • No snagging or tearing .
    • 5 heat settings.
    • Cool touch rims and tips.

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Cons of Babyliss Hair Straightener:

No cons!

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase Babyliss Hair Straightener?

Yes, I do recommend and will definitely try other “Hot tools” from this brand!!

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19 thoughts on “Babyliss ST87E Hair Straightener-Review

  1. oooooh! i love how small its plates are, must b so easy to use! i have a remmington wala & its nice & all but the plates are thicker than this 1! this is so cool & cute!

  2. Wow Nidhi, this seems to be really great! I have the normal Philips one, not ionic. It works okay. I wish I could get another one!
    BTW Can you help me with one query? When you order stuff from Sleek makeup, which shipping do you use? the $2 one? And do they deliver it right to your address without any additional charges like customs etc?

    1. i use the royal mail option 🙂 which is i think 5$ :-).. no extra charges of custom 🙂 .. gets delivered ryt at my doorstep 🙂 easzzy pezzy 🙂

  3. Nidhi,
    I am deciding on a flat-iron and trying to choose between a similarly priced Remington one, and Babyliss. Tell me one thing please, does the plate handle get very hot during usage? People using Remington are complaining of burnt fingers while trying to touch the iron handle for curling. What’s your experience?

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