Cyber Colors Brush Cleanser Review

Cyber Colors Brush Cleanser

Hi There,

One of the most important part of makeup routine is cleaning the brushes on regular basis so that you don’t pile on dirt and germs on your face! I have been using baby shampoo for deep cleaning my brushes but it’s quite a long process and the brushes take like forever to dry especially my Sigma F80 brush, it would take 24 hours to dry which is crazy! So I figured I get something for spot cleaning the brushes so they are good to go in few minutes!


I went to MAC store to get their brush cleanser which I had been eyeing since long time and I knew it’s an excellent one! Again as usual they didn’t had it in stock! I am so pissed with MAC stores here in KL most of the times either they don’t have products in stock or they don’t carry that product! Its so annoying!

MAC has not launched their Face and Body foundation in Malaysia…grr can you believe that? Anyways moving on I had to get a brush cleanser asap so I went to Sasa and the SA there suggested me to try Cyber Colors brush cleanser, she demonstrated with the brushes and since I didn’t had any other choice I thought let me give it a try plus it was cheaper than MAC and had more product than MAC!

My experience:

Cyber Colors is a known Asian brand and their products are available only through Sasa stores in Asia. I haven’t seen them online so not sure if they are available anywhere. The brush cleanser comes in transparent bottle with a cap which is supposed to be used for dipping in and cleaning the brushes.


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I bought mine for i think 36RM which is roughly around 600 INR and it contains 250 ml of liquid. The price vs quantity ratio is pretty good if compared to MAC which retails for I think around 800-900 INR and has 200ml only so I am not complaining. The brush cleanser is light blue in color, one of the reasons why I bought it, love anything turquoise blue! The packaging is nice and sturdy moreover the transparent bottle helps in determining the left over product. The cap which comes along with it is quite handy and I use it all the time as a container to wash my brushes, it works really well 🙂


Initially I thought I could use it for spot cleaning but the instruction says you need to wash them with water after cleaning with the cleanser! There goes my dream of using it for spot cleaning, another reason to buy the MAC one soon 😀

I usually take about 1 to 2 tbsp of liquid in the cap and dip my brushes and swirl them around for few seconds until all the makeup comes off. Then I rub the brush on tissue or kitchen towel to remove any residue. The cleanser works pretty well in removing all the stains and greasiness from my brushes. It does contain spirit I believe because it does disinfect the brushes and does not have any funky smell to it.


Also I have noticed my brushes usually take less time to dry if I use this. I really don’t know the reason behind it. Anyway, after cleaning the brushes with the cleanser I do quickly run them under tap water and then place them on a clean kitchen towel for drying. My eye brushes dry off in 3 to 4 hours and Sigma one took around 10 hours which is definitely not bad! The brushes stay soft and maintain their shape; it did not cause any shedding either. Over all a decent cleanser and works very well in disinfecting and deep cleaning brushes!


Pros of Cyber Colors Brush Cleanser:

  • Excellent and attractive packaging.
  • Comes with a cap holder which is very useful in cleaning the brushes.
  • Transparent bottle helps in determining the left product.
  • Cleans the brushes removing all dirt and greasiness.
  • Disinfects the brushes making them germ free!
  • Does not cause shedding of brushes.
  • Brushes retain their shape after cleansing.
  • Keeps my brushes soft.
  • My brushes dry a lot faster 🙂
  • Easily available across all Sasa centers.
  • Price versus quantity ratio is good.

Cons of Cyber Colors Brush Cleanser:

  • Cannot be used for spot cleaning (at least I have never used but next time I visit Sasa I am definitely gonna check with the SA there if it can be used).
  • If your brushes are stained from previous uses, it will not remove them.
  • Not easily available in India.


Rating: 4 out 5

Do I recommend: Yup, it’s definitely a good brush cleanser and I would recommend it for deep cleaning. Works well than baby shampoo and plus disinfects the brushes which is a must!

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4 thoughts on “Cyber Colors Brush Cleanser Review

  1. good find parita…..i loved the color too and i also liked the concept of having the container with the bottle itself………

  2. even m eyeing on Mac’s brush cleanser since novmbr last yr but it’s nt in stock…m sure they gonna hike it’s price wid new packaging 🙁 ..very well reviewed Parita 🙂

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