Daily-Care Tips For Acne-Prone Skin

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If your skin is not acne-prone, please take a moment to thank Almighty and feel blessed. Acne-prone skin is so hard to handle. It gets irritated easily; some breakouts cause pain and some leave eternal scars which don’t seem to fade away no matter what we do. We all are used to tackle occasional breakouts like those at ‘that’ time of the month but when it’s only acne what you see in the mirror everyday you know you are acne-prone. Such skin type needs special care and attention on daily basis to keep things under control and your face scar-free. Today’s post is about A to Z of care for acne prone skin. Please keep on reading to know.

acne prone skincare

1. Be gentle

No matter how that itching is getting under your nerves or that dead scrap is about to fall off from a dried zit, you need to be gentle and patient with your skin. Treat your skin like a new born baby and see the difference. Rubbing harshly, itching with nails and pulling dead skin with hands is just going to give you bacteria, more itching and scars which might be permanent as well. Whatever you are doing to your face be it washing, toning or applying moisturiser, be gentle and soft.

2. Research, find special skin care products and stick to them

apply primer

You can even take help of a dermatologist if your condition is quite severe and it needs medical attention. Or, research and find products meant for your skin type. You may have oily skin and acne, dry skin with acne, or combination sensitive with acne. Yes, acne is there but your skin type also needs consideration while you choose skin care for yourself. Once you do and it works, you need to stick to this routine and be punctual to see results. Some common acne fighting ingredients are tea tree, salicylic acid, retinol and Benzoyl Peroxide. You can check the ingredients list for one of them while choosing.

3. Right way of washing your face

washing face

An acne-prone skin gets irritated very easily. So, there is a way you need to follow when you wash your face. Moisten your face and take time. Slowly and gently splash luke-warm water (neither too cold not too hot) on your face. Once you feel your skin is hydrated, take your cleanser and squeeze the recommended amount on your wet palm. Now, work to form the foam between your hands only. Don’t apply the product on your face and lather there. Use your hands for that and then work the foam gently on your face. Again, splash water to clean the foam and then pat dry. Always pat dry and keep your face towelette clean. Change it every day to avoid bacteria and further infections.

4. Don’t pick

picking skin

I know how tempting it feels to pick that zit and then covering the surface with concealer and foundation while heading for a party. But, this habit is going to leave you with scars which don’t heal in months. The pits created on your face look very bad and no matter what products you use, they don’t get filled up. So, don’t pick. Just keep your hands off your face to keep your skin looking even and healthy on a long run.

5. Miscellaneous tips

• Drink lots of water, everyone says that and you know it.
• Start having green tea.
Exfoliate gently twice a week to get rid of dead skin.
• Change pillow covers daily.
• Clean your mobile screen to avoid recurring cheeks breakouts.
• Avoid junk food as much as you can.
• Wear sunscreen to avoid permanent pigmentation formed by scarring.
• Use retinol products only at night.
• Start having vitamin C.
• Eat papaya and see the difference (my personal experience).

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