30 Daily Foods that contain Sugar

Are you a health and fitness freak and seriously want to lose weight? Then you should stop loving sugar from now onwards. There are plenty of food items that we consume in our daily lives which unfortunately contain surprisingly high amounts of sugar. Having sugary food items in restricted portions is fine, but when you cross the line, you add pesky pounds to your present weight by spiking insulin levels in your body which leads to fat storage and weight gain eventually. The wisest choice would be to eliminate sugar containing food items as much as possible. Hence in today’s article, we will enlighten you about those daily food items containing sugar that you should avoid in order to remain in shape and be healthy. So, without any further ado, let us again:


1. Low Fat Yogurt: No matter what they claim, yogurt contains copious amounts of unwanted fats and 4.7 g per 100 gm of sugar.

2. Flavoured yogurt: If you thought low fat yogurt was bad enough, think again – flavored yogurt is far worse and contains more harmful sugars still.

3. Barbeque sauce: Do not let the taste fool you; barbeque sauce contains high amounts of fattening sugar.

4. Breakfast Cereal: Not surprisingly, breakfast cereals are rather fattening on account of being quite rich in sugar content.

5. Cold cereal: Cold cereal is even worse, for some varieties might contain up to 20 grams of sugar per three quarter cups of serving.

6. Ketchup: Tomato ketchup is not too surprising on this list; however, it is undoubtedly worthy to mention that this daily food condiment contains copious amounts of sugar and should be totally avoided.

7. Applesauce: Standard applesauce is manufactured with lots of added sugar to give it its rich flavor. As such, they contain a lot of unwanted sugar.

8. Spaghetti Sauce: Another variety of sauce, called the spaghetti sauce, is also found to be loaded with added sugar and so it too is rather unhealthy.

9. Ready-to-eat soups: These a-minute-to-make soups are pretty infamous for their high sugar content.

10. No-Added-Sugar food items: Food items that claim that they have “no added sugar” are lying. Most of these products are manufactured with unhealthy levels of sugar.

11. Fruit juices: Bottled and packaged fruit juices are the worst when it comes to sugar content. They contain such high amounts of sugar and you need to avoid them as much as possible to make the most prudent health choice indeed.

12. Sports Drinks: Although these are meant to hydrated and re-energize, gym enthusiasts, athletes, exercise jockeys and sportsmen – they are most often the worst choice on account of being manufactured with unbelievably high amounts of sugar.

13. Iced Tea: This might taste great but when it comes to containing sugar, it scores really high. For people who are pre-diabetic or have insulin sensitivity, must avoid iced tea as it causes insulin spikes.

14. Cakes and Pastries: Who doesn’t love cakes and pastries? These sweet desserts are high on calories and sugar levels and are also responsible in making you fat. We are not telling you to quit cakes and pastries forever but have them in moderation. Also, if you can’t skip them completely prepare these at home with healthy ingredients.

15. Smoothies: The so called smoothies are a health hazard on account of being loaded with sugar.

16. Crackers: These sugary delights are a bane for those who wish to keep those pesky pounds at bay.

17. Fruit snacks: These kind of snacks are really bad for your health because of their high sugar content.

18. Chocolate Milk: This delightfully delicious delicacy is one of the most fattening regular items in the whole world.

19. Granola Bars: These candy bars, available in plenty in supermarket aisles, are quite high in sugar content and as such, unhealthy and unsuitable for daily consumption.

20. Protein bars: Mostly consumed by gym enthusiasts and athletes in the name of good health and protein supplementation, it has been revealed that these bars contain very high amount of undesirable sugar.

21. Cereal Bars: Next in line comes these readily available cereal bars that are also quite fattening and not at all suitable for regular consumption.

22. Vitamin water: Now, this might come as a surprise but then vitamin water that is packaged, sold and marketed as a healthy food alternative containing high amounts of essential vitamins and proteins is actually a ruse. They contain pretty high amount of sugar too.

23. Canned fruit: Canned fruits are very bad for health as the procedure of manufacture of this product requires the addition of huge quantities of sugar.

24. Butter: This everyday household food item is not just fattening but contains incredibly high amounts of sugar, so patients diagnosed with blood glucose should avoid it.

25. Jams and Jellies: Jams and jellies are notoriously fattening and that is because they contain really high amounts of sugar.

26. Flavored coffee or tea: These items have become rather commonplace these days and has been revealed as one of the most sugar rich food items out there in the culinary world, so it would be prudent to avoid them.

27. Bread: Bread contains a lot of sugar which is added during its making process, so it not advisable to consume packaged bread on a regular basis.

28. Ice-cream: This daily delicacy is most notorious not only as a fattening agent but also as a sugar-rich food item.

29. Soft Drinks: Soft drinks and soda not only have empty calories, they are rich in fattening sugar content too.

30. Salad Dressing: Salad dressings have been found to contain high quantities of sugar and as such are also quite fattening and detrimental to our health.

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