Davidoff Cool Water Woman Eau De Toilette

Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

davidoff cool water women

Product description

An icon among fragrances – Davidoff Cool Water Woman is the essence of freshness, sensuality, and natural beauty. Born of water, nourished and delighted by water in all its forms, we seek this elemental life-giving component in every aspect of our daily life. A glistening of water over skin, the utmost fresh sensuality underlining natural beauty.

A floral aquatic fragrance – sensual, oceanic freshness that reinforces a woman’s confident beauty – Davidoff Cool Water Woman captures the essence of water in an original combination of aquatic, ozonic, and botanical notes. Davidoff Cool Water was created by Pierre Bourdon in 1996.

davidoff cool water woman

Top notes: Honeydew Melon, Quince, Pineapple, Lotus, Lily, Citruses, Ozonic notes

Heart notes: May Rose, Jasmine, and Muguet

Base notes: Musk, Vanilla, Peach, Sandalwood, Orris, and Vetiver

I think by now most of us have already tried Davidoff’s popular fragrance, but for those who haven’t and are curious about the scent, or if you have tried it and would like to reminisce or compare opinions, please do read on.

The bottle of Davidoff Cool Water Woman is a slim, sexy little bottle, and the 50 ml size (which is in the photo above), is quite handy and fits nicely into my bag. I think it looks elegant, and its deep blue colour hints at its scent, which is rather aquatic.

davidoff cool water woman

What does ‘aquatic’ mean? From the term itself, it’s easy to guess that it has do with water. Aquatic fragrances may remind us of being around water, like dipping into a cool pool or splashing at the beach. Like Cool Water, they often smell fresh and energetic.

I wore Davidoff Cool Water a lot as a teen, and found it fitting for my activity-filled school days and it worked great to make me feel refreshed and clean. I find it to be a casual scent and it would be super easy to wear with either a jeans and shirt outfit or a dress. I think it’s versatile and can be worn either during daytime or on an evening date.

At first spritz Davidoff Cool Water does smell quite fresh—I smell citrus, which I like, but it is not tangy; and I also smell light florals which I think makes the citrus feel soft and cool. After a few minutes it settles into a scent that for me conjures an image of a big, very still, dark blue pool, quite modern-looking and clean, ready for its surface to be broken and jumped into. It smells very smooth, a bit sexy and flirtatious, but is still fun which makes it easy to wear. It dries down to a warm scent of light musk and sandalwood.

To me, Davidoff Cool Water smells fresh, simple, and sexy. I also think its scent is unisex—I would enjoy smelling this on my husband. The fragrance lasts many hours on me, and just two sprays for each application is enough for me. On Amazon, a 50 ml bottle costs around $23.

I would recommend this perfume to those who like fresh, simple, aquatic scents, and for those looking for something that’s a bit sexy. I wouldn’t suggest this to those who are looking for a perfume that is foody, fruity-floral, very light, and very girly. Overall, it was great to have experienced this fragrance as a young girl and I’m glad I was able to try this popular perfume.

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58 thoughts on “Davidoff Cool Water Woman Eau De Toilette

  1. I loooooooveee cool water..my current fav in Jovan Black musk n also Eternal Love.. :heart:
    Err..I keep changing perfumes.. :silly:

  2. I loooooooveee cool water..my current fav is Jovan Black musk n also Eternal Love.. :heart:
    Err..I keep changing perfumes.. :silly:

    1. I love using a different perfume everyday. :)) Curious about the Jovan Black Musk. I’ve used their White Musk and quite liked it.

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