Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Liner Pencil – 267 Review

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Liner Pencil – 267 Review

Hello beauties,

Today, I will review an eye pencil for you all. I am not very good with eye shadows and liquid eye liners so I always prefer eye pencils over them as they help me define my eyes and give the needed color also on my eyelids. From quite sometime, I was looking for a matte, dark blue eye liner. And during an online shopping session, I found Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Liner Pencil in shade 267, which looked like the perfect dark blue I was looking for. I am using it from 2 weeks now; let’s see how I feel about it.
deborah milano 24ore eye pencil 267


Rs. 275

What the product claims:

An incredibly soft-textured pencil that highlights the outline of the eyes with precision, for flawless long-lasting color. Dermatologist tested.
deborah milano 24ore eye pencil 267 1


Not mentioned.

My experience with Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Liner Pencil – 267:

This one is a perfect matte eye pencil and the shade is just like what I was looking for. Though shade is not mentioned on the pencil and it has a number 267 but it pack is dark blue. Texture of the pencil is smooth and creamy. It glides easily on eyelids but the color payoff is not very impressive. To get the dark color, I need to swipe it 2-3 times on my eyelids, which hurts. I have used other eye pencils which glide like a dream and give good pigmentation in one go, I love such eye pencils. As I bought this one online so there was no scope for me to check the color pay off, this is one of the cons of online shopping.

deborah milano 24ore eye pencil 267 2
There are no claims made of this being water proof, but it does not go off by splashing water on but if you smudge it, then it fades leaving a blue tint behind. With eye makeup remover or cleaning milk it comes off easily. Staying power is quite good for this eye pencil it stays on my oily eyelids for some 5 hours and then fades slowly.

deborah milano 24ore eye pencil 267 swatch

One other con with eye pencils is you need to carry a sharper with you along with the pencil. This pencil does not come with its own sharpener, so if you are carrying this eye pencil with you don’t forget to keep a sharper too. Also the tip breaks easily while sharpening and other wise too, which causes product wastage. In whole it is a nice matte shade, with good staying power but I wish it had better color pay off, as swiping it 2-3 times on eyelid hurts.
deborah milano 24ore eye pencil 267 eotd 2
deborah milano 24ore eye pencil 267 eotd 1

Pros of Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Liner Pencil – 267:

• Lovely dark blue shade.
• Smooth and creamy texture which gives a matte effect.
• Perfect for everyday wear.
• Waterproof.
• Sturdy, Travel friendly and hygienic.
• Good staying power of 5 hours.
• Can be easily removed with normal cleanser.
• Dermatologically tested.
• You can smudge it easily and make quick smokey eyes.
• Does not sting when used on water lines.

Cons of Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Liner Pencil – 267:

• Not a very good color payoff, you need to swipe 2-3 times on eyelids which hurts.
• No ingredients mentioned.
• No sharpener with it.
• Not smudge proof.
• Tip breaks very easily, causes product wastage.

Final Verdict on Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Liner Pencil – 267:

If you are looking for a beautiful matte dark blue pencil which has good staying power and is dermatologically tested then go for it. To get dark color it needs to be swiped multiple times on eyelids, which may hurt too, so if that’s a concern for you the stay away.

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Will I repurchase Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Liner Pencil – 267?

Not sure as this one will go for long time.

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22 thoughts on “Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Liner Pencil – 267 Review

  1. wow…i love the way u have applied eyeliner..the winged look ..! 😀
    i love the way its winged but not over the top.. i m trying it too but cant do it 😛
    kaise kara?
    it comes by practise or what ? :p

    1. Thanks Srishti….
      Even i am not a pro… 🙂
      I just followed my lash line and at end dragged the line little more then joined the bottom and top line… hope I am making sense to you 🙂

  2. Navy blue is a perfect color to buy. Dark, colorful ( not black). You have applied it so well. Btw, have learnt a huge lesson after 2 years of wearing eyeliner. If you have really really reaaaalllly bad dark circles, no matter how well you know to apply it, your eyes are going to look dark becos at some point the pencil, gel eyliner, liquid eye liner (no matter what type you use) is going to transfer. I am quite fed up. 🙁 i so desperately want eyeliners to work but sometimes somethings are just not meant for you 🙂 just gonna try white pencil going forward.

  3. i just brought maybeline master drama eye pencil and blue shade and trust me it seriously pays off..super pigmented with good staying power and glides on easily. gives color in one go….you should check it out also..

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