Deborah Milano Dermolab Moisturizing Tonic Lotion Review

Deborah Milano Dermolab Moisturizing Tonic Lotion

Price: £9.90/INR 495

Ultra-gentle tonic completes the skin cleansing routine, leaving the face fresh and hydrated.

I am reviewing a toner for a change.This is fancily called moisturizing toner but you know those toners na which leave a layer on the skin, those are actually perfect for dry to normal skin but for oily skin we are actually looking for something to remove that layer of slick. Anyway these Deborah dermolab products look very pretty. This one comes in a spray bottle and is very user friendly.

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Basically this is a toner which you can use post cleansing,this claims to remove last traces of dirt and makeup and it is true to a certain limit. I don’t see the cotton coming out beige with foundation or gray with dirt but yes on the neck and all over the face, the cotton does look it has traces of remaining grime of the day.

Deborah Milano Dermolab Moisturizing Tonic Lotion (3)

The bottle is huge and you can carry it around or keep one in office.The toner has a pleasant smell, nothing alcoholic thankfully. Then the spray is fine as well but it is very concentrated as in it wont cover the cotton pad well. You will need three sprays to cover the cotton pad in order to get to the whole face.


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The spray is green in color.It does show on the cotton too but not on the face thankfully 😛 The toner actually needs to be used sparingly or else your skin will be left quite sticky.Two sprays should do the job, for oily skin even a single spray is enough. IT leaves a layer or moisture or mild stickiness making it not so good for oily skin. I always imagine all the grime sticking to my skin after using such sticky toners.Yes, the fresh clean feeling is there like claimed but only till I realize the slight soft moisture layer, which I don’t like much.

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For dry or flaky skin this perfect as it will give you softer nourished skin at the toning step itself.Even normal skin could use but combination and oily skin could use less in the winters only or if you feel you have used something very drying for a cleanser. I recommend this for dry skin mainly. I do notice skin is softer but in terms of brightening or even out skin tone it did nothing. For me it did nothing much.This will remind you of L’Oreal hydra fresh toning water. IF you like that one, do try this Deborah toning water.This dermolab toning water claims to be a moisturizing toner, and it is true to that claim.

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  1. woooow this looks soo good *woot* *woot* *woot* i don’t know why but i easily get attracted to such coloured liquids *hihi* *hihi* i have been eyeing this and now after your positive review i think i should get this *hifive* *hifive*

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