Nivea Moisturizing Body Lotion

Nivea Moisturizing Body Lotion, Fresh Sensation

This past December I was in Mumbai on a vacation at my sis’ place and the first thing I realized was that I had forgotten to carry my moisturizer from Delhi! Forgetting a MOISTURIZER!! Now that’s the biggest step-motherly treatment you can dish out to your skin! :spank:

nivea moisturizing body lotion

Anyway my sis came to my rescue and handed me a brand new unopened bottle of NIVEA MOISTURIZING BODY LOTION Fresh Sensation. Now I am usually fussy about moisturizers because each time I find something or the other would be missing or going wrong in almost all the different brands I have used. So having never tried out this product before I was full of skepticism and on asking my sis for some experience with the product, was met with disappointment for she had not yet tried it out either. Having no other option left I went ahead and used a dab on the back of my palm. An hour later my skin felt soft and good, so I waited to have a bath to apply it all over and test is better.

I know you’re all getting impatient with all this suspense crap I’m building and wanting me to get to the verdict :waiting:

Ok here goes…Good news guys! The moisturizer did a great job and managed to live up to its promise :bravo:
nivea moisturizing body lotion
Now let’s get to the technical details and check out what exactly is so awesome about it….

Pros of Nivea Moisturizing Body Lotion

NIVEA MOISTURISING BODY LOTION Fresh Sensation for Normal Skin comes with Sea Minerals and promises to keep your skin soft and moisturized for 24hrs. While we all know hoards of other moisturizes make such empty promises; this one from Nivea wins the bet.  :clap:
• The texture is not very thick neither runny so you can easily smoothen it out all over. One of the big concerns I have with body moisturizers I use is that I want them to be easy-flowing so I can cover large areas like hands and kegs easily and fast.
• It is fast absorbent so you don’t have to keep rubbing till all the lotion dissolves!
• It’s got a pleasant smell! Now this is a very tricky aspect about the different products that we use – they might be great in terms of their results and benefit; but if they have a nasty smell they can be a darned compelling reason for you to not use the product! Thankfully this one has a pleasing odour that lives up to its ‘Fresh Sensation’.
• A bit about the packaging – the hole on top of the bottle from where you squeeze out the lotion is also perfect to get just the right quantity whether it is for the entire length of your hands or just the back of your palm. So no excess squirting where I’ve to run around looking for people with whom I can share the extra lotion; or tirelessly squeezing the bottle just to end up getting a string!

So far so good…but I was still in Mumbai right…I still had to get back to the chilling cold of Delhi in January! I somehow distrusted the good ol’ Nivea and thought that this lotion might not be able to stand up to the extreme chill of Delhi…so had decided to leave it back in Mumbai; until I did carry it on sis’s insistence. Aaaannnddd!!! Voila!!! It HAS stood the test of the weather and maintained my skin touchably soft and moisturized the whole day! :happydance:

nivea moisturizing body lotion ingredients

I have never been so satisfied with any other moisturizing lotion before during the winter season. While the others have all required re-application every few hours like a sunscreen, NIVEA MOISTURISING BODY LOTION Fresh Sensation just needs to be applied in the morning and at night (or after bath) and of course after washing hands, as it does protect your skin well when it is left exposed to the cold even outdoors!
But that still isn’t the best part!! 😀

Becauseeee….this can also be used on the face for a very very oily skin!!!!! :woot:

I have got one of the oilest faces you can find and winters most of the time I don’t even put any moisturizer on my face when I am at home. But of course I can’t do that when I have to go out and till date I had never been able to find a moisturizer for my face that would not leave my face greasy a few hours after I apply it! But NIVEA MOISTURISING BODY LOTION Fresh Sensation has worked unbelievably well for me and now I apply it even when I’m at home of course :happydance:

See, I don’t say that my face does not become totally grease-free after applying it; ‘coz hey it’s a fact that an oily face can never be completely dry and free of the oiliness; but with this product that oiliness is tremendously reduced!
That is what I find most incredible about this lotion as it takes care of body skin AND oily skin for face making it wayyyyyy less greasy! :heart:

Rating: 4/5

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26 thoughts on “Nivea Moisturizing Body Lotion

  1. Well reviewed Charishma! I was so surprized that it can be used on the face too..and that too on oily skin! I’ll give this a try when I finish my current body moisturizer. The only con i find in this is that it doesn’t contain SPF :pain:

  2. even i own this body moisturizer……. but with me the case was not the same i too used as face moisturizer as i m too lazy intially i did decent job but later on it broke me badly…….. i wont blame nivea for it coz it never claims to use it as face moisturizer…….i still love nivea balm and body moisturizer but face product of nivea are not as great as they claim……!

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