Diana of London Super Fine Intense Rich Black Liner 01 Black Review

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Hi girls,
Today’s review is going to be on Diana of London Super Fine Intense Rich Black Eye Liner. I love winged eye look so I usually prefer a pen eye liner because they are easy to use. I never tried this brand but after reading some good reviews I decided to try their eye liner and it turned out to be so good. Read on for more details.
Diana of London Super Fine Intense Rich Black Liner 01 Black

Product Description:
Ultimate precision, Quick drying, Long lasting liner.
Diana Super fine intense rich eyeliner, Long lasting & quick drying. Easy to handle with ultimate control & accuracy. High–tech & innovative ultra fine tip ensures an even and precise application. Dermatologically approved.

Price: Rs. 615/- for 1 ml

My Experience with Diana of London Super Fine Intense Rich Black Liner 01 Black:

The liner comes in sleek black pen packaging with a black cap. It looks so nice and is very easy to carry around. It never leaks but the cap doesn’t close with a click so it might open up.

Pen liner is always easy to use. It has a thin pointed applicator which glides smoothly. The applicator is neither too flexible nor too stiff, so I can keep control perfectly. It is so easy to create a sharp winged liner with it. But the tip could be little more flexible; I don’t know but sometime I feel it. But I can create a thin to thick line smoothly with this amazing applicator.

I have the shade black. It is super jet black shade and looks absolutely dramatic on eyes. Pigmentation is amazing of this liner. One stroke is enough to build up the perfect color. I generally don’t need second stroke for a normal liner; only when I want to create a dramatic thick winged liner, I need two strokes of it.

It has a nice medium texture which glides smoothly on eyes without tugging. I can create a super thin line to thick line and I can draw whatever I want with it. It gives a perfect smooth and even line and looks clean on eyes. It takes only a few seconds to dry out completely and once it dries out it gives a nice velvety finish. It feels extremely light on lid and it doesn’t look patchy. It also doesn’t peel from the lid.
black liner

Now coming to the quality part, it has some lovely qualities which make me super happy. It is a nice crease proof and smudge proof liner, which doesn’t smudge on its own. But if you rub your eyes unfortunately then it slightly fades from that part, still not super messy around the eyes. It generally happens with all liners actually. It doesn’t transfer on my lid. Also, it is moderately water proof, means it doesn’t goes with flash of water but looks faded. So it is not 100% water proof.
diana of london black liner

I have oily sweaty skin with dry eye area and generally liner stays nice on me. This liner also stays around 7-8 hours. But after 6 hours corners of my eyes look little faded because I have watery eyes and I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes. But it doesn’t fade automatically and looks so neat, even after 6hrs. I really like the longevity of this liner. It is sweat-proof also. It can be easily removed with a makeup remover wipe.
liner tip

Overall I am totally amazed with the quality of this eye liner. It looks so bold and stays lovely on my eyes. Each and everything is so perfect. As a pen liner it does its job perfectly. Maybe it is little pricey but totally worth. If you are a beginner then you should try this one.

Pros of Diana of London Super Fine Intense Rich Black Liner 01 Black:

• Nice packaging & perfect thin tip applicator brush.
• Easy to draw thin and thick line.
• Smooth texture glides easily without tugging.
• Super pigmented jet black shade.
• One stoke is enough.
• Has a velvety finish.
• Perfect for winged eye makeup look.
• Dries out quickly.
• Doesn’t smudge or fade automatically.
• Doesn’t transfer on lid.
• Moderately water proof.
• Gives neat application.
• Stays so long around 7hrs on my eyes.
• Doesn’t crease or mess on sweaty skin.

Cons of Diana of London Super Fine Intense Rich Black Liner 01 Black:

• Cap is not so tight.
• Not 100% water proof.
• Sometimes corners tend to fade little after 6hrs.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Diana of London Super Fine Intense Rich Black Liner 01 Black?
Yes for both. I totally love this liner and if you want a good deep black liner, then this is a nice option to go with.

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