Lakme Absolute Shine Line: Black Eyeliner Review

Lakme Absolute Shine Line: Black Eyeliner Review

Lakme Absolute Shine Line Black Eyeliner Review

I have been using black liquid liner for the past ten years or so and I am quite an expert at it honestly. My neighbours, colleagues and friends ask me to do a live demo for them each time I apply a liner and I think the trick is that I always wing it. I can’t imagine an eyeliner without wing even though I have kind of long and droopy eyes, but still, I think I started out with winged liquid liners and have been stuck with it.  So, recently, I couldn’t resist picking up this absolute black liner and the insta liner classic all over again. I also picked up Lakme Enrich Satin 134 and the Rose Crush lipstick since I have been using neutral colors a lot lately. Honestly, I think we never pay much attention to Lakme.  I realized how much Lakme has in store for us.  I am loving Lakme a lot these days. We must give them the due credit all the time.

Black Eyeliner 1

Remember those eye liners in the same packaging in green, olive, bronze, grey, and black? These are a notch up but almost same, in the new Absolute line. I remember Shopper’s Stop had four colors, olive, grey, black, and I think bronze. By the way, Uniliver always sends their new releases to SS, so if you are keen to try on Lakme, Shopper’s Stop is the best place.

Black Eyeliner 2

This liner had an appeal, the whole packaging, the black matte finish, the brush and the price too. I mainly picked it up for the brush and the packaging.

Black Eyeliner 3

It dries faster than the Lakme Insta Liner and other liners from Lakme, I forgot their names.  The liner itself is nothing great.  You might have seen many black liners like this, but the whole deal is great and tempting, I don’t know why, especially the brush.

Black Eyeliner 4

Here are some points I liked about this liner.  The brush is a one-stroke kind of brush. I have never ever used a better thinner brush for a liquid liner than this one. Its plastic, but its taut, not felt or bendable, but taut plastic bristles. I loved how thin it is as you can work in a couple of seconds with this one, an absolute delight.

Black Eyeliner 5

Black Eyeliner 6

Then, I also liked how matte it goes.  I like how grey matte it looks and also how oil absorbing it can be. The slim packaging and the shiny mirror finish is gorgeous too.  Again, the long handle to the brush is very easy for newcomers to use too, in fact, much better than the Lakme Insta Liner’s short, stubby, brush handle.

The liner does not wash away so easily as the insta liner does, but still when you use a non-oil base remover, it would come off easily. So, it’s a no-fuss liner for me.

Black Eyes 1

Black Eyes 2

Some things I don’t like about this liner is that it does not look so black and it cracks too after it dries and may fade over the day.  So, don’t count on this as your long-stay makeup or liner because it is too light for staying put whole day long.

Last Word:

Overall, I am floored by the easy to use brush. I honestly want girls who are new to liquid liners to buy this for the ease of brush. Otherwise, it cracks, fades, and is not jet black, but grey black.  Overall, I think I will buy it again for the thin line finish it gives and for the perfect brush.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 for the liner and 5/5 for the brush 😛

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49 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Shine Line: Black Eyeliner Review

  1. I too like Insta liner, it gives such a nice finish and is cheap too! I want my liners to stay put for office, so this is a big No for me :(. loved the way you have applied the liner!

    1. Hi suchi haha no issues
      i have revud some 5 shade of color lens
      please search for freshlook on the right in the search section 🙂
      this is gray from fresh look 🙂

  2. its gorgeous matte but definitely not black enough for me..i agree with your friends/neighbours you should definitely do a tutorial on how to apply the perfect winged liner..pls do for imbb too na 🙂

  3. the first eye liner and my only liquid eye liner was insta…
    but with my super shaky hands, I never use them 🙁
    liquid liners not foe me…. but love how it looks on you Neha 😀

  4. Love the way u have lined ur eyes neha.. I cud never do it 🙁 u must do a tutorial.. U hv beautiful eyes.. Or are these lens???? :p

  5. the demo thing made me laugh… ha ha ha …. a lady in my office used to apply liquid eyeliner in just one stroke n she wud apply fr us all… i am yet to perfect it… he he …
    Good review not so great product ,like the brush though!!! 😉

  6. For some time i had totally forgotten abt lakme… now lakme is also becomin my fav…. i so wanna buy 128,132,133,134 and 136… 😛

  7. Hey if u are looking for a thin line liner, use shahnaz hussain. It gives that beautiful,artistic thin line and the color, texture is great. Doesn’t even break up 🙂 It’s my fav liquid eyeliner so far Enjoy! and yea… love your blog 🙂

    1. does it smudge Shivani and does it stay for long? I have seen Shahnaz products in my local grocery store and have been tempted to pick up the eyeliner many a time but just never did. I have extremely oily lids too.

  8. Your eyes look so perfect and beautiful! The liner doesnt look black enough for me though…but you have lined your eyes beautifully!

  9. actually i quite like the color although I am a fan of jet black liners. But I havent used a liquid liner in a long time. I love my gel liners so much. And cracks and fades…. 😐

    btw you totally are an expert at lining your eyes. I’d never be able to get that finish with a liquid liner. mine would be all messy and wonky. 😛

  10. i loved the way u applied the liner..
    your eyes are really beautiful
    i just want to know whether the lakme absolute shine eyeliner has got glossy finish or not
    i need a liner which will give a shiny look (not matte) after application

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